Recipe protein cream

Many a childhood love desserts with white aerial cream rolls in puff pastry, all kinds of baskets, cakes. To make these treats easily by yourself. For this it is necessary to prepare protein cream, which is the basis of their taste. It will be a wonderful decoration of cakes, homemade sponge cakes and other confections. Below we consider in detail several step-by-step recipes with photos, how to make airy, delicious protein cream.

How to prepare protein cream — step by step recipes

To prepare protein cream, you need to carefully follow instructions for prescription, proper proportioning of the components. Using clear technology, you can easily make the treat at home. Here are some tips that will help you to avoid typical mistakes and make the end product really airy and delicious:

  • Use well-chilled products. The dishes where the prepared mixture should be cool.
  • Get protein from any admixture of yolk or fat, otherwise the finished product may fail.
  • To make the texture more lush will help a few drops of lemon juice or a pinch of salt.
  • Moving the ingredients in a bowl for whisking, make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned. There should not be any residual moisture or fat.
  • The fresher the components, the better the taste of protein Goodies.
  • You can provide the cream with the spices to make it only more delicious – vanilla, cinnamon.

Whipping protein mass mixer

Recipe protein cream

Classic protein cream is prepared without the use of many components and among other species popular of all. It is lush, airy, light, but soon fall off. Because the cream has a short shelf life, the dish will have to eat immediately after cooking. The ingredients that are needed to create protein cream:

  • three egg whites;
  • a Cup of sugar;
  • a third of a glass of water;
  • half a teaspoon of citric acid.


  1. Break the eggs, separate the yolks from the whites, put them in a container. With a mixer beat until a stable foam.
  2. Put in a pot or cauldron sugar, then water, turn the fire. Cook the mixture for about two to four minutes. When ready the liquid caramel will be Golden brown. First, the boiling liquid will be much bubbling, then «calm down», will boil slowly, then you can turn off the fire. Another way to test: with a spoon take a little bit of caramel, pour in a glass of water. If the mixture turns into a ball, not spreading, then it is ready.
  3. Add to the hot mixture of citric acid, stir.
  4. After cooking the caramel start to pour it in the beaten egg whites. Make sure that the stream was thin. During the infusion and continue whipping the mixture with a mixer. When the cream is cold, you can stop the procedure.
  5. Ready protein treat immediately applied to the confection.

The cream of the proteins

Protein custard

This cream makes a wonderful filling for eclairs and other pastries. Has a relatively low caloric value, and therefore when consumed in small amounts will not have a significant impact on the figure. Due to the thick consistency, it long retains its form, why pastry will look fine. Necessary ingredients:

  • a quarter Cup of water;
  • Cup sugar (250 ml);
  • three proteins;
  • citric acid in crystals;
  • agar-agar (teaspoon, soaked 20 minutes in 4 spoons of water). Can be prepared without it.

The recipe for the cream:

  1. Boil water in a saucepan, drain. Stir in sugar there and pour a quarter Cup of water, bring to a boil. Ten minutes readiness check of syrup dripping into a beaker of cold water. If the formed ball is ready. If you wish, you can prepare the syrup in a water bath.
  2. Stir in the lemon juice, quickly stir the ingredients. Pour agar-agar, stir about ten seconds.
  3. In a container pour in the whites, put it in a bowl of cold water, and start whisking. Pour the syrup, immediately stirring with a mixer all components.
  4. Whisk until the ingredients are completely blended, and turned into a delicious protein custard. The finished product, you can filled wafer rolls, eclairs, baskets, use as a filling for cakes.

Protein custard

Oil-protein cream

Protein cream with oil – a great option for decorating various confectionery products. Due to its dense texture it is able long to withstand the required form not fall. Decorative elements created with this treat, they look amazing. If you wish, you can add in a mixture of different dyes which change shade of cream, allowing you to create beautiful candy decor items. What you will need:

  • 3 protein;
  • 150 grams butter;
  • 150 grams of powdered sugar;
  • tablespoon of lemon juice;
  • a bit of vanilla sugar.

How to cook:

  1. Cool butter, cut into small pieces. Leave them on the table, so that it became room temperature. Do not use for melting butter in the microwave or the stove.
  2. Proteins put into prepared clean container, add a pinch of salt. Start whisking the cream with a mixer, gradually adding powdered sugar and, if desired, vanilla sugar.
  3. Gradually, during operation of the mixer, add the butter. Should be a lush mix of uniform consistency.
  4. Decorate the cream cakes and pastries.

Protein butter cream for cake

Creamy protein cream

Adding cream will make the taste of the final product delicate milk. This option is perfect for creating the filling tubes, sand cakes, mouth-watering éclairs. Has a relatively low caloric content. You can add a recipe with ingredients such as fresh fruit, various syrups. When adding gelatin you get this tasty treat is marshmallows, which is exactly like household. Prepare the components:

  • four egg whites;
  • half Cup sugar;
  • a Cup of cream.

How to prepare:

  1. Pour the whites into a chilled container, start whisking. Gradually pour there sugar to make the mixture homogeneous.
  2. When the product will begin to resemble the consistency of a thick foam, pour in cream, continuing to mix.
  3. Easy, delicious protein cream filling is ready!

Protein cream for decoration of cakes and pastries

Video recipe: cake basket with protein cream at home

Mouth-watering baskets decorated with cream filling – a perfect dish for the holiday table. Those who has experience in cooking would be easy to cook. According to GOST protein product for this recipe must be prepared using sugar syrup, obtained by boiling sugar in water. Leading the video below will talk in detail about how to make delicious baskets. The recipe includes not only the preparation of the filling-cream, but creating the dough, which will become the basis for confectionery. View interesting step-by-step master class:

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