Deviled eggs with caviar

Deviled eggs with caviar


  • 10 eggs
  • 100 grams of salmon ROE
  • 5 tablespoons high calorie mayonnaise
  • 100 grams of cheese, marble or other, but that was soft
  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • half of the package of crab meat

Method of preparation

  • Boil eggs for about 10 minutes. Let him cool off. Clean. Cut in half into two parts. Remove the yolks.
  • Preparing the filling:
  • Egg yolks, cheese, crab meat and garlic through a fine grater and mix with mayonnaise. At the discretion of salt. Protein in place, what is left of the yolk and white, put the filling and decorate the top with caviar.
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