Jam from cones

Summer is the season of harvest of berries and fruits, which later turn into delicious jams and preserves with which it is so pleasant to drink tea in the fall or winter. Fruit mixture, boiled in syrup of sugar, so thoroughly entrenched in our lives that are already perceived as something ordinary. About the cones, boiled in sugar same weight, not much.

When to collect pine cones for jam

Soaked the bumps

Bump is a modified shoot of a tree, being neither a flower nor fruit. Unusual raw material for tasty jams you need to collect in the forest. The jam is cooked from the knobs of firs, pines and cedars. It is important to know that not every one of them suitable for cooking. There are kidney-bumps, known as male and female is sticky, like tar. Collect, as a rule, raw women’s type at the time when the lump still is green and not hardened. The best option is to go for the buds, from which a delicious jam, in may-early June.

How useful jam shyshkove

What could be better than a summer walk through a pine forest? Pleasant aroma of pine needles relaxes and gives appeasement, namely, the tree is able to get rid of diseases. For the treatment of diseases of different degree are used shoots, resin, and kidneys. Young cones in the form of jam is no exception to this well the healing components of the tree. Sweet mass enriches the body plenty of vitamins, allowing you to enjoy the interesting taste.

In winter, this jam will be a godsend due to the content of vitamin C, which we miss in the cold season. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, prevent them to harm the body and is a good way to fight against viruses. However, shyshkove jam has beneficial effects on the immune system, strengthens it, preventing common diseases.

Long buds, cooked in a sugar syrup, was the first help in case of acute cough and respiratory diseases. When used along with hot tea, the jam has an expectorant action, which is especially valuable for dry cough. Besides, along with honey and the sweet jam shyshkove causes sweating, helps as quickly as possible to cure the common cold.

Jam made from pine cones

How to make jam from cones

The city of Kolomna is famous for its Shishkov jams sold at low prices, but you can cook like at home. Useful jam is prepared from the young cones from different trees, but it is always necessary to take into account that the tree has any blemishes or inclusions, which are suggestive of his ill health, to collect will not work. Themselves are modified shoots should not be dirty, rough and damaged. Recipes for cooking and medicinal sweets a lot, they differ depending on the tree from which it was collected raw materials.

Jam made from pine cones

Sweet product brewed for a long time and based delicacy is always taken sugar syrup. Jam out of pine cones to cook easy, because it consists of a small number of ingredients. The list is as follows:

  • young cones green – 1 kg;
  • drinking water – 400 ml;
  • sugar – 1.5 kg

Jam from cones

To prepare it is like this:

  1. Pine cones thoroughly washed under running water and recline in a colander, waiting to drain the water.
  2. Ingredient cut the pine into four pieces, then place in the pan.
  3. In a separate pan mix water with sugar, boil on mild fire until thick and transparent mixture.
  4. Removed from heat syrup, pour over the chopped samples and let stand under a towel for 4 hours.
  5. Boiling occurs in three stages. The first of them while stirring on medium heat you need to bring to the boil and just before boiling point, remove from heat, leave for 2 hours. These steps repeat twice more.
  6. After the third boiling, do not remove the pan from the heat, and reduce it to a minimum. Cook for another hour.

Another recipe with simple preparation contains the following components:

  • small cones of the pine or larch;
  • sugar;
  • water.

The preparation consists of the following steps:

  1. Wash the bumps as best you can, pour out the liquid. In this form, place them in a saucepan.
  2. Filter the water, pour it into the pan so that the cones were covered with 2 cm
  3. Boil the future of jam, pour the sugar. The proportion of sugar to water at the rate of 1:1.
  4. On low heat, stirring occasionally, cook sweet healthy product 2 hours. Don’t forget to remove the foam.
  5. Ready thick jam you should put on sterilized banks.

Jam of spruce cones

Of fir

Spruce and pine belong to the same family of plants, trees different. This explains the fact that their appearance of bumps varies. Spruce cones oval, longer than pine. They are inherent in thin flakes that will come in handy when making delicious jam. List the components of Goodies:

  • young cones of the spruce – 1 kg;
  • sugar – 1 kg;
  • water – 2 liters;
  • vanilla.

Stages of preparation:

  1. To prepare the raw material start the day before cooking. Washed from the needles of fir cones soaked in 1 liter cold water for 24 hours.
  2. Left a liter of water, stir to dissolve the sugar, bivariate until transparent and thick syrup.
  3. Soaked the cones, add syrup and cook until until they are soft.
  4. For a more interesting flavor, you can add the sweet weight of seeds of vanilla.


Jam from pine cones

Little pine nuts, rich in vitamins, known to many from childhood. Apply to food, as it turned out, not only them, but also a small oval buds of this tree in the form of jam. Components vitamin sweets are:

  • immature cones of a cedar – 1 kg;
  • drinking water – 400 ml;
  • sugar – 1 kg;
  • lemon.

Jam from pine cones are boiled in the following way:

  1. Washed and thoroughly dried cones fill with water so that the ingredients have been completely closed and cook for 20 minutes.
  2. The syrup is prepared very simply: on a mild heat sugar dissolved in water until transparent composition.
  3. Cones boiled, remove from water, wait until the draining water and place in a container with syrup.
  4. Sweet mass is boiled for half an hour on medium fire, then the fire is extinguished and continues cooking until soft cones.
  5. In the finished product for taste, you can add a few tablespoons of lemon juice.

Shyshkove Varenna

How to use

The use of jam of such unusual components directed not only to receive pleasure from its flavour, but primarily on treatment. For getting rid of cough and other respiratory diseases, the medicine take a teaspoon three times a day. The number of days can vary depending on health. For reviews of supporters of traditional medicine, the product is also suitable for the prevention of viral diseases.


Preparations for the winter

Like any other medication, shyshkove jam can be benefits and harms. The beneficial properties possessed by the antiviral drug will have an effect on the body, but to use for healing this product is not for everyone. To abandon the consumption of pine, spruce or cedar jam during pregnancy. Away with the product not people who have kidney problems and suffer from acute hepatitis.

With regard to the treatment of children in this way, it is important not to overdo it. In children who have not reached 7 years of age, it can appear allergic to an unusual product. If you decide to give the child to try the jam, start with very small doses. Usually, allergic reactions are felt the next day, so if they are not observed, then the dose can be increased.

Video: how to make jam from the young pine cones

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