Total cholesterol

The fact that this substance is harmful to blood vessels and the heart – known fact, but true only in part. It is found in body tissues and are indispensable for its normal operation. The content of cholesterol in the blood is set during the tests and compared with valid standards. This should be done regularly.

How to pass a cholesterol test

The device for check

To determine the value of total cholesterol make biochemical analysis in the laboratory or using a portable device with test strips. The results will be objective with proper training. The fence material produce in the morning, on an empty stomach. It is important to sustain requirements:

  • the day to eliminate alcohol;
  • not eat for 12 hours before the procedure;
  • do not smoke;
  • for two days not to eat greasy food;
  • before the procedure, to relax, to calm down.

Deciphering blood cholesterol

Norm of cholesterol in the blood from the vein will depend on the laboratory equipment, the value can vary. Values will be different for adult and child, male, female. The magnitude is affected by the pregnancy, it is increased in the elderly. It is important to know what is the normal cholesterol in the blood – as it is indispensable for the processes of the body. With the participation of this substance is:

  • fat metabolism;
  • regulation of metabolism at the cellular level;
  • the synthesis of fatty acids;
  • the formation of serotonin, vitamin D;
  • mineral metabolism;
  • the formation of sex hormones.

Blood cells and fatty plaques

This substance from the liver is transported throughout the body in the composition of lipoproteins – protein compounds. The third part of it is in free form. Studies on the content of LDL is called the lipid and consists of several indicators. Accepted such designation of cholesterol in the blood:

  • Chol – total cholesterol or cholesterol;
  • HDL – HDL – lipoproteins high density;
  • LDL – LNP – low density lipoprotein;
  • TG – TG – triglycerides.

There is a concept of good and bad cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is considered bad. Is it causes the formation of plaques that block the vessels. Can occur heart failure, form stones in the gallbladder. Increase it is fatty food. The figure for females was not lower than 1.02 mmol/l For men to 1.49 mmol/L. to Reduce the amount you diet, limit fatty foods and sugar. Will help decrease in physical activity, special medications – statins.

LVNP good lipoprotein is produced by the body, protects arteries from damage, removes plaque. The value should be no more than the 3.89 mmol/L. It is not regulated by the food believed to increase its daily intake of a glass of dry wine. The total amount consists of HDL and LDL. Normal level of blood cholesterol in adults should not be more 4,49 mmol/L. the Amount of triglycerides – 1.71 mmol/L.

Which means, if total cholesterol is high

Blood sampling from the patient

Normal levels of lipoproteins indicates proper functioning of the body. Exceeding the standards leads to problems where the price is life. In this situation, by the formation of plaques on the walls of developing atherosclerosis. This causes a disruption of the heart and brain, which leads to tragic results – a stroke, a heart attack. To rectify the situation, it is necessary:

  • more fiber, less fatty food, junk food;
  • increase physical activity;
  • to maintain optimal weight;
  • drinking more water;
  • to monitor the level of glucose.

Low cholesterol

Liver disease, the use of diets for weight reduction, frequent stresses lead to lower levels of LDL – hypocholesteremia. It is dangerous to life. In such a situation:

  • causes mental disorders;
  • increased risk of liver cancer;
  • symptoms of insanity;
  • occurs suicidal behaviour;
  • may infertility in women;
  • increases the risk of stroke;
  • start depression;
  • increases the likelihood of drug and alcohol abuse.

Table of norm of cholesterol in blood by age

Doctor holding a camera

There are special tables, which can compare the content of total cholesterol in people depending on their age. This will reveal a predisposition to the development of the diseases atherosclerosis, eliminating the risk of strokes, heart attacks, cancer of the liver. Will help prevent depression and suicides. Table constructed based on age from 20 years to a period older than 70.


Norm of cholesterol in blood in women depends on hormonal levels and is actively changing during the life. During pregnancy it may differ in two times. Norm of cholesterol in women after 50 and other age groups is given in the table below.

Years The total value mmol/l
20-30 3,11–of 5.61
30-40 3,3–6,1
40-50 3,91–of 6.92
50-60 4,18–7,2
60-70 4,40–7,8
more than 70 years 4,47–7,9


The results of the ratios in men influenced by bad habits – alcohol, Smoking. Worsen the parameters of causes such as sedentary lifestyle, overeating, eating fatty foods. If we compare values for the same segments of life in men is a valid value higher than that of women. The table shows the rate of blood cholesterol in men, according to the years of life.

Years The total value mmol/l
20-30 3,6–6,1
30-40 3,5–6,6
40-50 4,0–6,9
50-60 4,35–of 7.82
60-70 4,5–7,94
more than 70 years 4,56–7,96

Video about lower cholesterol

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