Recipes homemade lemonade

Homemade lemonadeIn the hot summer days each person is always thirsty, sometimes we do not even think that drinking. Drink all the juice, soda, something stronger, soft drinks. And don’t even think that gets stress is our body. Today we talk about recipes of drinks that you can prepare yourself. All of us know the word «lemonade» from my childhood, the taste of which we remember still. We even are not afraid of all chemicals contained in this drink. Better still to think and to prepare this wonderful drink and to indulge his household, from which they will be ecstatic.

The basic rules for making lemonade

  • For lemonade, use only natural products. Juice cook for themselves and not buy in the store.
  • Water is better to use with gas. People with problems of the stomach and intestines in this case you should be careful.
  • Use more ice.
  • Use your imagination to decorate a beautiful glass, mint leaves, pieces of fruit.
  • Preparation come with soul and mood.

Homemade lemonade with ginger

For the lemonade you will need one lemon, some ginger root (60 grams), sprigs of mint, sugar (100 grams), half a liter of water with gas, ice. Squeeze lemon juice, add chopped ginger and sugar and mix well in a blender. Ice also grind them. On the bottom of the glass Narva and omit the mint leaves and remember their mortar, then top with crushed ice and pour syrup to about 25 grams. If you have a sweet tooth, then add more. Now add sparkling water. Stir the lemonade until complete dissolution of syrup. We decorate our lemonade with a lemon slice and mint leaves. Drink lemonade through a straw.

Recipe of strawberry lemonade

Fresh strawberries (200 grams) juice of one lemon mix and add the sugar, mix well in blender, so the sugar is dissolved. Grind ice, mint prepare as well as for the first recipe. In a glass add ice, mint syrup and mineral water, all mix thoroughly. Decorate with strawberries, lemon slices, mint leaves.

Lemonade out of oranges at home

Fresh squeezed juice of three oranges mixed with the juice of half a lemon, then add the sugar (100gramm) and all mix in blender. Ice grind. Mint (3 sprigs)stacked on the bottom of the glass, add ice, syrup pleasure! mineral water and mix everything.decorate with slice of orange, lemon, sprig of mint.

Lemonade with green tea

Green tea (4 cups) and add the juice of three lemons, sprigs of mint (4 PCs) and carbonated water (2 cups). To clean up holodilnik. Before drinking this lemonade add ice.

Homemade lemonade pineapple

Whip the whites of two eggs with the juice of two lemons into the foam. Then add a half Cup pineapple juice and carbonated water (half a liter). The ice is crushed. Pour into glasses and decorate them to your taste.

Lemonade cucumber

2 medium cucumber chop in a blender to make puree and strain. In cucumber juice, add the juice of four lemons, carbonated water, if you want sugar. All put in the refrigerator. Pour into glasses and decorate them with a ring of cucumber, a slice of lemon and mint.

The lemonade with blueberries recipe

Cut the zest from three lemons and squeeze the juice. Take volumetric glassware. Pour a pint of water, ¾ Cup sugar, add lemon zest and lemon juice. All mix. Blueberry blend and connect with our lemonade, then put in the refrigerator. The ice grind and add in the glasses and poured them some lemonade. To decorate, as it will tell you your imagination.

All recipes can be changed to your taste. In the summer, so many different fruits and berries that can be used for the preparation of soft drinks. Just come to all creative and imaginative.

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