How to roll up a compote for the winter, cherry

Summer is the season of berries, which I’d like to extend not only because of the beautiful pictures of the harvest. Mistress trying gifts garden to turn into long billets are stored, like in the winter on warm days. Cherry compote – one of the best ways of processing this berry, which requires a minimum of effort. The output is always incredibly delicious and flavorful.

How to make cherry compote for the winter

Preserving beverages from the berries is a simple process, and the words of the mistress, and even less energy-consuming than making jam. To figure out how to roll up a compote for the winter cherry, will be able to every woman, not even with outstanding culinary skills. The process looks like this:

  1. Selected banks with lids – professionals recommend not to take liter bottles and larger.
  2. Storage tanks prepared: washed, sterilized with steam, in a microwave oven or a regular pot of water. Cover, if they are metal (when it is necessary to roll the workpiece), boil.
  3. Brewed the drink itself. Doing it with purified and necessarily devoid of pitted cherries, otherwise he will get a share of the toxins.
  4. Banks are filled with drink, according to some recipes – in 2-3 stages. They are then sterilized, or they can immediately roll up.

Additionally, there are several nuances relating to both the quality and taste of the compote:

  • Before adjourning the drink, you can throw ginger: 1-2cm fresh root, cut very finely. Second spicy additive in popularity – cardamom.
  • Very common canning of compotes type «multifruit»: recipe added any berries, plums, apples, pears. The cooking principle often remains the same – that was meant in a selected recipe.
  • If you plan to roll up the compote, which will be eaten before winter, you can leave the seeds in the berries: they will give acidity and strong flavor. However, to keep the drink with them longer than 3-4 months undesirable.
  • Cherry compote is one of the few for which the proportion of sugar should be increased. The longer the cherry is, the more juice she admits, making the product more acidic.


How to close cherry compote for the winter without sterilization

Professionals say that most recipes can be adapted to the simplified outline of the action and to avoid the need to sterilize the beverage. However, experienced Housewives know that with minimal faults occur damage to the workpiece or explode banks, so if you want to avoid sterilization, you need to use only checked by prescription compote for the winter. Below are 2 step-by-step techniques of cooking, not tried and tested by thousands of Housewives.

With citric acid

Justification for the introduction of this ingredient in cherry juice, from the perspective of the professionals, is extremely doubtful. The chemical composition of this fruit has enough acid to carry out conservation without any additional input of «lemon». However, if we talk about how to roll up a compote for the winter cherry, bypassing the stage of sterilization of the beverage, the additive is «insurance» that gives a high probability of conservation of the workpiece.

The ingredients list the following:

  • cherries – enough to fill a three-liter jar to the edge;
  • sugar – 3 cups;
  • mint leaves – 4-5 PCs.;
  • citric acid – 1 tsp

How to roll up a compote for the winter cherry? The technology is simple:

  1. Sort through the berries, rinse. Squeeze out the seeds.
  2. Sterilize jars – method is selected individually.
  3. Each of them to fill up on 1/3 of the height.
  4. Boil water (slightly less than needed to fill the jar to the edge). Pour the cherry so as to leave some free space for the air (from the shoulder to the throat).
  5. In each jar, throw a bit of citric acid.
  6. Roll up covers, flip the workpiece to cool under the thick fabric.

Cherry compote in a glass

Without sugar

To cook the compote for this recipe is recommended for women who are watching their weight. The product contains no sugar, almost sweet, but has a rich spicy aroma and has a good effect on the metabolism for the spice rack. They also provide storage drink for a few winters. Set of products for 4 cans of 3 liters:

  • cherry – 1.2 kg;
  • the buds of cloves – 6-8 pieces;
  • cinnamon sticks to each jar;
  • vanilla – pinch.

To cook a compote for the winter easy:

  1. Washed berries to sort, remove seeds.
  2. Fill with cherry banks.
  3. Boil water, throw spices, heat a couple of minutes.
  4. Pour the berries, cover, and allow to stand.
  5. After half an hour drain the syrup, let it boil and back to fill their banks.
  6. Roll up the cover, and check the workpiece to move, turning.

Cherry compote in three-liter jar

How to sterilize jars with compote of cherries in winter

For recipes that do not have sugar, additionally, it is recommended to carry out the sterilisation or heating banks with the workpiece. So you reduce the chance of fermentation of the juice and the explosion of glass containers. A classic technique is simple: you need to use a very large pot, or put banks turns in a little. The principle is this:

  1. When the container is filled with drink, but the roll up cover you have not yet, you need to put it in a pot beginning to warm water. Level – up coat hanger. The bottom it is desirable to lay a cloth: it will ensure banks stability.
  2. Wait until boiling and to heat the workpiece for a few minutes.
  3. Banks removed and immediately close them. Preserving almost finished: it only remains to cool the beverage.

Time of sterilization of cans with blanks

The exact date that the container should stand in boiling water depends on its volume. Professionals are advised to adhere to the following rules:

  • half-liter Bank – up to 10 min;
  • litre – about a quarter of an hour;
  • three-liter – a half-hour.

Video: how to close cherry compote for the winter

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