Oven with microwave function

Interesting hybrid, isn’t it? A combination device combines the best of oven and microwave ovens-lets you cook, reheat, defrost, grill and perfectly save space in the kitchen. What are the pros and cons of technology of this type? Is oven with integrated microwave its a lot of money?

What is oven with microwave function

Oven with microwave function

Essentially an oven with the function of microwave oven is oven which has a main working elements of the microwave oven. Such a device combines the operating modes of both types of equipment, and one common camera, instead of two, allowing more kitchen space. Ovens with microwave function are divided into gas and electric (the type of power source), dependent and independent from the cooking surface.

Its pros and cons are of each kind of such equipment. Electric models provide a uniform flow of hot air from several sources, much safer to operate, operate in several modes (including in case of forced convection, which is not to provide in an oven of a different type). Gas heats up much faster. Such ovens are cheaper to use, but sometimes do not have the same functions as electric counterparts.

How it works built-in oven with microwave

Your family oven with microwave function differs in that it incorporates additional device is a magnetron. This device serves as a source of microwave radiation. Thanks to him, food is heated evenly, quickly prepared, processed foods defrosted. Heat is not whole food or a dish, but only contains in the upper layers of water. Her temperature is gradually transmitted inland. So cooked in the oven with the microwave function food is undercooked, and the buns baked through inside.

How to make a good oven with microwave

Oven with microwave

Before you go for useful purchase at first is figure out what your requirements oven microwave have to answer. So you quickly to decide on the brand and price category of the future kitchen assistant. Selection criteria a lot, but they are fundamental:

  • Supply type (electricity or natural gas): if your home is natural gas not supplied, there is only one answer. Housewives who have a choice will have to reflect on how often they cook, what dishes to include in the daily menu, what result do you expect from the combined furnace. Love baked vegetables, meat, muffin? Buy electric device. Cook often and a lot? Choose a more economical gas one.
  • Dimensions: a massive combo Cabinet there is a place in the large kitchen. If allotted space is not permitting to go in full force, stop the choice on compact models.
  • Power products: the higher it is, the faster the dish will be ready. But the cost of such equipment is much higher.
  • Required behaviors: each combined rack your set of grilling, baking, steaming, electric ignition, self-cleaning, protection of children… it is Important that future pet kitchen combines all the necessary functions and does not contain those who just do not need.

Microwave / oven from the best manufacturers

Microwave / oven

The growing popularity of ovens with functions of microwave ovens has led to the fact that they began to produce a company. Samsung, Bosch, Siemens, LG, Panasonic – appliances for each of these brands has its own characteristics. Oven functions microwave ovens Samsung, review owners, perfectly baked, warm. Of the minuses – the door and the control panel will become very hot during operation. You will not tell about models Bosch: they can be safely touched during cooking.

Combination cupboards from Siemens Housewives like for compactness and for being removable drip tray for plates, which was also used as baking sheet for the oven, rotates. This function is not available with all models. It is useful that dishes are cooked and heated more evenly. LG and Panasonic are not so popular, but they are perfectly cope with their tasks.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Today, almost every prominent home appliance manufacturer produces dozens of models of ovens with functions of microwave ovens, you can buy them in any large specialized normal or online store. The choice you will offer the combined cabinets of different colors and sizes, with many functions. While the benefits of this type of technology is obvious, you need to understand that fun is not cheap. For the oven-the microwave will have to pay from 40 to 260 thousand rubles.

Video: recessed compact oven with microwave function


Tatyana, 36 years:Long selected, stopped on one of the models Bosch. Fell in love with this oven from day one! Pies are chicken – a delicious, meringue – the envy of the pastry chef-the professional. Use microwave, to defrost quickly grill hot sandwiches. For 3 years she never did not fail me!

Svetlana, 31 years:questioned the need for such an expensive purchase: almost 150 thousand for the oven functions microwave ovens – a lot of money! But my electric Siemens delights me. This furnace finally began to appear cakes, large cakes, pizza, whole roast bird. Now cooking is a joy. No matter what it would not change!

Ekaterina, 27 years:our Apartment is small, tiny kitchen. Therefore, the question of whether to buy, before us was not even – definitely Yes! I use the functions of the microwave than the oven: during the week, time to sit in the kitchen are sorely lacking, save products. But at the weekend the oven bakes at all and she does it brilliantly!

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