Easter chocolate

Easter chocolate


  • 500g. cheese
  • 120g. black chocolate
  • 200gr. cream (preferably fat content of not less than 30%)
  • 0,5 Cup sugar
  • 100gr. butter
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • Culinary topping (for garnish)

Method of preparation

  • In a water bath to melt the chocolate, add sugar and cream and whisk carefully whisk. Give oil to soften, add the vanilla sugar and also beat well with a whisk. Cheese is better to take not dry and grainy and soft, so Easter will taste better.
  • Curd grind and connect with the beaten butter. In the chocolate in small portions add cottage cheese and whisk well with a whisk or with a mixer.
  • Take shape for Easter and cover it with wet gauze. Chocolate cheese spread in the form put under pressure preferably for a day in the cold. A day to get Easter out of shape and decorate confectionery powder.
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