How to decorate a cake with fondant at home

Nothing beats the taste of homemade cakes. The cake, created by your own hands, on a family holiday is more popular than store-bought pastry. Festive fragrant cake made at home, should look to fulfill its purpose. Not every woman knows that in order to decorate cakes with fondant, do not have to be a professional pastry chef. Cake decorated by yourself, with love, largely able to surpass the purchase counterparts. Learn how to make beautiful decoration putty for the cake.

Cooking tips Polish with my hands

The fondant is a dough made of powdered sugar. It can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge in a sealed container or container. Mastic in recent years has become a popular element of decorating cakes. If you decided to decorate homemade cakes with mastic, practice on the eve of small quantities of products used. Once you understand that figures, the painting out quickly and efficiently, you can begin the basic decorating festive dessert.

Used food dyes can be either factory-made or natural. For red you can use berry juice, beet, green spinach, blueberries will give blue and even purple. Using imagination, you can create exclusive, unique decorating items, edible shapes and multicolored cording for the cake. Such a festive dessert dishes look bright, beautiful and original.

Rules of work with the mastic

A layer of mastic is best applied on a dry leveled surface of the sponge. To layer is not illuminated, the cake, decorated with sugar paste, should be stored at low humidity in a hermetically sealed boxes, plastic bags. Roll out the paste better on the table sprinkled with starch or powdered sugar. The optimum thickness stitched that does not tear, should be 2-3 mm. the Size of the surface «covers» should exceed the area of the cake, then the fondant under its own weight will fall smoothly, without folds.

To sheet mastic not broke when applying it to cakes, use original method:

  • Mastic placed between two large sheets of thick polyethylene, which greased with vegetable oil.
  • Roll out to a thickness of 2-3 mm.
  • To remove a single sheet of polyethylene, gently transfer the cake, evenly spread on the surface of the cake, then, to separate the second sheet of film.

To make the fondant Shine after the jewelry with a soft tassels cover her honey-vodka solution (1:1): the vodka will evaporate, and the pieces and the cording will be a mirror coated surface. Store prepared stock paste can be a long time in the fridge. The only requirement is that the container was sealed without access to air that will not allow the mastic to dry and not passing a moisture, from which the mastic will «float».

Step-by-step master classes on cake decoration with fondant with photo

To the implementation of the confectionery operations in decorating cakes took place without any problems, we are ready to offer small advice and tips that will help even the novice to quickly master pastry operation at the final stage of preparing a festive dessert. Before you begin cooking the mastic and jewelry from her, carefully read the product list of the materials you need to have on hand.

It is important to carefully watch the video to follow pastry steps without skipping any of them and without trying to simplify my problem. This sweet decoration has its own character, but to adapt to it, you will be able to create true masterpieces at every family event, and all Pets will look forward to a new sweet creation. A standard set of products sometimes becomes more diverse, but it is not necessary to add something on your own, if you don’t have enough experience with confectionery compositions.

Cake decoration for birthday

A wonderful holiday on the occasion of birthday leaves no one indifferent. Starting from the first year of life, on this day, on the table almost always emblazoned cake. Of special importance it is given, if the age of the birthday was marked with the circular date, he came of age. The decoration of the dessert, the birthday can be theme related birthday wishes or his occupation, or have a standard decoration in the form of flowers roses, daisies.

The necessary materials and tools

  • Powdered sugar.
  • Condensed milk.
  • Milk.
  • The juice of a lemon.
  • Butter.
  • Food dyes natural or their substitutes.
  • Iron.
  • Skalka.
  • Foil.

The options for decorating for birthday mastic

The stages of the design of the cake

  1. Before decorating cake, make sure that the baked cakes are well cooled.
  2. Group design with cakes, peremeshav them with the cream from selected ingredients.
  3. That dessert turned out beautiful, levelling the top and sides is carried out by applying and smoothing a dense cream: whipped 200 g of butter and half of the banks boiled condensed milk.
  4. For the preparation of pastes mix 160 g of powdered sugar and milk powder, add 200 condensed milk, knead the dough until it becomes elastic. Lemon juice should be added if the paste starts to crumble.
  5. Dividing the dough mastic part number conceived colors add pigments.
  6. Poured on the table, powdered sugar, using a rolling pin, roll out the main layer of mastic for wrapping cakes.
  7. Wrap a rolling pin or use the tip to apply the polyethylene mentioned above. Gently place on the cake. Using special hair straightener flatten the surface of the mastic, starting from the center, gradually moving to the sides. Were extra, trim the edges.
  8. The lower part of the cake will look nicer if the edge of the mastic will make a «skirt», lifting a wooden stick and creating a wave.
  9. The next step will be to create colors. With cups and glasses of different diameter, cut out circles. Put them on foil in descending order of size, a little close together in a sheet of foil. The more parts of mastic, so luxuriant is the flower. If necessary, hands vignete some petals.
  10. Cut leaves using cookie cutters or conventional knife. Create the volume by drawing the veins on the leaves and giving them a natural form.
  11. Decorate the surface obtained by bouquets of flowers and leaves, creating a unique holiday combination. Cream email greeting birthday, if the date of the round, you can specify the numbers.

How to decorate a cake with fondant for the New year

You will seldom meet a person who is not waiting for the New year. Housewives begin to prepare for it in advance, storing food and sharing between themselves some delicious recipes. Desserts, cakes, prepared independently, are in the first place. To surprise and please your family and guests for the New year, prepare thematic decoration of mastic corresponding to the winter holiday. Especially interesting decoration will look like the symbol of the coming year on the Eastern calendar, made with mastic marshmallow.

The necessary materials and tools

  • Powdered sugar.
  • Marshmallow.
  • Gel food colouring.
  • Lemon juice.

Photo decorated Christmas cakes with fondant

The stages of the design of the cake

  1. Candy marshmallows 220 g pour one spoonful of water and two spoons of lemon juice. Put in the microwave on heating for 15 seconds. Candy needs to grow in size.
  2. While kneading the mass with a spoon, gradually add 400-500 grams of powdered sugar. Once all the powder pour is not worth it.
  3. The finished dough of putty, knead well with your hands, divide into several parts – for covering the cake and for Christmas figures that can be painted in desired color.
  4. Store details of decorations or ready-made dessert in a large plastic bag in the refrigerator.

How to cover baby cake with fondant

To decorate the cake with fondant for a baby, you need to show a little imagination. Kids under the age of three years, it will be interesting to see modeled in children’s figures in the cabbage of the stork, in the form of rattles and pyramids. The eldest child will be happy all kinds of edible animals, toys. Girls who love Barbie dolls, seeing the cake in the favorite Princess will be delighted, and for boys, cake machine, will be an unforgettable surprise.

The necessary materials and tools

  • Gelatin.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Powdered sugar.
  • Food coloring (natural or high-quality imported).

How to cover baby cake with fondant

The stages of the design of the cake

  1. Prepare the cooled cakes to decorate, levelling the surface with cream and make a base of sugar paste, as in the previous recipes, obtiva surface.
  2. Figures for children’s cake you can make gelatin, they are less frozen and like children, reminding them candy. To do this, prepare the gelatin paste:

a) dissolve 10 g gelatin 55 mm cold water for swelling and heat, without boiling, stirring all the time;

b) icing sugar 160g to form on the table in the form of slides with a recess where you pour the dissolved gelatin;

C) knead the fondant, if necessary, adding a few drops of lemon juice;

g) add food coloring for the bright colors to the decorations turned out elegant.

Remember the lessons of modeling, build using elastic putty toys, fairy tale characters, children’s favorite characters. Put them on the cake surface, creating a miniature Playground, animated plot, because children love cartoons and will definitely be glad to such surprise. Figures from the mastic be the main object of desire, when mom makes a cake, and for a long time remember the children after the completion of the holiday.

Cooking with kids dessert need to be careful in the composition of dyes: kids can get Allergy in response to the use of low or questionable quality ingredients. Cream and cakes is better to do light, without a lot of butter and cream. The best combinations can be considered biscuits and cheese or yogurt cream, jelly, fruit layer. Include your imagination, mom will be able to please even the child with diathesis for many products, because you can decorate the top of dessert is easy and natural products.

Video tutorials: how to make cake fondant at home

You should not frighten the lack of experience in decorating cakes with fondant. Detailed instructions and how-to videos from professionals will help you gain confidence. Trial lessons it is better to make well in advance of the scheduled holiday, then to feel more confident. The proposed video will reveal little secrets to working with fondant in various stages of decorations. Feel like a sculptor who creates a masterpiece of art in the home. Use pastry experience, get inspired ideas by topic and get pleasure from creativity.

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