Syrup from black chokeberry

Almost every Russian citizen is familiar with the Aronia berry (also known as Aronia) for their taste, benefits for children and adults. Often of these fruits preparing preservation for the winter: jams, compotes, make tinctures. A special honor is a syrup from the berries of chokeberry, which is easy to prepare. It retains all useful properties of fruits and their taste. There are several recipes for this drink, so you can choose the option on your taste.

Syrup of Aronia at home – recipes with photos

The preparation of the drink with Aronia has no special tricks or secrets, the main thing – to choose the highest quality, ripe fruit is well to wash them. To give it pungency or piquancy can be used additional ingredients – lemon, cinnamon, apples or cherry leaves. Below are recipes for the most popular variants of syrup with Aronia.

With cinnamon and apples

Unusual taste, unique flavor will be remembered for the syrup made from apples and chokeberry. The highlight of the drink is a cinnamon that will add spice and make it truly memorable. Here are step by step instructions to prepare:

  • Berries thoroughly wash the apples clean, cut in large pieces.
  • Pour the fruit of boiling water, add a bit of citric acid, allow to stand for about 24 hours.
  • The liquid then strain into a bowl, add the cinnamon stick, sugar.
  • Boil the solution on low heat for five to ten minutes, seasoning to remove, and ready to drink pour into jars, roll up.

Syrup from black chokeberry

With leaves of cherry

The amazing taste of the drink, made with chokeberry and cherry leaves, give not only the pleasure of eating, but also enrich the body with vitamins, trace elements. To cook it, you need to:

  • Ripe fruits of Aronia berries free from stems and soak in cold water for at least twelve hours.
  • Drain the berries through a sieve to get rid of excess fluid, then pass through the juicer.
  • Add in the juice of sugar (one kilo in 1 liter of fluid).
  • A container of juice, put on fire, add the washed cherry leaves.
  • After boiling, boil five minutes, remove leaves, pour into pre-sterilized banks, roll up cover.

Cherry syrup from black chokeberry

With lemon

This simple recipe of syrup of black chokeberry with lemon familiar to many Housewives. To create a will require a minimum of effort, but the resulting drink is enriched with a double charge of vitamins through the use of Aronia berries, lemon. To prepare it, you need to:

  1. Clean the berries, pour boiling water, add lemon, cut into slices of medium size. Pour is necessary so that everything was covered with fluid.
  2. Leave for a few days, then strain (berries, lemon no longer needed).
  3. In the juice add sugar and boil on a slow fire ten minutes.
  4. Syrup is ready to use, if desired, it is possible to dissolve and drink instead of juice or compote or cook on the basis of his cooking sauces and dressings to dishes.

Syrup from black chokeberry with lemon

The benefits and harms of Aronia for adults and children

Aronia is known for its useful properties:

  • reduces the pressure;
  • enriches the body with essential vitamins, suitable even for a child;
  • strengthens blood vessels;
  • normalizes the stomach.

In some cases, the fruits of Aronia are not recommended, they can cause harm:

  • when poor blood clotting;
  • in the case of low pressure;
  • the presence of diseases of the stomach (ulcers), high acidity.

Use chernoplodku proven, and it is felt by many, therefore, such fruits are often used to prepare a medicinal drink. In order not to harm the health, it is important to know exactly what quantities you can eat these berries or can drink the syrup, and when their use is absolutely contraindicated. Watch the video to find out more with the properties of chokeberry:

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