Vegetable stew with meat

Ovocheve stew s meat


  • 400 g of beef meat
  • 3 carrots
  • 3 PCs. large potatoes
  • 2 PCs. onions
  • 3 PCs bell pepper
  • spices for goulash
  • salt, pepper, oil

Method of preparation

  • Thoroughly wash the meat, remove the bones and sinews, cut into slices of medium size. Do not make too small pieces — they will quickly dry out and lose flavor! Fry over high heat adding butter or fat until you stand out juice. Remove from the heat. Put the meat in a pot or if not, a regular pan.
  • Carrots cut into small slices, spread a layer of meat, the meat during cooking will soak the carrot juice and it will be very juicy and tender. All the other vegetables finely shinkuem and spread on a layer of carrots. Fill with water of such a volume that covers all the vegetables, add salt, pepper, cover with a lid, set on fire of medium intensity and simmer about 45 minutes with no turns and other interference.
  • When it is ready. Remove from heat cauldron, make it optional spices, fresh aromatic herbs, again cover with a lid and allow to infuse for a few minutes.
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