Free Internet calls to telephone: 7 best services

Free Internet calls to phone — this is no surprise. The development of IP-telephony technologies provided the opportunity to every Internet user.

The leader in this market segment companies that only provide paid services, however there are a number of programs and services enabling a certain amount of calls from the computer without having to pay.

Next, we consider the seven most common video connection and without.


Basically, a convenient service that allows you to send SMS and make calls over the Internet for free . The recipient of a message or a call does not have to have an account or downloaded the application program.

Best fares to 50 destinations.

In order to be able to call on the Internet, you need to register an account on the website, then obtain an individual telephone number at the service. After this you will need to fill in quite a few bulky forms.

Attention! Free calls there is a limitation: the subscribers should be in Free Connect is a special area where there is free wifi connection.

To send SMS, you will need to install the application on the smartphone. Other service functions are implemented directly in the browser. The account is a special card that is not very convenient.

Rates are reasonable, specific can find out the prices directly on the website by selecting countries in which to place the call. Enterprise customers do not experience problems, private, however, too.


  • The addressee does not need to be a user of the service;
  • Free SMS to any country;
  • The complete absence of advertising;
  • The functioning of the browser.


  • The bulky form of a call;
  • The archaic system of payment cards;
  • Complicated process of registration.


Simple to use Voip service. To make a call, simply go to the website and dial the number on the virtual keyboard. Two calls per day are free. Call now easy in any country, any operator.

Will not be a problem and you have exhausted the limit of free calls. Rates here, at least, not as high as mobile operators and allow you to make calls in the Internet in Ukraine for free.

Communication with the subscriber «at the end of the line» can be both voice and video. Besides supported SMS sending. Payment is organized with a lot of convenient ways, among which are Visa.

A distinctive feature of Evaphone is a very simple interface. Even the most untrained web users will easily get the «where to press».

Sometimes satisfactory communication quality, but this can be attributed to the relative novelty of the idea and therefore weak infrastructure.

For all the shortcomings, the service is perfect in order to quickly learn about the health of their families and loved ones who are abroad.


  • Calls worldwide;
  • Free calls;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • A variety of payment methods.


  • Mandatory is during the phone;
  • Free short calls (2 minutes);
  • Not the best technical support.

Free call

Free call is software, users could call at any point of the globe. Download customer service is free, but account must always be at least 10 euros, otherwise the make call will fail.

This analog Skype also allows you to organize the conference.

Functionality free call can be compared with Skype , but the quality of connection and technical support an order of magnitude worse. Moreover, the commercial focus of the project.

Each subscriber is provided with 300 minutes of free calls a week but to use them you must have at least 10 Euro on your account.


  • Free calls to several countries is not limited to;
  • The ability to send messages around the world;
  • Convenient system of payment.


  • Naked commercialproperty of the project;
  • Mandatory account balance;
  • The obligatory presence of the client program from the caller;
  • Unsatisfactory quality;
  • Poor quality technical support.


The easiest-to-learn service. The main page has only virtual phone and tips for its use.

However, all related information is available only in English, but the problem is it will not be because the virtual interface is very simple and to understand it, special efforts not required.

Calls can be made on more than three dozens of destinations. It is noteworthy that no additional software is not necessary.

All operations and actions are made solely on the service website. For convenience, the phone can be opened in a separate browser window.

Flash2Voip supports video calls. Affordable and a five minute free calls to any destination. Longer calls will lie billing.

The ability to quickly free call abroad is useful to those who often have to call outside the country on business issues, and simple conversation with friends or relatives.


  • The presence of the video calls;
  • The simplicity and ease of use;
  • 5 free minutes with any direction;
  • A variety of payment methods, including Visa and Google Chekout.


  • Appeal to the administration impossible;
  • The need to pay $ 5 a month for unlimited calls;
  • The use of Flash technology;
  • The lack of Russian language.


The program provides iCall to make free five-minute calls only in USA or Canada.

Calls to other destinations are charged. Functionality allow you to create a conference up to 10 people, share files and instant messages. The software supports message forwarding Facebook , Google, and MSN.

No wonder such software is Desktop phone (phone to desktop). Given the fact that free calls can only be done in two ways, install iCall makes sense only if necessary in connection with the United States or Canada.


  • The possibility of files exchange;
  • Voice and video calls in HD-quality;
  • Service for voice messages.
  • 12 free calls per day.


  • Not supported Russian language interface;
  • Free calls only in two directions.


The registration service allows you to make free calls worldwide. Using a special mobile phone application. For a month give 50 free calls to 10 minutes each. The following calls are charged depending on the country you are calling.

Get rates on the website see rates» — green vertical button.

With such useful functions of the program for some reason not known «in our latitudes». That is strange, especially given the interest of our people to free things.

In any case, using PokeTalk offers free calls abroad, do not forget about the limit.


  • Calls worldwide;
  • Support calls: how to use PC and smartphone;
  • Good conditions free of contact;
  • User-friendly interface with support for Russian language;
  • Free Internet calls for Android.


  • -Lack of popularity.

Globe 7


The program for calls around the globe you’ll be cross-platform. Supported not only by most stationary operating systems, and mobile platforms.

However, to install the client is not necessary. Calls can be made directly from the website. In addition to the terms of use very best. Free call is not available, but the monthly rent for the service is around five dollars.


  • Support for file transfer;
  • The presence of the video calls and conferences;
  • The low cost of services;
  • A variety of additional services.


  • Free Internet calls to mobile in Russia are not supported;
  • Often there are glitches in the connection.

Services free calls Test services free calls. To make free calls on your phone from the Internet that would do it for free!

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