• 30 ml tequila
  • 1 piece lime
  • 15 ml citrus liqueur
  • fine salt

Method of preparation

  • For the presentation of the drink need a special glass called «hitball». Under the pressure of squeezing the juice of half a lime. The edges of the glass-half centimeter doused in lime juice and drop in a bowl of fine salt. Wait until the rim is dry.
  • With a shaker, mix together the tequila and liqueur and add the juice. Using a strainer pour the finished batch into a glass. Before serving, decorate the cocktail with a slice of citrus.
  • Depending on the choice of the type of liquor, which use a cocktail of classic turns into a strawberry or blue. You can also use lemon or fresh strawberries. Optionally add finely chopped ice.
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