Jam plum in chocolate

For many Housewives, the acute question of what to make with plums that the product turned out delicious, useful, have retained their best qualities and liked by both children and adults. The variety of recipes is amazing, the use of additional ingredients can give the finished dish a flavor, sophistication. Popular jam plum in chocolate – a surprisingly delicious dessert that will not leave anyone indifferent. To give it a special flavor, use additional ingredients such as cognac, apples.

A classic recipe jam plum in chocolate

Original cook plum jam is very simple, in special esteem by many women is the option of cooking these fruits with chocolate. The classic recipe involves adding different kinds of spices or additional ingredients that allows you to feel the taste of berries and enjoy the chocolate flavor. You can buy this dessert relatives simply to treat yourself to a sweet quiet autumn or winter evening, or grab a treat to guests as a small gift for tea.

A classic recipe of making jam involves the use of such products:

  • durum plum – 2 kg;
  • sugar – one kilogram;
  • vanilla sugar – 10 grams (you can replace vanilla – 2 g);
  • cocoa powder – 35 g.

Jam Plum in chocolate

Step-by-step cooking plums in chocolate in the classic recipe:

  1. Plums cleaned of seeds, fill with sugar, using about 0.5 kg. to Leave the berries for the night, wait until they let the juice.
  2. In the morning add the remainder of sugar, cocoa. Mix well, put on a slow fire. Cook for hours, it is important to stir constantly so the jam is not burnt.
  3. The dessert is ready to split glass containers, roll up covers, or let it cool, put in a cool place.

Step-by-step recipes jam

The process of making jam from plums and chocolate very simple, but the finished result is striking and original taste. An important part of the dessert are berries, so it is important to choose the right fruits: they should be tight, it’s even better to choose slightly immature. Extra ingredients women use a variety of spices, seasonings (ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, chili, cocoa), apples, nuts (walnuts) or alcohol (rum, brandy or even whiskey). Check out popular recipes for this unusual jam below.

The most delicious jam with butter and walnuts

Many Housewives known recipes for jam, where the main ingredients are chocolate (or cocoa), plums. This original dessert will surprise children and parents do not have to worry about the presence of sweets food additives, as prepared will be all by yourself using natural ingredients. Will not remain indifferent to jam, and adults at least once lucky enough to taste an unusual dessert. The walnuts make it useful.

To cook the plum jam in chocolate, you will need:

  • one kilo of plums (preference is given to such varieties: Hungarian, Hungarian);
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa (if desired, can be used chocolate – about 100 grams);
  • sugar (vanilla) – 10 GMS (optional);
  • walnuts – fifty grams;
  • butter – 100 grams;
  • sugar 900-1300 grams.

Jam from plums with chocolate and nuts

Step-by-step jam-making:

  1. The berries are washed, separated from the bones. To fall asleep plums 600 grams of sugar and leave for some time (about four hours).
  2. A container of fruit to put on the fire, add the rest of the sugar, boil for approximately ten minutes to complete the Protocol.
  3. Pour into a saucepan cocoa, butter.
  4. On small fire to cook the jam for about an hour, stirring every five minutes so that the dessert doesn’t burn.
  5. Grind walnuts to obtain a crumb of small size, add to the pan with the berries and cocoa, then boil for another five minutes, add the vanilla sugar.
  6. Ready jam pour into banks and roll up for the winter or cover with nylon cover and after cooling put in refrigerator.

Recipe with bitter chocolate and cognac

Jam plum in chocolate – a unique sweetness that has amazing flavor and can be used as a dessert on a festive table. But, judging by the reviews, they may even smeared cake or to stuff cakes. It is a worthy replacement of candy purchased in the store. To prepare such sweetness under the force of each owner, and the cognac added to the dessert give the original taste and pleasant aftertaste will remain for a long time.

To make jams need the following ingredients:

  • plum – 1 kg;
  • sugar – 0.5 kg;
  • 1 packet of pectin;
  • 100 grams of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (86%);
  • brandy – 50 ml;
  • clean water – 3 spoons (table);
  • to make the jam special highlights can be used additional spices – vanilla, Chile pepper, ginger root.

Jam from plums with chocolate for the winter

Phased preparation of the dessert:

  1. Fruits carefully washed, separated from the bones and depending on the size cut in half or quarters.
  2. Berries, cover with sugar, leave overnight for infusion.
  3. Morning plums in a heatproof container, put on fire and boil, but first it is necessary to add pectin – a substance without which it is impossible to make jam, and plums contain very little.
  4. Cook the jam until thick. To check the consistency very simple – you need to drop a little dessert on the plate and test if the drop does not spread, and retains its shape – this stage of cooking is completed.
  5. Chocolate to break into pieces of small size, melt in the microwave or in a water bath.
  6. In the jam is almost ready add the melted chocolate and at the end of cooking pour in the cognac (previously, it should not be added, otherwise the alcohol will evaporate and will not give the refinement of taste).
  7. For more unusual tastes is to add spices, seasoning to your taste. Despite the apparent incompatibility of sweet chocolate and spicy pepper and ginger, this combination will give the dish a unique taste. It will be long remembered by the people who prodemonstriruet.

How to cook plum and chocolate jam in a slow cooker

Many well-known classic version of making jam from plums, but sometimes you want something new, unusual and exquisite. In this case, the ideal recipe for a dessert with chocolate. Its main characteristics: pleasant aroma, unique taste and beautiful color of the finished candy. All components are fully connected, soaked with juices, you need to cook the jam in a slow cooker. This will allow you to get the perfect sweetness that is sure to delight not only your family but also guests.

The ingredients for dessert:

  • plums, pitted – 1 kg;
  • sugar – 800-1000 grams;
  • cocoa powder – 35 grams.

Jam Plum in chocolate in a slow cooker

Step-by-step cooking sweets:

  1. Plum wash, separate the seeds and fruits are cut.
  2. Berries, cover with sugar and leave for a while to release the juice, better – overnight.
  3. Then, you should separate fruits from the liquid.
  4. Drain the juice from the heat, add the cocoa mix thoroughly. The resulting syrup pour into a bowl multivarki, add the plums.
  5. Select the mode «Suppression» and leave for an hour. If you want to obtain a homogeneous mass, which will not be felt skins from plums, increase the cooking time by another half an hour.
  6. Ready jam is spread along the banks and cover. After cool place in a cool place – refrigerator or cellar.

For winter with the addition of apples

That winter was the opportunity to enjoy the unique delicious plum jam is better to cook the dessert in the summer. The billet retains its best quality, can be used as a separate dish, and for greasing pies or as a filling for buns. Add in the jam of apples will make it more dense due to the high content of pectin.

The ingredients for dessert:

  • plums – 300 g;
  • apples – 2-3 pieces;
  • dark chocolate – 50 grams;
  • sugar – 350 grams;
  • spices to taste – cinnamon, vanilla or ginger.

Jam Plum in chocolate with apples

Gradual cooking preserves:

  1. Fruits wash, cut into halves.
  2. Apples cleaned from the bones and remove the skin.
  3. Connect in a separate container the sugar, cocoa powder and spices – mix well.
  4. Apples with plums in a blender grind or mince.
  5. The resulting mass pour into a container with a thick bottom and put on a small fire. Add sugar with spices, mix everything carefully.
  6. Jam to boil and cook on low heat for 7 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  7. Chopped chocolate and add to the jam, stir until it dissolves in the total mass (or it is pre-melt).
  8. Jam jars thoroughly washed and sterilized.
  9. The dessert is ready pour into containers, tighten the lid, and turn upside down. Banks are well wrap a blanket and leave to cool.
  10. Store jam in a dark place – a pantry, or basement.

Video recipe: plum jam with cacao and vanilla

Cook plums with chocolate flavor will be very easy for even young Housewives. Need: fruits durum, sugar, cocoa and vanilla pod or cinnamon to taste. The berries must be separated from the bones, sprinkle them with sugar to release the juice, then combine with the remaining ingredients and boil until smooth. The original taste of this plum sweets will not leave anyone indifferent and will be remembered for a long time. Watch the video below to learn the nuances of making jam from plums with cocoa and vanilla:

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