Meatballs with mushrooms inside

Meatballs with mushrooms inside


  • 600 g minced beef or chicken
  • 300 g mushrooms ( fresh or boiled or frozen)
  • 100 ml of vegetable oil without smell
  • 250 grams of onion
  • 1 piece chicken egg
  • 1 piece of white bread
  • Salt, spices
  • Flour

Method of preparation

  • A piece of bread soak in warm boiled water. In forcemeat add finely chopped onion, egg, softened a piece of bread, salt and spices, stir. With mushrooms you need to make the stuffing, in a blender or grinder, in extreme cases finely chop.
  • Sculpt a regular hamburger with one hand make a hole, in the hole, blend the mushroom stuffing, and pulling the stuffing closing the mushrooms and get the ball — it’s easy to turn back into the chop. Coat cutlets in flour. In a pan pour oil, heated to the required temperature. Fry cutlets on both sides.
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