How to cut a watermelon properly

The end of summer and beginning of autumn is beautiful at times, which is rich in a large number of delicious fruits and vegetables. Take, for example, such a wonderful berry like a watermelon: it is loved by all children and adults, it is the most popular dessert at any table in the fall. However, not everyone knows that there are rules with recommendations on cutting this fruit, help to exquisitely Banquet, to add a festive feast original design of the dessert. So many will be interested to see the special methods, which are used even by the chefs in the world for cutting watermelon.

Special knife and fixture for a beautiful slice of watermelon

To the cleaning process giant berries went smoothly, without delays, it is important to use special tools, a variety of innovative knives, created for ease of food processing. If you want professionally cutting various shapes out of watermelon and other fruits, you should purchase such devices. They will help you not only to quickly deal with the fruit, but also great to decorate any party. Check out some special tools, which will help to cut this giant berry:

  • A special stand that allows you to keep the original shape of the cut fruit to berry collapse.
  • The separator of watermelon pulp in the form of a circular slicing with a handle.
  • Innovative knife for slicing watermelon Angurello, quickly and conveniently cut rectangular pieces of a giant berry. For this purpose the fruit should be cut in half.
  • Than in the form of Daisy, who in one motion cut the whole melon berry orange.
  • The spoon is round in shape, which is used for displaying ice cream.
  • Special knives for carving – decorative cutting of fruit and vegetables resulting from the use of which are real works of art (animals, flowers, baskets, etc.).

Variety of special knives

Ways original slicing watermelon for a festive table with photo

For any hostess holiday at her house – it’s an event, the preparation of which is carefully: it is important to provide all the details, cooking all meals, beautiful to draw. Watermelon becomes almost the most important dessert at the holiday table, able to attract the admiring glances of guests due to unique ways of cutting. These original methods is not difficult, it is important to know a few simple secrets. Take the opportunity to see them in the recommendations with the photo below.

At the level of the lobule

Cut huge melon fruit slices the same happens in several ways, it will be equally nice, neat look while serving. Guests will be glad not only to eat a lovely summer dessert, but also to admire the elegant serving dishes to the table. You, as the hostess of the Banquet, will get a lot of compliments about their culinary abilities. Refer to methods of slicing a giant berry at the level of the wedges next:

  • In the traditional way, which does not include miniature pieces:
  1. Cut the fruit into equal halves, keeping to the line where you will cut, clearly coincided with the direction of the stripes on the watermelon, and passed through the tail.
  2. Take one half, cut in large chunks. Ensure you cut exactly according to the lines of the figure on berries.
  3. Please be great dish while eating giant berries, cut into such huge chunks. This is necessary so as not to stain himself and the table.
  • In the classical way, through which produce a neat little segments:
  1. Cut the melon fruit in half.
  2. Each half giant berries lengthwise in half again, how goes the drawing.
  3. Take each piece and cut to make pieces in the shape of isosceles triangles.
  4. Nicely put layers on a large platter in neat form pieces that immediately want to put in your mouth.

Classic sliced watermelon

  • The method of «watermelon under the hood», which looks original and is served in the form collected in whole fruit pieces:
  1. Cut the berries top with a ponytail (which in the end to use as a cover).
  2. Take a long knife and make up half of the fruit about six equal vertical cuts.
  3. Next, the resulting pieces are cut more horizontally to make little cubes.
  4. Cover ready-to-eat dessert hat, which is cut from the fetus earlier, serve. If giant berry could not eat fully at a time, with the help of this improvised lid is convenient to store fruit in the refrigerator so that the flesh is not weathered.

The original slicing of watermelon

Good cubes for decoration buffet table

If you have planned a feast in a modern European style that looks like a buffet table, melon fruit is best cut into small cubes, no crust to make guests be comfortable to eat such yummy with the help of skewers. It will look aesthetically pleasing, tidy and does not require additional space to waste. You make sure to do blocks of this berry absolutely not difficult, and to read step-by-step description of this method of slicing watermelon on.

  1. Cut the berry into four equal parts.
  2. Each quarter separate from cover using a long sharp knife.
  3. The pulp is not removed, but directly on the skin cut in parallel lines along and across, so you will get many pieces.
  4. When you put the dessert on a large platter, each sliced piece cut another 2-3 pieces.
  5. In each cube, try to stick colorful skewers to make it look not only beautiful, but also practical for your guests when they will take the berry for eating.

Watermelon, cut into cubes, for a festive table

Festive cutting triangles without skin

The upper shell of the fruit is the unwanted part of melon, served to the festive table. Skin better to get rid of during the preparation of the giant berries before serving for guests to have a cultural to eat dessert without accumulating the combined residues on the plates. Next, you will learn how to cut a watermelon beautiful triangles, the particles of which will aesthetically spread in the skin, not spreading dessert on the overall dish.

  1. Cut the berry in the direction of the figure in equal halves.
  2. Repeat the same action with each half of the fruit went to four equal parts.
  3. Take one such part, a long knife cut the watermelon flesh from the peel without removing the entrails.
  4. Cut into equal thickness slices right in the skin.
  5. To get a good result, spread the slices through one in different directions.
  6. If you need to cut dessert stood steadily on the table, cut off the bottom from the outside of the skins.
  7. Serve.

Beautiful sliced watermelon

Video: how to cut watermelon at home

There are many other wonderful methods how to cut a watermelon without the use of special devices, however they are all aimed at something in order to decorate any table this dessert. Eating these berries you should not be associated with the fact that you get dirty yourself. Carefully slice the fruit beautiful slices to your guests got the pleasure of aesthetically designed food. View on two videos about how easily chop 30 seconds and cook the watermelon and cut huge berries before serving in Uzbekistan.

How to cut a watermelon in 30 seconds

How cut watermelon in Uzbekistan

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