Sandwiches kids birthday

Sandwiches kids birthday


  • 10 PCs cheese biscuits

    rounded shape

  • 100 g Adyghe cheese
  • 50 g of 20% cream
  • 30 g of sweet cream butter
  • 5 PCs small tomatoes
  • 100 gr doctoral sausage
  • 5 black olives boneless

Method of preparation

  • Adygei cheese, sour cream and soft butter to punch a blender until smooth. Divide the tomatoes in half, choose seeds and part of pulp with a spoon. Stuff the halves with the cheese filling. Sausage cut into slices and cut the shape of the tomato.
  • On a cookies the put the slice of sausage and top with a stuffed tomato. On one side of the tomato mark peel and bend the edges, resembling wings. The head of the insect make from a piece of olives. Apply spots of sour cream to the «back» ladybugs.
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