Zucchini fritters without eggs

Recipes of tasty and fragrant fritters of zucchini, in the process of creating a test are not used egg, gained popularity among vegetarians and those who adhere to a healthy diet. The product has little energy, has many useful properties.

How to cook pumpkin fritters without eggs

The technology of making zucchini pancakes without eggs without complicated manipulations. It consists of two stages: the formation of dough and frying or baking. To make the dish on a pan in the oven or slow cooker. In all cases it turns out delicious and benefits. The basis of a grated vegetable, to which you can add different ingredients:

  • Hercules;
  • flour;
  • yogurt;
  • semolina;
  • garlic;
  • cheese;
  • sweet apples;
  • cheese.

Based product from squash simple to prepare and has a great set of useful properties. The absence of eggs helps reduce calorie meals, makes it easy. It is ideal for people that adhere to the rules of healthy nutrition or dieting. Pancakes can be part of the vegetarian menu because of the weight composition for their production are allowed to remove unwanted components.

Ready pumpkin pancakes on the plate

Zucchini fritters in the oven

Zucchini fritters without eggs in the oven are manufactured using the following components:

  • onions – 1 head;
  • raw zucchini – 500 g;
  • wheat flour – ½ Cup;
  • salt;
  • spices (clove, nutmeg).

Diet baked zucchini fritters – cooking instructions:

  1. First, you need to prepare vegetables. Should be a good wash zucchini, remove from peel and grate (or chop in a blender). Onions clean from the husk, cut into small cubes.
  2. Mix the vegetables until a smooth consistency mass.
  3. Add to the mix the remaining ingredients and again mix thoroughly. If you want to add a sweet flavor, grate 1 medium carrot.
  4. Ready weight put on a baking tray, which should be pre-lubricated with a thin layer of oil. To form pancakes, you use the spoon.
  5. Wait until the oven heats up to 180 degrees, put it in a baking pan. Bake pancakes on a simple recipe takes about half an hour. Semi-finished products should turn. About readiness will testify a nice Golden brown pastries.
  6. Submit delicious dietary pumpkin fritters can with mayonnaise, yogurt or unsweetened yoghurt is a classic.

Pumpkin pancakes, baked in the oven

Tasty zucchini fritters in multivarka

A recipe of sweet pancake with apples envisages the following composition:

  • apples – 2 PCs.;
  • zucchini small size – 1 piece.
  • flour – 0.2 kg;
  • lemon – 1 PC.;
  • water – ½ Cup;
  • Hercules – 3 tbsp;
  • granulated sugar – 50 g;
  • salt.

How to make pumpkin fritters without eggs in multivarka:

  1. Hercules pour boiling water, allow the cereal to steam.
  2. If for making you take young zucchini, not to scrape his skin. For the old of the fetus, this procedure is mandatory. Prepared vegetable blend, using a grater.
  3. Fresh fruit peel and divide into quarters. Each treat on a grater. The mass is not darkened, sprinkle with juice squeezed from a lemon.
  4. In a deep vessel make a mixture of apples, softened cereal, sugar, shabby zucchini and flour.
  5. The Cup multivarki grease with a small amount of sunflower or olive oil. Place inside a kitchen appliance Browns, laying the soup spoon.
  6. Set on the unit the option of «Baking» on the timer tick 30 minutes.
  7. Ready lush treat serve with sour cream or yogurt.

Lush zucchini fritters with sour cream

Pancakes without eggs in the pan

For cooking pancakes with zucchini easy recipe, take ingredients:

  • carrot – 1 PC.;
  • semolina – 0.2 kg;
  • baking soda – ½ tsp;
  • zucchini – 2 PCs.;
  • sour cream – 100 g;
  • dill and parsley.

Instructions on how to cook zucchini fritters without eggs in the pan:

  1. Take a grater and grate the zucchini on it. In the resulting mass add semolina, seasonings and sour cream. When kneading the dough, place inside of slaked soda. On the viscosity of the mixture should come out like a thick cream.
  2. Heat a frying pan with a small amount of oil. Put her large spoon pancakes.
  3. Fry the dish you need about 5 minutes to form a Golden brown color.
  4. Serve with sour cream or mayonnaise.

Pumpkin fritters are fried in a pan

Video: how to make zucchini fritters

Recipes diet, easy, tender and delicious culinary products, which are prepared from zucchini, you can find a large number. To give the dish a unique taste, aroma and originality will help a wide range of ingredients that serve as the replacement for eggs. The pancakes turn out tender, low in calories and will satisfy all family members. Housewives will appreciate the ease of manufacture of the vitamin product. All the secrets of cooking you can see from the video below.

Diet zucchini fritters

Pumpkin fritters in the oven

Lean pumpkin pancakes

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