Burgers for the hamburger

Kotleti for a Burger


  • Boneless pork-0.2 kg
  • Beef pulp-0.2 kg
  • Chicken-0.2 kg
  • Onion-1pc(medium)
  • Breadcrumbs-6 tablespoons
  • Eggs-1pc
  • Cumin-1 spoon
  • Spices-to taste
  • Vegetable oil-for frying

Method of preparation

  • All 3 types of meat thoroughly wash, cut and grind in a meat grinder or blender along with previously peeled onions. The resulting mixture mix with the breadcrumbs and add the egg. In minced meat add cumin and spices to taste.
  • All are thoroughly mixed and moistened with the water formed flat patties. The pan pre-heat and add sunflower oil. Once the pan is heated to the desired temperature over medium heat fry patties on both sides until Golden brown.
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