Jam from currants without cooking

At the end of the first month of summer the baton from cherry and strawberry takes currants. Black, red, white, and she’s pleased with the abundant harvest of adults and children. Great stocks for the winter out of it: juices, compotes, jelly, jam, five-minute, even wine and cordials. The most useful preparation blanks are the ones that do not require cooking.

Recipes of black currants for the winter without cooking

So in winter the entire family summer flavours and aromas, to saturate with vitamins to counter colds, take care of currant stocks. This berry dry, freeze, make a puree with added sugar and without the juices. To freeze not only the currants whole, but crushed with a blender. This piece is a source of vitamins for the winter cocktails and desserts. Dried black currants better clusters without removing berries from stalks. Before drying the berries washing is not necessary.

A favorite of traditional raw jam preserves useful minerals, vitamins and great taste of ripe berries. Keep it in the refrigerator or at room temperature, it depends on the amount of sugar in the recipe. Red and white currants can also be stored in the Sahara without heat treatment. To improve the taste in this jam, you can add chopped or pureed in a blender orange, lemon. Executive easy recipe for blackcurrant, pureed with sugar, makes a tasty blank popular.

Black currant berries

Black currant, mashed with sugar for the winter in the proportion of 1:2

Many generations of Housewives tried every year to store for winter medicinal «vitamin of currant». This dish was not only delicious dessert, it was famous for its curative and preventive properties. In the difficult postwar years the lucky ones who managed to get a jar of «black currant vitamin» took care of it for children and the sick, measuring precious product teaspoon. Properly cooked jam from currants without cooking can be stored on a shelf or in a cupboard until the next harvest.

What you need to prepare for making classic raw currant jam? You will need:

  • kitchen scales;
  • stainless steel tank or enameled;
  • big spoon, a wooden spatula;
  • sterile jars and cap them.

To cook three pounds of delicious jam that does not require cooking, take 1 kg of ripe black currant and 2 kg of sugar. Berry puree be stored for a long time, if you follow simple technology:

  1. Rinse black currant berries under running water.
  2. Lay them in a thin layer on a paper towel, let drain dry.
  3. Grind the berries into a puree. Use a blender or a meat grinder.
  4. In deep containers (pots, bowls) pereslavychi portions of mashed potatoes and sugar.
  5. Leave the closed container on a few hours: you need the sugar to dissolve.
  6. From time to time, stir the jam with a clean spoon or spatula.
  7. When sugar crystals are dissolved completely, the «vitamin» can be considered ready.
  8. Place the workpiece in sterile jars, ocuparte covers.

This recipe has one major drawback: too sweet. Useful properties of black currant do not cancel the negative impact of excess sugar on human health. If you restrict carbohydrates in your diet, it is unlikely you’ll like the ratio of berries and sugar 1:2. To jam was not so sugary and high in calories, you can reduce the amount of sweet carbohydrates in half.

Black currant mashed with sugar

The vitamin black currant jam without cooking

To prepare such a blank is as easy as described above. For each pound of currants take one kilogram of sugar. The berry must be carefully grind with sugar to combine gradually, stirring until complete dissolution of crystals. This method has its drawback: this jam is worse is stored. Even in a sterile banks it will not stand long at room temperature. It should be stored in the refrigerator or in a safe cool cellar (in the basement).

Red currant, mashed with sugar, pitted

Incredibly tasty treat can be made from red Smorodinka without cooking. If you have collected a berry from a private hive in good weather, you do not need to rinse. Crop, harvested after rain and is particularly purchased in the market should be washed under running water and dry thoroughly on a paper towel. To get a tasty cold jam seedless, do this:

  1. Sort the berries, removing stems, leaves and other debris.
  2. Download them in the bowl of a blender. Carefully chop.
  3. The resulting mass carefully try to wipe through a fine sieve.
  4. Add the sugar. To each Cup of berry puree you need to take a half Cup of sugar.
  5. Stir the berry-sugar mass, leave for 2-3 hours. Periodically stir.
  6. Until the sugar is dissolved, put in sterilized banks. This can be done in the oven or over steam.
  7. Spoon prepared berry puree dry on sterilized banks, close tight cover.
  8. For tenure place the jars of jam in a cool cellar.

Red currants rubbed in a jar

Jam of white currants with sugar without cooking

Great taste has a cool jam from white currants. It is possible to prepare the same as red berries. If you are not confused currant small bones in the finished product – simplify your work, do not RUB the crushed mass in a blender. Such preserves will be much more useful. If two of the primary ingredients (berries and sugar) add the chopped orange or lemon, will nevarenai vitamin product original taste. Try it! This jam without cooking may become your favorite summer piece.

Recipe currant jam assorted

Summer is a time of experimentation. Want to please the home a delicious blank, bright, unusual, try to make the dish of currants without cooking. To do this, take a black currant Bush black, red, white in equal parts. If you have a raspberry, which ripens simultaneously with currants, it is appropriate to add it. Puree is better to make each berry separately, then mix. Crushed and mashed berry mass needed add sugar. The ratio by volume of 1:1.5 (per Cup puree 1.5 cups of sugar). Storage jam need sterile jars, cool place.

Video: harvesting of black currants for the winter

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