Useful than lentils

Small, clean, does not accumulate toxins from the soil, lentil beans are a lot of advantages. They are easy to handle and store, useful to use. Lentils are used as a curative medicinal tinctures. The geography of growth begins in the Egyptian lands.

The composition of the lentils

Types of lentils

Lentil grows on a small annual shrubs in the form of small flat beans. Soluble fiber, rich in trace elements indicate nutritional value. A solid amount of protein, more than meat products, among the plants figure in the third list. In energy metabolism involving vitamins and dietary fiber. The benefits of plants:

  1. The use of lentils nourishes the body gradually introducing complex carbohydrates in nutrition.
  2. There are macro — and micronutrients, vitamins PP, B1, B2, E, A. Tryptophan fights depression. Folic acid protects against cancer tumors.
  3. The iron from the lentils absorbed particularly well with greens and prevents anemia. A sufficient number of small beans of potassium.
  4. The inability to accumulate toxins – the main benefits of beans lentils. Fearlessly cereals include in diet, drink, elderly people, teenagers.

Caloric value per 100 grams

Light weight beans, lentils allows you to cook small amounts several portions. During thermal treatment the healing properties are not lost. Caloric shown in the comparative table. Energy value per 100 grams:

Index / View Dry Sprouted Boiled Canned
Proteins, g 25 9 8,4 6
Carbs, g 54 22 20,5 12
Fats, g 1,5 0,5 0,12 0,4
Calorific value, kcal 323 106 116 77
The calorie content in % of the daily value 14 5 5 3


  1. After cooking the calories (see the table row for calories) product is sharply reduced.
  2. Lentils is considered warming and is recommended to eat the inhabitants of cold areas. The combination with hot spice enhances the effect.
  3. Sprouted lentils are much easier to dry: the amount of one hundred grams will be more.

The chemical composition of lentils

Red lentils

Three types of lentils, to eat, and contain mostly the same set of fats, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. Some of the differences in the chemical composition, the effects on the body in red, black, green-yellow (plain) lentils:

  • Product red (bright orange) color contains slightly less protein and carbohydrates. However, there are a lot of iron, necessary in the prevention of anemia. Weight is such a difficult green lentils.
  • The protein of the black varieties occupy a middle ground between the two previous categories. Carbohydrates more. The weight of the grains more difficult than in the red. Black lentils is superior to the other varieties according to the amount of cellulose, does not absorb toxins. It is a powerful antioxidant. Use it to strengthen the immune system, the body’s resistance to stress, restore liver function, normalize blood pressure.
  • All grades, subjected to heat treatment, the usefulness of his loses. Changing in a favorable direction calorie.

Chemical composition analysis clearly gives to understand how useful the beans lentils. Table varieties:

Indicators / Grade Red Green Black
Energy value, kcal 358 352 324
Water, g 7,2 8,3 7,7
Proteins, g 23,9 24,6 23,4
Fats, g 1,1 1,1 1,02
Inorganic substances, g: 3 2,7
Carbohydrates, g: 63,1 63,3 55,4
sucrose 1,6 1,5
fructose 0,3 0,3
maltose 0,3 0,3
starch 47,6 49,9
Fiber, g. 10,8 10,7
Sugar, gr. 2,03
Minerals, Gy.:
calcium 48 35
iron 7,4 6,5
magnesium 59 47
phosphorus 294 281
magnesium 59
potassium 668 677
sodium 7 6
zinc 3,6 3,3
copper 1,3 0,8
manganese 1,7 1,4
Selenium, mcg 0,1
Vitamins, mg:
With 1,7 4,5
thiamine 0,5 0,9
Riboflavin 0,1 0,21
nicotinic acid 1,5 2,6
Pantothenic acid 0,4 2,1
B6 0,4 0,5
AND IU(IU) 58 39
E (alpha-tocopherol) 49
tocopherol, gamma 4,2
K (phylloquinone) µg 5
folic acid food mcg 204 479
Lipids, g:
saturated fatty acids 0,4 0,2
fatty acids, monounsaturated 0,5 0,2
fatty acids, polyunsaturated 1,1 0,6
Phytosterols mg: 57
Amino acids, g:
tryptophan 0,2 0,2
threonine 0,9
aspartic acid 2,8 2,8
glutamic acid 3,9 3,8

Yellow lentils is obtained solely in the process of grinding the green varieties, so the two types are similar. A distinctive feature of all kinds of medicinal product – cooking time until tender. Green recipe is cooked longer, not fall apart. Soaking for 30-40 minutes requires black lentils, then it is possible to cook soup or mashed potatoes, as of other species.

Use lentils for the body

Useful lentils

First the most valuable property of the lentils, the absence in it of radionuclides, nitrates, toxic substances. It is extremely environmental. The lack of harm makes this product irreplaceable. Benefits:

  1. The presence of tryptophan balances the emotional background. Turn into serotonin, a substance that elevates mood, suppresses depression.
  2. Boiled lentils will aide in the fight against urolithiasis. During exacerbation of gastritis, gastric ulcer is useful to use lentil puree.
  3. Diabetes lentils are eaten instead of bread. Easy carbohydrates in germinated beans do not raise blood sugar. Stew, cooked with beans will appreciate pregnant.
  4. In the processing of the product by the body temperature rises, aktiviziruyutsya circulation.
  5. To eat ready meals and sprouts is good for cosmetic purposes. Freshening up the complexion, the skin becomes smooth.
  6. Composition of cooked lentils is extensively used in diet programs.

For men

There is no clear definition benefits of lentils for men. Culture little known in Russia, in quality, has a General healing effect on the body. It is capable of keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. This is important, given the more frequent failures of this system in the male population. Dishes of lentils in the home menu to satisfy human energy, increase efficiency. Some physicians tend to believe that such legumes enhance virility.

For women

For the healthy development of the fetus, maintenance of the maternal organism in the diet of moms-to-be included a mess of pottage. Ladies appreciate the possibilities of cosmetic and dietary properties of lentils. For most power modes the primary goal is weight loss. Women easily achieve significant results by reducing calories in the diet, balancing protein, carbohydrates and fats. Constantly taking at least a minimum amount of lentils, you can achieve amazing results. Recommendations are:

  1. Lentils in the diet meets all the requirements of most diets.
  2. Carbohydrates of this plant are digested slowly. Fat it is almost there. Vegetable proteins, combined with a large amount of fiber.
  3. The water evaporates during cooking and the minerals and vitamins remain unchanged.

Lentil dish


Rules limiting nutrient, a nutritionist will tell you how to cook lentils for weight loss. By proper heat treatment it is possible to balance all the necessary elements. General tips: all types of lentils in diets is better to use the red sort, it’s easier to digest. Before cooking need to soak the lentils in water for two hours, boil on low heat, do not add the ingredients sour before the end of cooking. Main contraindications:

  1. flatulence.
  2. stones in the gallbladder.
  3. hyperkalemia.
  4. of kidney disease.

A video about the benefits of lentils for weight loss

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