Appetizers on skewers

Appetizers on skewers


  • 250 gr. of black olives
  • 300 gr of ham
  • 200 g of Dutch cheese
  • 250 grams of tomatoes
  • 400 g of potatoes
  • 1 bunch of dill

Method of preparation

  • From the beginning let us cook potato, peel it, cut into half or a quarter that would cook faster, cover with water and put on fire. After boiling, boil for another 15 minutes and drain the water, but not all, leave some, that would make mashed potatoes, instead of water add milk, preferably warm.
  • Olives cut into halves, ham, cheese and tomato crumble into cubes, put in a toothpick, first tomato, then cheese, ham and olive on top.
  • On a round plate preparing the area for a hedgehog, lay down a bed of fennel, upstairs, in the middle spread the mashed potatoes slide. Then stick the skewers of black olives make the eyes and nose, the dish is ready, you can bring to the table, Bon appetit!
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