Cutlets of chicken breast

Cutlets of chicken breast


  • Pound chicken Breasts
  • One bulb
  • One egg
  • Milk (part of glass)
  • A couple of slices of bread
  • Three spoons of sour cream
  • Garlic (cloves — three)
  • Salt and other preservatives to taste
  • A little bit of greens

Method of preparation

  • Chicken Breasts can be chopped. Or grind in a meat grinder. Leave the bread in the milk to soft, then crumble it.
  • Grind onion, garlic and salt in a clay pot. Stir sour cream, egg and combine with meat. Season with spices, chopped greens.
  • Chops to do with a spoon, typing in her mixture, shape them as you like. Fry. Better, in sunflower oil.
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