Cake with dried apricots

Cake with dried apricots


  • 1.5 kg. of flour
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 100 g of yeast
  • 500 ml. of warm milk
  • 200 g of margarine for baking
  • 5 eggs
  • 4 packages of vanilla sugar
  • 2 egg whites for the icing
  • some powdered sugar for the glaze
  • 200 gr. dried apricots

Method of preparation

  • In a small saucepan pour the warm milk and dissolve in it the yeast and the sugar. Put the pot in a warm place to ferment yeast and sugar. While the process of fermentation it is necessary to melt the margarine with a mixer or whisk beat the eggs with sugar.
  • Once the sugar and yeast a bit, «came», you must add back 1 Cup of the sifted flour, melted margarine and beaten eggs with sugar. Gently stirring the resulting to bring the mass to a homogeneous condition. After a homogeneous mass is obtained, it is necessary again to put the pot in a warm place.
  • After the dough has increased about two times to add a pound of sifted flour and continuously stir to bring the dough to a consistence as on fritters. Again put the pan in a warm place until the dough has «risen».
  • In the meantime, take a soak in warm boiled water dried apricots in the bowl. Once the apricots have soaked, cut into small pieces.
  • As soon as the test volume increased two times, gradually adding flour knead the dough. To ensure that the dough became pliable and soft. In order to get rid of the dough sticking to the hands, they can be oiled. Mix the dough with pieces of dried apricots so that they were arranged randomly in the test.
  • Take molds for the preparation of cakes, spread them with butter and fill each test approximately one-third.
  • Leave completed forms to slightly up the dough. At this time turn on the oven and heat it to 180 degrees. After reaching the desired temperature, put in the oven form with the dough and bake the cakes for about half an hour.
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