How to cook jam from apples in winter

A number of dietitians, experts in nutrition believe that apples are the healthiest fruits among the whole set, as they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, very good for digestion cellulose, pectin. Such fruits are grown in the area visiting potential customers, which gives a sweet and sour plants more plus. Consider the best tested recipes Apple jam, which will appeal to beginners in cooking, and craftsmen.

How to choose and prepare the apples for harvesting in winter

  • The main factor that determines the possibility of long storage of apples cultivar. Precocious, early fruit will not be able to overwinter even in compliance with the right conditions. Such varieties need to be canned and dried, to make jams.
  • You must opt for whole apples, which is not subjected to external damage. Broken fruits or those gathered under the tree, it is better to eat or cook immediately, as they will not be kept long.
  • Don’t get to prepare for the winter of unripe fruit. Though they are hard, but quickly deteriorate and do not have good taste. To check the ripeness of apples, choose a few pieces, cut it in half. Brown, dark seeds inside the fruit will indicate that the fruit is ripe and ready for consumption or storage.
  • For procurement in the banks in the form of jams, pieces may not be suitable for the high-quality fruit, because the process of cooking you will still cut the fruit into pieces and can discard the bad parts.
  • Engaged in harvesting of Apple dishes in the winter, remember, the more the workpiece is cooked, steamed or fried, the less it remains useful substances.

What dishes will need

  • Capacity to wash the fruit, sort it. It can be large bowls, pots, pans or buckets.
  • Utensils for cooking on the stove (boiling, frying, stewing).
  • Knife for peeling apples from the unnecessary details.
  • Spoon or large ladle.
  • Sieve, colander or stretched mesh, gauze.
  • Jars with lids or blanks for rolling in the winter.
  • Closing key, if you select classic tin lid.

Step-by-step recipes for delicious homemade jam from apples

Homemade Apple jam is well suited for everyday use with tea and for cooking pies, cookies, pancakes, fruit baskets or desserts. This billet will always find a caring hostess. To make the Apple butter is not difficult, the main thing – to stock up on the desire, patience, good fruit. Learning how to make a classic dish, in the future, a beginner cook will be able to experiment with different additives to taste. Among the original recipes allocate desserts with dried apricot, carrots and condensed milk. Consider the most tasty options.

Recipe with cinnamon and lemon

Homemade Apple jam with lemon, cinnamon would be delicious, if the bulk of the apples are very sweet. Sour fruit will require a lot of sugar, which is not economical, expensive time. Varieties as Antonovka, it is better to use for other meals. Apple jam with cinnamon has an incredibly pleasant smell and an unusual taste that will satisfy even gourmets.


  • for 1 kg of ripe sweet, sour-sweet apples (good fit Polish variety);
  • 1-2 lemons;
  • ground cinnamon – 1 tsp.;
  • water to 1 l;
  • sugar – up to 1 kg.

Classic Apple jam

Homemade jam with cinnamon and lemon:

  1. Rinse all purchased or self-ripped fruits under running water.
  2. Each Apple peel with a knife from the skin. You can use a special device that quickly cleans from the skin.
  3. Rinse the apples under running water again, because while peeling they could get dust particles.
  4. Cut the apples into 4 wedges and cut out the core with seeds.
  5. For speed cooking jam apples, you can grate or chop in a food processor. But this step may be omitted.
  6. Add the apples, sugar (according to taste preferences, varieties of fruit), lemon juice, cinnamon. Mix.
  7. Cook over low heat the mixture until the mixture becomes soft.
  8. Remove from heat and whisk blender Apple butter in the mousse.
  9. Cook received the dessert for 1 minute or place in the microwave for five minutes, then cool.
  10. The dish is ready to eat. If you want to keep the jam for the winter, it is hot put the jam in sterilized banks and roll up the iron covers.
  11. For long-term storage select the coldest place in the house and put the container with jam.

Honey Apple jam without sugar

The benefits of apples and honey to say long it is not necessary, every housewife knows about it. But if in the winter to prepare diet jam from these ingredients, the viruses, the disease will bypass you party. This dish can be recommended for people who are forbidden to eat sugar, because there is only fructose. The most natural, useful and has a low caloric value jam Apple and honey. How to prepare a dish?


  • apples sour-sweet varieties of ripe, juicy (perfect Ranetki) – 1 kg;
  • melted honey or solid according to taste preferences, to 0.5 l;
  • lemon – 1-2 PCs.;
  • water up to 1 l
  • spices – flavor preference (vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, ginger).

Honey Apple jam

The stages of preparation of natural Apple jam with honey without using sugar:

  1. Prepare the fruit, wash them under running water, dry with towels or napkins.
  2. On a lighted stove place the pot or other container with water. The fluid level should be minimal, about 2-3 cm from the bottom.
  3. Put apples in a saucepan, simmer them in there for 10-20 minutes on low heat until the fruits are soft and pliable.
  4. On a colander or sieve, wipe extinguished the apples, removing the extra skin, bones, insides of fruit.
  5. Add to the mixture the juice of one or two lemons, spices, according to taste preferences.
  6. Mousse boil for 1-2 minutes, then cool to 50-60 degrees.
  7. Add the honey and mix well. Ready!
  8. Received honey Apple jam can put in jars with twist and store all winter in a cold room.

Transparent jelly from apples and oranges

So in the winter it was easy to remember the warm and happy summer, prepare beautiful and delicious jam using apples, oranges. This dish will please not only owners, but also will surprise guests. The jam is a little bit like jelly, but due to the presence of orange juice, dessert turns into an unusual jam. How to make a delicious Apple-orange jam?


  • 1.5-2 kg ripe apples with a reddish hue;
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • boiled water – 250-300 ml;
  • lemon (if apples sweet was elected);
  • orange – 1 large or several 300-400 g.

Marmalade of apples and oranges

Step-by-step recipe jam from apples and oranges:

  1. My all fruit under running water, slightly dry them.
  2. Clear the apples from the skin and internal parts.
  3. The pulp is sour-sweet fruits cut into cubes, put in pan, fill with boiling water to make it a little bit not reached to the edge.
  4. Cover the apples, let them steam for 25-30 minutes.
  5. Peeled orange.
  6. The flesh cut into the same parts as Apple. Zest three on a grater or grind automatically by blender.
  7. Next, take the infused apples, Express excess water, leaving the bottom about 200-250 ml of liquid.
  8. Add the prepared peel, orange pulp and sugar.
  9. Cook the mixture for one hour over low heat until apples are transparent. After that, the jam is ready to roll up in banks and long-term storage.

Jam from Apple pomace after sokovarki

Competent and economical housewife knows that in the house nothing should go to waste and be thrown away. And the meal that remains after the apples were separated juice is an excellent ingredient for cooking jam. This dish requires a lot of effort, but the result can impress even the gourmet. What you need for making jam from Apple pomace and how to optimize the technology of preparation?


  • cake from apples – 1 kg;
  • Apple juice or other fruit 0.5 l;
  • white sugar, depending on apples, up to 1 kg;
  • spices, according to taste (ground cinnamon and cloves, about 1-2 tbsp)

Jam from Apple pomace

Step-by-step recipe of Apple jam:

  1. If Apple pomace contains the skins, it is allowed to use at once. If there are unwanted parts (bones, guts, tails), they should be separate.
  2. In a pot or pressure cooker to place the ingredient, mix it with fruit juice and boil to 10 minutes.
  3. Add sugar, spices (cinnamon, cloves). If the apples were sweet, can acidify the dish with lemon juice or acid.
  4. Mix well and cook the mixture for another few minutes on low heat.
  5. The finished dish is put in a glass container and roll the tin lids to the winter to feast on a delicious jam. Bon appetit!

Homemade jam from cranberries and apples without sterilization

That Apple jam was exquisite and unusual, add different fruits and berries (gooseberries, cherry plums, bananas, blackberries). If the second ingredient of the red, blue, purple or other saturated bright colors, the jam is not only delicious but also very beautiful, unusual. A recipe for an Apple dish with cranberries conquered not one master of its simplicity and excellent results. What you need to prepare this dessert and how to make it?


  • peeled apples sour-sweet green varieties are peeled, the core – about 500 g;
  • cranberries red ripe – 500 g (you can take soft berries);
  • sugar – white color- 500 g;
  • water.

The recipe jam from apples and cranberries

How to cook Apple butter with cranberries at home:

  1. The peeled apples should be cut into small pieces of any shape.
  2. Put them in a pot or large bowl for further cooking on the stove.
  3. Add water to the bottom of the fruit doesn’t burn. Enough of the liquid of 1 cm.
  4. Cook the apples on low heat for about 20-25 minutes.
  5. Cranberries need a good sort out, wash under running water several times and let her dry off.
  6. Add red berries to the apples and continue cooking until half an hour until the puree starts to thicken.
  7. Then need to put sugar so that the boiling does not stop. It is better to perform slowly or in divided doses.
  8. When added sugar, the jam must boil about 5 minutes until complete dissolution of the substance, and it is ready for packing into jars.
  9. While maintaining the cold air temperature, you can store the cranberry-Apple jam for several years.

Amber jams from apples, plums and pears through a grinder

Apples tend to oxidize in air, so when they are cooking add the lemon juice until the color remained light and transparent. But some Housewives are specifically omit this item and add to the jam and other fruits that can give a different color and taste of the dessert. Very popular jam with apples, plums, pears. Often these fruits are in the household. The taste quality of this jam at a high level, and the method of preparation is very simple.


  • apples sour-sweet or sour – 1 kg;
  • plum, soft, ripe, with well-separated bone – 1 kg;
  • pears late autumn varieties, ripe juicy, without astringency – 1 kg;
  • spices to taste, but good without them;
  • sugar – white color- according to taste preferences, to 500 m;
  • water.

Amber jam

How to cook Apple jam with plums and pears using for cooking the meat grinder:

  1. All fruits are washed, dry on a dry towel.
  2. The apples are peeled and the inner core with a special knife.
  3. Pear peel is similar.
  4. Plums eliminate the seeds, skin. If the rind of the fruit is poorly removed, unable to keep her.
  5. Mince all the fruit. If the mass is too thick, add a small amount of water (200 ml) and put on to cook on the stove.
  6. After a half-hour jam try fruit mixture to taste, add the sugar, spices. If the next jam is acidic enough, you can put in it lemon juice or acid.
  7. Cook for another 15-20 minutes after adding the spices and place in sterilized jars.
  8. Roll tin lids, stored in the cold until eating.

Fragrant jam from the white filling and black chokeberry

The earliest variety of Apple popular in the preparation of jams, because it has not a lot of juice in the fruit. When jam white filling is semi-transparent, so the jam is spectacular. If we add in this dessert a bit of Aronia, the color is pink, pale purple, but will remain bright.


  • apples white filling – 2 kg;
  • Aronia ripe – 300-400 g;
  • sugar to 500 g.
  • water.

Recipe jam white filling and black chokeberry

Preparation of jam:

  1. Apples varieties «White filling» wash under running water, dry. Similarly we proceed with the berries of black chokeberry.
  2. Put all the ingredients in a large container, pour there 150-200 grams of water, put on to cook.
  3. When in the process of extinguishing all the fruits will flounder, cools them to a temperature of 40-50 degrees and wipe through a sieve, a colander. All skins, seeds, pith discarded.
  4. In the fruit mousse add the sugar. If the flavor you need acid, you can pour a little lemon juice.
  5. Cook the jam for 15 minutes, put in glass jars with a twist.
  6. Persistent Apple jam with ash up to 2-3 years in a cool place. Bon appetit!

A thick Apple jam with gelatin or selfexam in a slow cooker

To cook Apple jam for the winter in a slow cooker is very simple, this recipe will fulfill even the young mistress. The main advantage when you use this kitchen appliance that does not need a lot of time and effort. You need to add the fruit in the slow cooker (Redmond, Panasonic, Polaris, etc), put them in the mode «Stewing» and then add the sugar. But there are more delicious recipes for Apple jams, consider one of them.

Ingredients to make jam from apples with gelatin:

  • sweet apples – 1.5 kg;
  • citric acid or lemon juice – according to taste preferences;
  • gelatin or gelfix – 5 m;
  • water;
  • sugar – white color- up to 500 g.

Cooking Apple jam with gelatin

Step-by-step recipe with photos of Apple jam with gelatin or selfexam in multivarka:

  1. Wash well the fruits and we scald with boiling water.
  2. Clean the apples peeled, inner core, etc., unnecessary parts, cut into small pieces of different shapes.
  3. With the help of a blender grind the apples to make a mousse.
  4. Put the resulting mush in a pan, add the lemon juice and sugar, mix well.
  5. Put the next dessert to cook in the «Milk porridge» — for 40-50 minutes.
  6. Dissolve in warm water and gelatin, when the jam is ready, mix these ingredients. If the fruit pulp to add a little more gelfix, you get marmalade.
  7. The jam is ready for packing in jars. Bon appetit!

Video recipes how to make Apple jam at home

Apple butter is not a difficult dish, but its preparation is still needed knowledge and skills. It is important not only to choose the right components for the dessert, but also accurately perform all the processes. If you cook jam of apples at home for the first time, learn from others ‘ examples, view instructional videos in which experienced chefs demonstrate their skills. So you will be able to glean some details that are mandatory for desserts.

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