How to cook tomato sauce for the winter

Every woman should know the secrets of how to cook tomatoes in winter, because of this piece need to choose the particular tomatoes as well as spices and other vegetables. The cooking process can last from several minutes to 1-2 hours, depending on the components and consistency, and from the fact that I want to get a result. Consider a grafted selection of tomatoes for juice, recommendations for their preparation and the best recipes of the sauce for the winter.

How to choose tomatoes for cooking

Selection rules a bit. they are simple, but compliance depends on the result. Let’s start:

  • Depending on what the consistency of the juice is desirable, is to select varieties of tomatoes. If you take a sort of «Bull’s heart», the drink for the winter will be very thick, rich. And grade tomatoes «Tsar bell» will give a lot of water, so the juice will be liquid like Apple.
  • For cooking tomato suit even the ripest vegetables. Lightly padded, crushed, overripe, too, will be the ideal option for sauces.
  • Green fruit of tomatoes is not worth taking for juice, because they will spoil the color of the workpiece, the taste of her. Not ripe vegetables do not give a lot of water, so their use is not advisable.
  • The format of the tomatoes to make juice does not matter. It can be small cherry, medium cream and large fruit. Still when cooked, they will be cut to pieces.
  • Ideal for cooking tomato juice tomatoes are grown under the open sun on raised beds. The fruits ripen in greenhouses, do not have a large volume of water for a blank and have a noticeable acidity.

Tomatoes for cooking in the winter

What utensils to boil tomato

Caring owner must ask themselves the question: is it possible to cook tomato sauce in an aluminum pot? There is no single answer: if cookware made of such a material is used for 1-3 hours, then oxidation will not occur, but if the juice to infuse, and then only to cook, it is better to choose other types of utensils. In the iron pot, enameled, cast iron no chemical processes do not occur, so they are recommended for cooking tomatoes. Here is a list of dishes that may be necessary for the preparation of tomatoes:

  • Juicer for quick disconnect of the flesh and veins of the tomatoes from the juice.
  • Saucepan or a large deep bowl for cooking juice.
  • Colander or sieve for straining the sauce after cooking, if before did not use juicer).
  • Storage containers (cans conserves or tin lids).
  • Ladle or a large mug for bottling tomato juice banks.
  • Closing key (if you use the classic tin can lids for cans).

How long to cook the sauce for winter

To understand how many minutes are necessary to cook the juice until ready, it is necessary to analyze the whole process of cooking. If heat treatment will be conducted with vegetables for the first time, it can last up to 1 hour, but in the classic options after boiling, you should wait for 5-15 minutes and pour the juice on the banks. If boiling occurs the second time (the first phase was boiled chunks of tomatoes, they were then wiped through a sieve and put on the stove again), it is sufficient 2-5 minutes to boil the dish and sort them into containers.

Recipes for tomato pasta at home with photos

To understand how to cook tomatoes in winter, you should consider several options and recipes to choose the most suitable. The difference lies not only in the process of extracting the juice, but in the additives that are put into a drink or sauce. Consider a few classic recipes and unusual ways of preparing tomatoes for the winter. All of the options checked, so they are easy to use alone, even for beginners.

The paste of tomatoes on the stove

If for the preparation of tomato juice use a juicer, then the process drags on a bit at the time, but it does not have to wash a lot of dishes and wasting electricity. The task is to cut the vegetables into large pieces, slightly boiled, and RUB through a sieve. This method helps to get the thick tomato sauce with a small amount of seeds and pulp. Consider a simple proven recipe.


  • Ripe red tomatoes – 2 kg.
  • Red bell pepper – 2-3 PCs.
  • Salt, sugar – varieties of tomatoes and taste preferences.
  • Black pepper, Bay leaf.

Tomato paste on the stove for the winter


  1. Rinse under running water the tomatoes, remove they excess water.
  2. Similar actions repeat with pepper.
  3. In a large (preferably cast iron) capacity fruit slice tomatoes in large chunks, cutting the roots, veins.
  4. Along with the tomatoes should be cut into small pieces sweet pepper fleshy varieties.
  5. Put a bowl of chopped vegetables on the stove on a small fire, and when at the bottom will appear a little liquid, the burner power needs to be increased.
  6. After the fruit boil for 5 minutes, they should be set aside, cooling to room temperature.
  7. Through a sieve or colander, wipe boiled tomatoes with peppers, crushing them with a spoon or silicone spatula. Extra skin, veins need to be removed.
  8. The resulting paste must add salt, add sugar, spices and always a few Bay leaves pepper. Put it all on the stove, boil for 3-5 minutes, then pour in the banks to roll up covers.
  9. Kept this tomato paste is from 1 to 5 years in a cool dark place.

Homemade tomato sauce for the winter as fresh

There is nothing better in winter than homemade tomato juice. This dish is allowed to be used as a standalone unit or add in soups, cabbage soups or other foods. To make homemade tomato juice out fresh, you will need to add at least spices and additional vegetables, but increase shelf life is to have a good heat treatment. Consider a quick recipe of this piece.


  • Red tomatoes are meaty varieties – 3 kg.
  • Parsley, dill – a few fresh twigs.
  • Salt, pepper, white sugar – according to taste preferences.

Tomato tomatoes for the winter


  1. Thoroughly rinse vegetables, herbs.
  2. Dry them in a colander or with paper towels.
  3. Cut the tomatoes inner spine, and feed the vegetables through the juicer.
  4. Drain all the juice into a large enamel container.
  5. Put the liquid on the stove and bring to a boil.
  6. Add the sugar, salt, pepper, constantly trying to the future dish. Do not put too much spice, this will enhance the flavor, but it will lose naturalness.
  7. Put in the boiling liquid, the parsley leaves, and dill.
  8. Boil the juice until, until it’s done to melt the sugar. The total amount of time when the tomato sauce boils, should be about 20-25 minutes.
  9. Pour the liquid in sterilized jars, roll up your tin lids very tightly.

Tomato pepper Bulgarian without sterilization

Tomato juice is often added a sweet bell pepper. This addition adds an unusual taste and makes the consistency more thick. Pepper is allowed to put cut into pieces, whole or rubbed through a grater, blender. Consider the simple recipe of tomato juice with other fruits and vegetables, which will certainly be appreciated by all residents and guests.


  • Red and yellow tomatoes in the amount of 3 kg.
  • Bell pepper – 1.5 kg.
  • Plum with well-separated bone – 0,5 kg.
  • Apples sour varieties – 300 g
  • Sugar, salt – to taste.

Bulgarian pepper tomatoes for the winter


  1. Rinse under clean water to all the vegetables, fruits. Leave them for a few minutes to drain excess water.
  2. Pepper remove the core, cut into quarters, put them into a large cauldron, which will prepare all meal.
  3. The tomatoes pass through the juicer, pour the resulting liquid to pepper.
  4. Plums and apples clean from the bones, run through the juicer, add this liquid to the main tomato juice.
  5. Once in the cauldron, put a little salt, sugar if you want – spices.
  6. Bring to a boil tomato juice, stir, try.
  7. Adjust the dish according to your own taste (add salt, sugar, Apple cider vinegar).
  8. Boil the tomatoes for 5-10 minutes and poured into glass jars. Bon appetit in the winter!

Recipe of tomato juice

A good hostess knows that cooking the juice from the tomatoes need a lot of time. But how to boil the tomatoes for the winter using the new kitchen appliances? These devices allow to simplify the cooking process and even reduce the time you create excellent meals. Consider step-by-step recipes tomato juice in slow cooker and pressure cooker for preparations for the winter.

In a slow cooker

To at home to quickly prepare a delicious tomato juice, is to use a slow cooker. This popular device will help you by offering not to stand at the stove for a long time, and run technique and leave somewhere for your questions. In addition, there is the risk that the contents of the pan will leak, boil or burn. Give this great recipe for rich tomato juice in slow cooker.


  • Cherry tomatoes or other small varieties of tomatoes – 2 kg.
  • Ripe Pear – 300 g
  • The sour Apple – 300 g
  • Cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, salt, sugar – to taste.

Homemade tomato juice for the winter

Cooking tomato juice in a slow cooker:

  1. Wash all fruits and vegetables.
  2. Separate from them the unnecessary parts: the stems, veins, bones, heart.
  3. With juicer grind tomatoes, pears, apples.
  4. Pour into the bowl multivarki the juice, add the spices.
  5. Turn on mode «Cooking» for 30 minutes and wait for cooking.
  6. Meanwhile, the need to sterilize jars in a water bath and cook cover.
  7. When multivarka will announce the end of the program, the tomato juice should pour into containers and close tightly.

In a double boiler

The main advantage of steamers in the fact that it allows not only to quickly cook foods, how to do it, keeping all the possible vitamins and minerals. Tomato juice, sauce, sauce or other product cooked in the steamer, has the best taste, it is most beneficial to the body. Describe the perfect recipe for tomatoes.


  • Red tomatoes – 2.5 kg.
  • Yellow tomatoes – 0.5 kg.
  • Tomato «Black Prince» — 0,5 kg.
  • Parsley, dill, Basil.
  • Salt, sugar and pepper according to taste preferences.

Tomato juice, cooked in a double boiler


  1. Wash and dry all vegetables and herbs.
  2. Clean the tomatoes from the tips, slice each of them into 2 parts.
  3. Pass the tomatoes through a juicer, setting the appropriate mode to obtain the juice with the most pulp.
  4. Add to liquid greens.
  5. Put all into a steamer and bring to a boil.
  6. Remove from heat, open the lid, put spices.
  7. Boil the juice in the steamer for another 5 minutes and pour in the banks.

Videorecipe: how to twist a tomato in the winter

To have newcomers had no issues to creating a perfect dish of tomatoes, they should watch the tutorial videos. In these materials, the famous and popular chefs on how to choose vegetables, how to handle them and that is additionally put into the juice. Here is a small video which demonstrates the correct approach in a twist of tomatoes for the winter.

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