How to make Apple jam at home for the winter

One of the delicious and healthy options for canning fruit for the winter is considered the boiling of jam. This delicacy was invented about two hundred years ago, when Polish Housewives have learned to reduce the drain-the Hungarian to a thick pasty mass. At the time of preparation of jam, it took three days. Modern Housewives are available in more quick and easy ways, which you will learn from this article. A delicacy comes from the Polish word «powidla», which means the product obtained by boiling fruit or berry puree with sugar.

How to choose and prepare the apples for harvesting in winter

To prepare at home Apple jam for the winter, you should choose the fruits of different sour-sweet taste and thin skin. The latest in cleaning is undesirable because it contains lots of natural binding substances of the pectin, thanks to which delicacy turns thick. When buying apples feel them if they are solid, their flesh is the same, and are soft crumb. Better to use the latter for making jam from apples five-minute or jam.

The color of apples must comply with the grade written on the price tag. For a jam it is better to select red fruits since this will ensure good color preservation. To buy a really delicious fruit, is to smell it: if the flavor is not the flavor will be mild. When you buy foreign apples, pay attention to the fact that manufacturers cover their waxy film, which is removed when you wash with soap and warm water. To determine the grade, please refer to their main characteristics:

  • Simirenko green apples, which have many little points of white color under the skin. Sweet and sour taste of this variety is characterized by a saturation with a slight wine taste. The flesh is juicy, firm with a spicy flavor.
  • Golden delicious – yellow elongated fruit with small white dots. Have a sweet taste, mild flavor, juicy and loose pulp, high calorie content.
  • Red delicious – elongated large fruit is dark red in color with a loose pulp, sweet taste, light spicy aroma. Can have a slight bitterness which is peculiar to all varieties of that color.
  • Gloucester elongated variety is green with red blush, firm and crispy flesh, wine flavor, sweet and sour taste.
  • Royal Gala variety is rounded yellow with bright red blush, firm flesh, rich, sweet taste with light sour and fruity aroma.
  • Braeburn is a large variety of yellow or green color with red blush, juicy firm flesh, rich distinctive flavor with a herbal aftertaste.
  • Idared – yellow with red blush apples with thin skin, juicy flesh is loose, kilo-sweet taste.
  • Jonagold is a large variety of yellow color with red blush, soft flesh, sweet taste with slight acidity.
  • Fuji is a large variety of pale yellow color with red blush, sweet bland flavor, mild aroma, crisp, firm flesh.
  • Jonagored – have a pronounced red blush, loose flesh.
  • Honey sour-sweet firm and juicy apples yellow-red color.
  • Antonivka – green variety with a sour taste.
  • White filling – greenish-yellow variety with thin skin, loose juicy flesh sweet and sour taste.

Preparation of fruits, to prepare jam at home for the winter, is as follows: apples should be washed, dried, cut into small pieces. Then the fruits are boiled until soft. Next, the resulting mass becomes an Apple into a puree, which every woman can use those devices whom it is more convenient to use. In a jam some gelatin is added to keep it liquid. Remember that when processing in blender, the mass becomes smooth, and the twist at the grinder texture is more coarse.

Step-by-step recipes for delicious homemade jam from apples

Apple jam is a very valuable preparation for the winter, which like all its fragrance and taste. Often it is used for stuffing, baking and spreading on toast. Autumn when ripe on the trees, the apples, the right time for making these treats. Jam the consistency is more dense than jam and preserves. To prepare this sweet at home for the winter, use the following recipes. For cooking you can use a pressure cooker multivarku Redmond (Redmond), convection oven, microwave.

Classic recipe made according to GOST, as in the store

Apple jam at home according to GOST has a very thick consistency. It is very convenient if treats are used for the stuffing, while it does not flow when baking. For this recipe jam is so delicious, economical and fragrant and is cooked just. For preparation will need:

  • sugar – 2 cups;
  • apples – 2 kg.

Recipe yabluchne jam

Step by step recipe of Apple jam at home for the winter:

  1. Washed the apples thoroughly, dry them. If the peel is thick, then it needs to be cleaned, and if not – then it is recommended to leave. Cut the fruit quarters, freeing from serdtsevini.
  2. In a food processor to grind the apples. This will make the cooking process faster.
  3. Put Apple mix in a pan with a thick bottom, put on the fire, medium strength, stir and cook until soft. After Buriram.
  4. Add two cups of sugar, reduce the heat to minimum. Cook until a thick pulp, stirring occasionally to jam the bread.
  5. For readiness verification type the Apple mass into the spoon, flip it over; if not dropped, but remained on the spoon, it’s ready.
  6. Put the treat in sterilized jars, roll up.

A simple and quick recipe with lemon and cinnamon

Apple jam for the winter at home this recipe is prepared simply. In the end, you will get a delicious treat beautiful bronze color. Rich and deep aroma of apples tossed in brown sugar, which lends a subtle hint of caramel. Cinnamon, cloves and allspice provide a spicy smell, and a little lemon juice balances the sweetness of the jam, giving a light acidity. To prepare the delicacy, we will need:

  • white sugar – 1.5 cups;
  • brown sugar – 0.5 cups;
  • apples – 2.2 kg;
  • ground cinnamon – 2 tsp.;
  • ground cloves – 0.5 tsp.;
  • ground pepper – to 0.25 tsp;
  • the juice of one lemon.

Apple jam with lemon and cinnamon

Step-by-step cooking light recipe Apple jam with lemon and cinnamon at home for the winter:

  1. You must first sterilize the jars, lids, and then put on a clean towel to dry.
  2. Apples cut into small pieces, freeing the core and seeds. Put them in Tolstoganova the dishes, put on a moderate heat and, stirring, bring until tender, 20-30 minutes.
  3. Remove the Apple mixture from the heat, bring to a puree in a blender.
  4. Apple put a lot back into the pan, bring to the boil on a moderate fire with constant stirring, add the juice of one lemon, white and brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, allspice. Simmer on low heat to thicken the consistency.
  5. Spread jam on the banks, spinning, do.

Thick jam from the cake after sokovarki for pies

Practical housewife can use the Board for non-waste production: after preparation of Apple juice, cook the jam from the remaining cake. Such preform has a high density, sweetness. It is ideal to use jam as a filling for cakes, pies. Prerequisites:

  • Apple cake – 1 kg;
  • sugar – 800 g.

Apple jam from the cake

Step-by-step recipe for thick Apple butter from the cake after sokovarki for pies:

  1. Spin after boiling, the juice is triturated to a pulp through a colander.
  2. The resulting mass we shift into Tolstoganova dish, add sugar, cook for half an hour with constant stirring.
  3. Swap the pan in the oven at a moderate temperature brought to the required degree of density.
  4. Spread the jam in sterilized jars, do, roll up.

Jam from apples, plums and pears through a grinder

Add in Apple jam pears and plums gives it a more interesting rich taste. In this recipe there is brandy: don’t worry, the alcohol evaporates during cooking, leaving behind a pleasant aroma, enhancing the flavor of the workpiece, increasing its shelf life. Alcohol can be added to give preservation to become moldy. Remember that the pears must be ripe, otherwise the jam will have an unpleasant graininess. Optionally, you can add cocoa for beautiful colors. Necessary ingredients:

  • apples – 1 kg;
  • pear – 1 kg;
  • plum – 0.5 kg;
  • brandy – 0.5 cups;
  • lemon juice – 2 tbsp;
  • sugar – 180 g;
  • ground cardamom – 5 g;
  • sea salt – a pinch;
  • vanilla extract – 1 tsp

The recipe jam from apples, plums and pears

Step-by-step recipe jam from apples, plums and pears through a grinder at home for the winter:

  1. In a large pot pour the sliced apples, plums and pears, pour three cups of water, and brandy. Bring to a boil over moderate heat, proverjaem 45 minutes until soft fruits.
  2. Them fruit mass through a meat grinder, return to the pan, add salt, lemon juice, sugar, cardamom. Cook on low heat with frequent stirring for about 2.5-3 hours to obtain the required density. Add vanilla.
  3. Spread the jam in sterilized jars, do, roll up.

Recipe without sugar for honey with dried apricots

The bounty of the autumn Apple season is a sin not to use for making homemade jam. To make it more useful, healthy, in this recipe instead of sugar used honey. Apricot jam adds pleasant aroma and taste. To prepare this recipe harvesting the winter, you will not spend a lot of effort, but the result will surprise you. Necessary ingredients:

  • honey – 1 Cup;
  • apples – 2 kg;
  • dried apricots – 1 Cup;
  • cinnamon – 0,5 tbsp.
  • lemon juice – 3 tbsp

Yabluchne jam with honey

Step-by-step recipe for Apple jam without sugar with honey and dried apricots at home for the winter:

  1. Apples are washed, cut into small slices, removing the core. Dried apricots to soak for half an hour in a little warm water, then cut into small pieces.
  2. Pour into a saucepan with a thick bottom and dried fruit, add lemon juice, cook over moderate heat for 20-30 minutes, until tender.
  3. The resulting mass turn into a puree in a blender, put back in pan, add the honey, cinnamon. Cook on low heat for about 3-5 hours to obtain a dark color and thick consistency.
  4. Spread Apple jam in sterilized jars, seal them tightly, after cooling, is sent in a cool place for storage.

A delicate jam with condensed milk with applesauce

Recipes Apple jam, there are many, among which are very interesting options. The latter include a treat with condensed milk. Jam turns out very tender with a light creamy taste. The sugar in this recipe is added if the apples are sour. Necessary ingredients:

  • water – 50 ml;
  • apples – 2 kg;
  • sugar – 3 tbsp;
  • condensed milk – 450 ml

Jam of Apple sauce with condensed milk

Phased easy jam recipe with condensed milk from applesauce at home for the winter:

  1. Apples wash, cut into slices, remove the core.
  2. Put the fruits in a saucepan, pour water, add sugar. Cover with a lid, cook on slow fire until tender.
  3. Cool Apple mass with a blender bring to the state of puree.
  4. Return puree to saucepan, add condensed milk and cook on a slow fire with constant stirring until thick.
  5. Spread the jam in sterilized jars, roll up.

Amber delicious jam of apples with oranges

If you want to prepare a delicious amber Apple jam with orange at home for the winter, carefully follow the step-by-step process described in this recipe. The treat is easy, despite the fact that it takes a lot of time to bring to perfection. The addition of oranges gives the jam a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma. Prerequisites:

  • apples – 2 kg;
  • brown sugar – 0.5 cups;
  • white sugar – 2 glasses;
  • Apple cider vinegar – 1 Cup;
  • water – 3 cups;
  • vanilla – 1 tsp.;
  • cinnamon – 2 tsp.;
  • ground clove – 1 tsp.;
  • allspice – 1 tsp.;
  • nutmeg – 0.5 tsp.;
  • salt – 1 pinch;
  • orange – 2 PCs

Cooking amber jam from apples

Step-by-step process of making amber jam from apples with orange at home for the winter:

  1. Cut the washed apples quartered, remove the core.
  2. In a large saucepan pour the water, vinegar, put on a moderate heat. Bring to a boil and add apples.
  3. Cover the saucepan with a lid, reduce the flame, cook for 45 minutes, not forgetting to stir frequently.
  4. Grind the resulting mass through a sieve, helping himself with a wooden spoon. The remaining peel is discarded.
  5. The resulting puree put in a saucepan.
  6. Add the sugar. Try the taste and adjust, if necessary, powdering more sweetener. Add spices, zest, juice of two oranges, a pinch of salt.
  7. Stir the contents of the pan and leave overnight in the fridge.
  8. The next day put the saucepan on a small fire, cook for six hours. The first four hours and stir every 30 minutes and rest for 2 hours – every 15 minutes.
  9. To check the readiness place a saucer in the freezer. After cooling, remove the saucer, put in a spoonful of jam, swipe a clean finger. If it leaves a mark, and the jam does not spread, the consistency is dense.
  10. Pour the jam in sterilized jars, cover with lids, sterilize, preserve.

Fragrant jam from rennet and chokeberry

Autumn comes not only in season of ripening apples, but also berries of Aronia or chokeberry. This is very useful berry, rich in acids, iron, magnesium, manganese, fructose. Due to the dyeing action of the berries, jam with her participation has a beautiful red hue. The recipe adds lemon juice, which is necessary to neutralize the binding properties of the ash. Prerequisites:

  • chokeberry – 500 g;
  • apples – 1 kg;
  • sugar – 2 cups;
  • the juice of half a lemon.

Jam from rennet and chokeberry

Step-by-step recipe for flavorful compote from rennet and Aronia at home for the winter:

  1. Apples wash, cut into slices, removing the core. Berries wash.
  2. Put in a pan the fruit, boil on a moderate fire, adding the juice of half a lemon until soft.
  3. Triturated through a sieve, the resulting mass is returned to the pot, add sugar and cook until thick. The skin is thrown.
  4. Spread the jam in sterilized jars, cover with lids and do. Roll, after cooling, is sent for storage.

The recipes how to make Apple jam at home

Every housewife to jam can take not only beautiful high-quality apples, but wrinkled, overripe, damaged. But the main rule is that the fruit must be soft and ripe. Thick, sweet jam is perfect for filling pastries, pies, cakes and other baked goods. In addition, the treat can serve as an independent dessert with a Cup of tea. If you don’t know how to prepare for the winter Apple jam at home, we invite you to see the following videos that illustrate the brewing process.

Shop the product is much inferior in taste and benefits of home: a large number of preservatives, sugar kills all the beneficial properties of apples. Besides home-cooked delicacy even allowed to breastfeeding and pregnancy. Therefore, to explore the secrets of cooking the jam is worth every hostess who wants to please his household quality treat. The cooking process is simple: you need to prepare the apples, shred, puree, cook and roll up in banks. As described you can prepare apricot, plum, pear jam.

Cooking in the oven

In a slow cooker

In the bread maker

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