Jelly cappuccino

Jelly cappuccino


  • 500 gr. milk
  • 20 gr. natural coffee
  • 25 gr. honey
  • 30 gr. gelatin
  • 5 gr. vanilla

Method of preparation

  • Gelatin is divided into 2 equal parts. One part soak 200 gr. milk. 20 minutes to make coffee. Add the milk with the gelatin and leave it to simmer, still stirring. Gelatin needs to dissolve completely. Remove from heat until boiling. Put the resulting mass in a container and place in the fridge to cool.
  • The second part of gelatine soaked in 200g. milk and leave for 20 minutes. The remaining 100 gr. milk heated in a saucepan, add the vanilla and honey. Mix thoroughly. When the milk is cooled to 50-60 degrees, add the gelatin and stir thoroughly. Beat the mixture to a froth with a mixer and carefully pour into the mold with the first part jelly. Leave in the refrigerator until the consistency thickens.
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