How to make a fondant cake with their hands at home

For decoration and decoration of cakes using various techniques and materials. One of the most common is the mastic. It’s used in a variety of shapes, compositions, inscriptions. What is mastic? If you first encounter this definition, and saw her on the cake, it is difficult to imagine how it was done. Mastic is edible mass with astringent and adhesive properties that is used for making decorations, making cakes. In this article, you will learn how to make her cake with his own hands at home.

Cooking tips Polish with my hands

Culinary mastic – pleasant material, which helps to make the cake a true masterpiece. By cooking at home with your own hands has a few secrets:

  • Powdered sugar should be finely ground. If they come across the sugar crystals, fondant when rolling out will tear.
  • Mastic is very sensitive to moisture. So that it is not shone, it is necessary to protect the cake. As a basis it is necessary to use a dry sponge cakes or oil cakes. The product should not be too soaked with syrup or liquor. Cake with fondant should be stored in airtight boxes or plastic bags.
  • If the paste is cold, difficult to roll out, then heat it slightly in the microwave to make plasticity.

What dishes will need

To make the fondant for the cake with their hands at home, you need to prepare the dishes. For this you will need a container for mixing the components, which can be an enamel, plastic, ceramic, glass. To heat the mass in a microwave oven or oven should be prepared in the form of porcelain or glass, resistant to temperatures. In addition, you will need a rolling pin, microwave, blender, clean working surface.

Step-by-step recipes for homemade putty for cake decorating

How to make fondant at home? The composition can be very different, but always remains the main component of the powdered sugar. Methods of preparation of this material for cake with your own hands at home a lot, but the easiest is pasta made from marshmallows. Finished mass stored in the refrigerator, tightly wrapped in cling film. Before modeling it is slightly heated in the microwave or the oven. The finished figures should be given time to dry.

Milk mastic

Milk paste for cake – one of the most famous, popular types. Its color is slightly yellowish. Milk supply in the home is easy to manufacture, convenient to use. Suitable for the base of the cake, create small flowers and other figures. Prerequisites:

  • 350 g infant formula;
  • 1 Bank of condensed milk;
  • 350 g of powdered sugar.

The process of making milk mastic

Step-by-step production of milk mastic for cake with your own hands at home:

  • In a saucepan add all the ingredients, knead.
  • Knead until smooth and elastic.
  • Form a ball, sprinkle with powder.
  • Wrap the fondant with plastic wrap, leave on 30 minutes.

Mastic on the basis of marshmallows

How to make fondant from marshmallows? Preparing this kind of plastics is not difficult. Given in the recipe amounts of the components will be enough to cover the product completely and sculpt a few figures. Marshmallows better to choose plain. Necessary ingredients:

  • marshmallows – 200 g;
  • sugar powder – 500 g

Mastic on the basis of marshmallows

Step-by-step master class masses based on marshmallows for a cake with their hands at home:

  • Marshmallows put inside the container for heating in a microwave oven. If there is no such device, heat in a water bath. Add a piece of butter. Put on 40 seconds or more to the volume of foundations has doubled.
  • Portions sifted icing sugar, knead the fondant with a spoon. If you want to make a color, immediately add the dye.
  • When mixing with a spoon is getting difficult, table sprinkle powder, knead with your hands. This process takes a long time, because the mass should not be air bubbles.
  • When the mastic has ceased to stick, wrap it in cling film, leave for half an hour. Then it should knead, turning with the help of a rolling pin.
  • To store lots in the fridge for up to three months. Before use it must be reheated in the microwave, knead with icing sugar.

Recipe for chocolate mastic

The consistency of the chocolate paste resembles the clay. It allows you to make various figures, which will have a nice brown color and taste. Chocolate mastic it is necessary to choose milk, white, bitter, depending on the result you want to obtain. Necessary ingredients:

  • water – 3 tsp;
  • sugar powder – 200 g;
  • chocolate – 100 g;
  • marshmallows – 150 g;
  • butter;
  • potato starch.

Looks like chocolate paste

Step-by-step recipe for chocolate cake with their hands at home:

  • Put into the jar with marshmallows, add two teaspoons of water. Chocolate mixed with a teaspoon of butter and teaspoon of water.
  • Heat marshmallows in the microwave to have his volume increased. Melt the same chocolate and rubs to pieces.
  • Mix marshmallow with sifted icing sugar, add the chocolate. Knead the mass until smooth. Beat with a mixer with spiral nozzles.
  • Sprinkle with starch and knead to a soft elastic mass.
  • Wrap the mastic tape, allow to infuse for half an hour.

Recipe mastic from powdered sugar and gelatin

One of the most successful ways to make fondant for cake at home, it is believed this recipe. The mass appears white, soft, easily rolling a thin layer of universal (suitable for making flowers, figurines, stitched). Paste can be stored at room temperature, but before work it is necessary to warm up in the microwave. Prerequisites:

  • gelatin – 25 g;
  • cold water – 1 Cup;
  • sugar – 2 cups;
  • invert syrup – 170 ml;
  • powdered sugar – 1.2 kg;
  • starch – 300 g;
  • salt – of 0.25 tsp.

A paste made from powdered sugar

Step-by-step recipe mastic for cake with your own hands at home:

  • First, we’ll deal with invert syrup. It replaces the molasses, maple syrup, liquid honey, confectionery glucose. To prepare it, put on low heat a saucepan with 700 g of sugar and 300 ml of hot water. Bring to a boil while stirring. Add 4 g of citric acid, stir, cover and cook 30 minutes on low heat. Remove the lid, allow the syrup to cool for 15 minutes. Add 3 g of soda, then must begin excessive foaming. Stir the syrup with a spoon several times at intervals of 10-15 minutes, leaving the foam. Lay off 170 ml syrup of mastic, and the rest stored in the fridge.
  • Mastic gelatin fill a half glass of water. Prepare it as instructed on the package. After the readiness filter to avoid grains.
  • Mix remaining water, salt, sugar, invert syrup. Put on medium heat, bring to a boil while stirring.
  • When the mass has boiled, reduce fire proverjaem 8 minutes, but stirring is not necessary.
  • Turn on the mixer, pour the boiling mixture into the gelatin. Whisk at maximum speed.
  • Whip must be long, the mass has increased three times. It should be homogeneous, dense, white, shiny and screwed onto the beaters.
  • After changing the nozzle on a spiral. Sift the powder, several times added. Continue whisking.
  • When ready a white solid mass. Close the container of paste with plastic wrap, leave for a day at room temperature. After it is kneaded on a table sprinkled with starch.

Marzipan paste

Marzipan paste turns smooth and elastic. It is used to fully cover the surface of pies and cakes. Rarely used for making flowers, fruits and other figures. Necessary ingredients:

  • sugar – 1 glass;
  • almonds – 1 Cup;
  • powdered sugar;
  • cocoa powder – 1 tbsp;
  • almond essence – 3 drops;
  • water 0.25 Cup.

Marzipan mastic

Step-by-step recipe marzipan fondant for the cake with their hands at home:

  • Almonds with the peel, drop it into boiling water, boil a few minutes, put in a colander. When all the water has drained, pour the almonds on the Board. Remove the shell, rinse the kernels, fry them on a dry pan for 15 minutes with constant stirring. Grind the nuts in a blender to puree.
  • Sugar mixed with water, heated until dissolved and thick syrup with the rolled flexible, solid ball.
  • Mix the syrup with almonds. Warmed up for 4 minutes. Pour the essence.
  • Board sprinkle with powder, put the fondant and knead.

Protein drawing weight

This type of mastic is considered to be very common. Judging by the reviews, it is used to form fine patterns, the use for kornetika or the smallest nozzle. What is protein mass drawing? Its peculiarity lies in the adding of protein and lemon juice. Prerequisites:

  • powdered sugar – 200-220 g;
  • lemon juice – 1 tsp.;
  • protein – 1 PC.

Protein drawing weight

Stepwise fabrication of protein mass drawing for cake with your own hands at home:

  • Protein is put in a container. Slightly whisk it with lemon juice.
  • Gradually beat in the sifted powder batches.
  • The ground should drain away from the blades, but not to be liquid.


Flower fondant cake with their hands at home is a unique form of weight, which perfectly holds shape, freezes for a short period of time, easily molded. Prerequisites:

  • cold water – 30 ml;
  • powdered sugar – 250 g;
  • liquid glucose – 1 teaspoon;
  • gelatin – 2 tsp

Flower fondant cake

Step-by-step cooking floral masses with their hands at home:

  • Pour into a small bowl of water, add gelatin, leave on for 10 minutes. After heated to dissolve in a water bath.
  • Beat in glucose in gelatin, stir.
  • Gradually, portions add the sifted powdered sugar.
  • Spread the thick paste on a surface dusted with powder, and knead until the disappearance of stickiness. Wrap in cling film, allow to infuse for half an hour.

How to make fondant color or shiny

Mastic is a very popular for decorating cakes, sculpting figures, wraps. It is a white plastic mass. To decoration was original, bright, the material needs to be painted. For this purpose food dyes, which may be liquid, dry and gel. Staining mastic can occur in several ways:

  • Liquid dye or helium is added during preparation of mastic. The color is smooth, does not require material further stirred. To get colored Polish, you need to add more colors.
  • When the paste is ready, you can paint so wet toothpick dipped in dry dye nacickaite ball plastic mass. After carefully knead until a uniform color.
  • Dissolve the dry dye in boiling water, alcohol or vodka in a ratio of 1 tablespoon liquid on the tip of a knife powder. Dip it in the dye a toothpick, pierce in several places a paste, combine.
  • To make the marble effect, apply a few drops of dye, roll it into a sausage, wrap the edge to the middle, add more paint. Repeat this scheme until then, until you get the desired striped with streaks of color.

Looks like a colored mastic

What to do if you have only a few colors, and the desired shade is not? Then you should know about the rules of combining:

  • light green – yellow and violet;
  • green, blue and yellow;
  • khaki – green, brown;
  • lavender – purple, blue;
  • blue – yellow, orange, green;
  • violet blue, red;
  • strawberry red, pink;
  • mint green, blue, white;
  • pearl add candurin;
  • champagne – white, yellow, brown;
  • dark red – a bit of black and red;
  • orange – yellow, red;
  • Golden – orange, yellow, red;
  • coral – yellow, pink;
  • terracotta brown, orange;
  • brown, green, red;
  • flesh – yellow, red;
  • black – red, blue, brown in the proportions 1:1:1.
  • grey – red, blue, brown, proportions to choose independently to achieve the desired shade.

If you are stocked up with food dyes, come to the rescue of herbal ingredients:

  • yellow – carrot juice, turmeric powder, saffron, diluted in alcohol, water;
  • pink and red, cranberry, beet, pomegranate, black currant, cherry juice, red wine;
  • orange – orange juice;
  • green juice spinach, parsley, sorrel, green;
  • purple grape juice, blackberries, blueberries;
  • chocolate – cocoa powder;
  • black – activated charcoal.

Another common issue when working with fondant – how to make it shiny? When the cake is decorated with this plastic mass, it is necessary to prepare a solution of vodka and honey in the ratio 1:1. Cover the mastic water-honey mixture using a soft brush. In a few minutes, the vodka will start to evaporate, then the decoration will receive a beautiful glossy Shine.

Video tutorials: how to make a fondant cake at home

Mastic is a product that helps to mold figures like plasticine. However, this smooth and delicious material in the open air dries quickly. There are many recipes plastic masses on the basis of different products, with which you will learn the following video for beginners. Such option for decorating a birthday cake with their hands in the home will surprise all guests. This special paste designed to simulate confectionery products, create a variety of decorations, make the cakes a more aesthetic appearance.

Honey mastic home cooking

Recipe mastic marshmallow

Sweet mastic.

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