Hot sandwiches in aerogrill

Hot sandwiches in aerogrill


  • 1 loaf of white bread
  • 0,5 cans of canned fish
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 fresh tomato
  • 70 g of cheese

Method of preparation

  • Half a tin of canned food (like salmon or mackerel in oil) in a bowl, add the oil from the jar and carefully mash the fish with a fork, if possible, taking out the bones. Mix with canned finely chopped onion. To slice a tomato and spread them thinly sliced pieces of bread. Top evenly spread out the mixture of fish and onions. Grate cheese and sprinkle them sandwiches.
  • A platter of sandwiches to put on the lower grille aerogrill, installing a high speed and 160 degrees. After about 8 minutes the sandwiches are ready to eat.
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