How to make salt dough

A needlewoman who are addicted to modeling, or mom, small children which have given preference to this hobby and have tried a variety of materials. Interesting figures, ornaments, paintings are created using clay, plasticine, plastics (polymer clay). Another original and environmentally friendly material, which allows every woman to create their own hands, is salt dough. With his help turn out a beautiful product. But few know how to make salt dough correctly. Below you will learn several good tested recipes.

Salt dough for sculpting at home

Salt dough is a material that has gained wide popularity among knitters. It is often used for modeling with young children, because, unlike clay, it contains not too useful for baby’s skin substances, this dough is safe. And in the absence in the composition of the adhesive, nothing terrible will happen if children swallow some in the process of manufacturing products. A few advantages of salt dough over other materials:

  • Does not require serious financial investments. As a rule, the necessary components for cooking is always at hand.
  • Quickly washed out of hand, leaves no residue on clothes or surfaces.
  • Has good density, holds its shape, does not stick to hands during the molding (in the case that is good and right mixed up).
  • Further drying of the finished products can be conducted either in the oven or on the air.
  • For coloring of the obtained products suitable for many substances, including natural dyes.
  • If you cover the finished product with varnish, they will remain for a long time.

Products from salt dough

Modeling is a wonderful activity that will bring a lot of fun for both adults and young children. The kids have this fascination helps to develop fine motor skills, will contribute to the development of concentration, which is especially important in the preschool period. The finished product can be given to close friends and relatives as gifts for the holidays, paintings from salt dough to decorate the house, and the toys will be a great reminder of the tender age of the child. In addition, joint modeling will bring together parents with children, which is also an undeniable advantage of this activity.

The necessary ingredients

Cooking salt dough is a process that requires care, especially those who makes a similar mixture for the first time. However, the number of ingredients is small and many of them will have every hostess in the kitchen. The Foundation of any version of the test – salt and wheat flour, which are mixed with water. Some do a mixture of wheat and rye flour to make the material better workability. To make the dough more elastic, dense, craftsmen can use the following ingredients:

  • Dry Wallpaper paste. This component will help to make future products more robust.
  • Vegetable oil or ordinary hand cream will give salt dough plasticity, sculpt it will be.
  • Pudding of potato starch. This ingredient can be used instead of water to make the dough pliable. How to cook: half a glass of water dissolve a teaspoon of potato starch. Mix with a glass of just boiled water. Put on the fire the liquid, keep until, until the mixture becomes thick replacement water ready.
  • Food and other colorants to create colored dough.

Tools to prepare the dough with their hands

To make salt dough, you will need a wide bowl for kneading, oven (in the cold season suitable battery, in the summer, if not the oven, the material can be dried in the sun). For ease of modeling it is better to take a baking tray or Board: also, on the last you can then immediately bake the finished product. Yet it is desirable to have a plastic bag for some time will remain, the dough is not dried up. A great replacement for him will be a container with a lid. What else do you need:

  • Spoons, cups, to measure out the amount of ingredients.
  • Special blades for sculpting.
  • Brushes if painting will be made.
  • Gouache, acrylic, other colors.

The test options and features work with it

Each needle, for a long time is a moulding puff pastry has its own secrets to create this material. Some empirically learned to reconcile the ideal ratio of all components, and someone adds a classic recipe with interesting ingredients that increase the plasticity framework for modeling. Below you will learn several ways to create salt dough, see a staged photo of its preparation, to learn important secrets that help to make the material perfect.

A classic recipe for beginners

The classic recipe will help beginners to create salt dough with a minimum of ingredients. All that is required for the manufacture of mass is fine salt (extra), wheat flour and water. The material prepared according to this recipe, retains its properties for up to two weeks when stored in the refrigerator. Over time you will learn to identify the required number of ingredients on the eyes.

A simple recipe for salt dough

How to make:

  1. Sprinkle salt (half Cup) in a large bowl. Next, pour water at room temperature – should be slightly less than half a Cup. Carefully stir the liquid for five minutes, then allow the solution to stand for a quarter of an hour. Some grains remain on the bottom, but that’s okay, then they will disperse in the dough.
  2. Gently pour the half Cup of flour well vymeshivaem it with a fork or spoon. Try to «break» has formed lumps that mixing was easier. Should get a homogeneous mass.
  3. If after cooking, the dough sticks to hands or kind of watery, add more flour. Check the readiness of material, fingers leaving the weight it should. If he floats, keeps its shape, it’s ready.
  4. Can begin to sculpt immediately after preparation.

Salt dough custard

More delicate in texture – brewed salt dough, it differs from the classic version that is less dense. In contrast to the result of the previous recipe, the material is viscous. Children love it, because choux pastry does not stick to hands. As tools for modeling you can use clay molds. What are the ingredients you will need:

  • Two glasses of water.
  • Tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  • Two cups of flour.
  • One Cup of salt.
  • Tablespoon of citric acid.

Salt dough for sculpting

How to cook:

  1. Heat water in a saucepan, do not boil. Add the vegetable oil.
  2. Pour the remaining ingredients in a bowl. Mix well. Then pour hot water. You can start kneading the mass with a fork or with a mixer.
  3. First, the mixture will be runny, continue to mix without stopping. In hot water flour brew, will become more dense.
  4. Knead until then, until the product becomes thick, viscous. Can add colors, sequins, while the mixture is still warm. Ready!

How to properly knead the dough

Knead the dough with a mixer

All the ingredients of a classic recipe (flour, salt, water) is to mix with a fork, spoon, mixer or by hand. This should be done for a long time, until the lumps are completely broken. If the salt dough is too liquid, add a mixture of wheat flour. Please note that when mixing the mass must not crumble, to fall apart. To avoid this, carefully knead the mixture until you get a stiff dough.

How to make colored dough for crafts

Children who are engaged in the manufacturing of products will be pleased colored material. You can paint products after dry them, or add dyes ingredients to finished weight for modeling came from a specific color. As dyes suitable food powder, liquid, tablets. Pills before cooking to grind. Necessary ingredients:

  • Three hundred grams of white flour and fine salt.
  • Two hundred milliliters of water.
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil.

How to paint salt dough to the desired color

How to make:

  • Flour, salt, water, mix, knead tight thick batter that will not stick to hands.
  • Divide the mass into parts: there should be as much as you want to flowers.
  • Take a piece of prepared material, with the tip of your finger make a hole. There on the tip of a teaspoon fill the water. Put pour powder or liquid dye – it needs to dissolve, soak.
  • Start to knead the dough, until the mixture is completely painted. If a bit dry, add a little vegetable oil.
  • The same procedure repeat with the other pieces.
  • Fold in a package, leave in the fridge until the next day. Ready!

How to paint a dough for kids

Painting of finished products – another nice thing that like adults and children. Speaking of paint, it is better to use ordinary gouache or acrylic. You can also use gold, silver paint. That thing was durable, cover painted lacquer product. You can also register your product with beads, sequins, rhinestones, beads, given the preferences of kids.

As how to dry the dough in the oven

After modeling comes the next important phase of the products – they need to dry. For this you can use the oven. At room temperature during the day dries up one millimeter of material. Not necessary to dry the molded stuff in the microwave – they can crack and lose a nice view. Better than others method is drying in the oven. A few rules for drying of finished products:

How to dry items made from salt dough

  • Approximate time of stay of products in an electric oven at a temperature of 75 and 100 degrees for one hour, at 120 – half hour 150 – half hour. Gas oven drying takes about twice the time.
  • Pay attention to the size: if the thing has the dimensions, the more time it will need. Control the temperature by opening the door.
  • Periodically turn the product.
  • If you thing adorned with decorative materials such as crystals, beads, you can not set the temperature above one hundred twenty degrees.
  • Lay on a baking tray food foil: then the product will not adhere.

What you can make from salt dough

Many interesting things can be made from salt dough. It can be jewelry, fancy earrings, beautiful pendants, beads for bracelets. The material is perfect for creating children’s toys – animal figures, fairytale characters, different objects. Skilled craftswomen are able to make works of art using this dough: very popular and beautiful paintings, murals. Some more ideas to create different things, see below.

The prints and casts of hands and feet

Baby prints in salt dough

The first months and years of life a young child is growing rapidly. At this time, young couples want to remove the baby, to forever remember him at this age. Almost every family now has a camera, so the mistresses come up with other original ways how to do it. For example, parents can leave prints of hands or feet of the baby to the salt test. When the child grows up, it will be interesting to see it.

Paintings and panels

Picture of puff pastry

Three-dimensional paintings made with salt dough, look amazingly beautiful. Things will be a perfect decoration of interior and will impress guests who see them. Besides, made with their own hands, the panels can serve as a perfect gift for any occasion – birthday, wedding. Unusual paintings will long to please the gift recipient.

Figurines and flowers

Flowers m figurines from salt dough

The creation of figures, modeling of plants soothes and brings real pleasure. Needlewoman can make things using salt dough alone or together with children. Once you try to do such figures, kids will be fond of this occupation with pleasure. Even more interesting will be then paint the resulting product of an unusual material.

Video master class: how to make salt dough

For beginners it may be difficult to immediately make a good salt dough, especially with master classes with photos. It is much easier to understand the principle of cooking, watch the corresponding video. The leading roller is preparing the material for molding, with simple ingredients: vegetable oil, salt, flour, water, and food dye for colouring. Most of the ingredients for salt dough are each craftswomen of the house. Watch the video that will help you to easily create a plastic, a beautiful colour material for the modeling classes:

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