How to smoke fish in the smoker

Delicious delicious hot-smoked fish, it turns out, if you do it yourself using a home smokehouse. For this you should know the features of the technology: the right to choose meat, how to pick up sawdust for the smoker, to observe the temperature and humidity conditions. If all goes correctly, the dish will be eaten instantly.

How to smoke fish in the smoker

New fans will be interested to know how to smoke fish smoked using the smoker. In the hot Smoking know treatment smoke of high temperature. The technology is based on small time salting and short-smoked very hot smoke temperatures exceed + 100 degrees. The time of Smoking is not more than 3 hours, sometimes less, depending on the thickness of the carcass and its fat content. The finished product has a delicious flavor and color – both smoked and baked. Is stored for long, but immediately consumed.

The main stages of Smoking are:

  • to prepare the fish is cleaned, remove the gills, rinse, pickling a solution of salt or by rubbing;
  • after washing comes drying;
  • baking;
  • actually smoked.

For large carcasses is increasing the time of salting – up to 12 hours, and to prevent pulling down on the pieces during processing, it further tied with string. No do not add spices: pepper, dill, herbs, fennel, caraway, especially if recipe of mackerel. In addition to the smokehouse, you can use the oven of the gas stove – the temperature there can reach 90 degrees, and the duration is several hours.

Perch smoked in the smokehouse

Than to smoke fish in smokehouse

Important point how to smoke fish in the smoker, there is a choice of wood fuel. This can be wood shavings, sawdust derived from hardwood trees, without resin. The recipe for smoked birch, but there is an option to prepare a dish using beech, hornbeam, maple, alder, poplar, ash, Apple. In house conditions it is possible to replace shavings for gas and electricity, and the resulting product will be different organoleptic properties.

Wood for the smoke house should take the dry – humidity is not more than 25% if it is over 50%, that product will turn out unattractive in appearance, flavor will taste bitter and pitch. At higher humidity the product does not bloat it has boiled, will be an unpleasant dark color. It is better to choose the wood, the sawdust, because they give more smoke and this is an important part of success of obtaining hot-smoked fish.

It is important to monitor the density of the smoke – if it is thick, the fish will be dull, dark brown color, with a sour-bitter taste. When a small density of smoke the product does not bloat until Golden in color, it comes out with a weak odor. The amount of wood needed for the technology depends on the cooking duration – the minimum required layer 4-6 cm, which is maintained throughout manufacture.

Sawdust for Smoking fish

What fish are in the smokehouse is delicious

When the question how to smoke fish in the smoker, so she was tasty, you need to consider the breed:

  • suitable whitefish, grayling, carp, trout, pike, eel, but their strong flavor, it should be softened with spices;
  • local bodies of water will give a large perch, a pike perch, bersha, sterlet, sturgeon, bream, ASP, sabrefish, crucian carp;
  • be delicious nevrogennye fatty species: capelin, mackerel, halibut, mackerel, catfish, flounder, carp, catfish, burbot.

How long to smoke fish

Lovers of delicious home-cooked meals will be interested in how to smoke fish in the smoker. The time will depend on the terms of the fat content of the carcass, selected wood and tools. Stationary big smokehouse in nature suggests the cooking time to 12 hours, and small portable grills can smoke the product from 20 minutes to several hours. The fatter the meat, the longer it will take time for it to cook.

This time does not include the duration of the Ambassador, who should be obligatory carried out to enhance the taste of dishes. Small fish is salted in brine 1 day, large – up to 3 days, if you take the frozen stuff, then it must be defrosted in salt water – this process lasts up to 4 hours. Pickle or just pickle the carcass – decides to cook. After salting the meat provyalivayut for 60 minutes, washed with the same, if the carcass is large (mackerel) and a few minutes for small.

That is hot Smoking lasts half an hour to shallow, from 1.5 to 3 hours. To understand that the meat is ready, with Golden-tea-colored scales and dry surface. The maximum storage time of the finished recipe – 3 days without refrigeration, but if you cook it in a small amount, then the carcass will be eaten by the residents and guests in minutes. It is better to eat the finished dish right until it is fragrant and soft.

RIBA in the oil lamp

Smoking fish in a smokehouse

In the process of how to smoke fish in the smoker, there are the following stages:

  1. Drying after fire and laying the meat on a baking sheet or the grill, open the lid of the smoker, the temperature was gradually increased to 80 degrees. If you select a lower temperature, you get a digested product. For ways of drying the material left for half an hour until the surface dries. At this stage we can’t put a lot of wood to prevent fat loss.
  2. Baking – at this stage the fish is cooked in its own juice. It includes raising the temperature to 110 degrees, time passes quickly, from 30 minutes to an hour. There’s meat easily detaches from the bones.
  3. Smoking lasts about 40 minutes and involves constant inspection readiness. Small fish is considered ready when the surrounding flesh at the base of the dorsal fin is white. A big can is, when pieces of flesh removed from the back along the spine, become white color, soft texture. Scales when it turns to Golden brown. At this stage there is maximum saturation of carcass smoke substances.

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