Fish in orange sauce

Fish in orange sauce


  • 800 gr. fish coho

    spared from the bones

  • 120 ml oil of sesame seeds
  • 170 gr. flour
  • 1 the fruit of lime
  • 3 juicy orange
  • 7 gr. rice round grain
  • 20 gr. sea salt
  • 7 gr. mix spice Hamama (coriander), saffron, marjoram

Method of preparation

  • Fish flesh should be divided into slices (shaped fish sticks). Signing in bowl cuts, add salt and allow to infuse for ¼ hour, then thoroughly obvalivaya in flour, fry them like French fries.
  • Pressed from citrus juice pour in a hot pan and seasoned with attached ground to maloobyasnimoe state rice and stew for 7 minutes. In the resulting sauce put the fish and leave to be thrilled for another 7 minutes.

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