Soup with dried mushrooms and cabbage

Soup with dried mushrooms and cabbage


  • 25 grams of dried mushrooms
  • Half a small cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Chive
  • A few potatoes
  • A handful of beans
  • A little butter, wheat flour
  • Water
  • The bouquet of spices – pepper, Bay leaf,salt, garlic clove

Method of preparation

  • A pot to fill with water. Beans wash, finely grated part of carrots, cut the onions tretinu if you can find parsley root – it can be there. Let them boil in the broth. Cut potatoes, cabbage finely chopped. Alternately add the vegetables.
  • To prismatic zazharkoy. To cook from another part of the carrots with onions in vegetable oil. Separately fry the flour, mix with mushrooms, them before you grind. Mix everything with the broth, add the spices, squeeze the garlic, the last chord – the greens.
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