How to cook potato

Potato is a favorite product in the kitchen. You can think of many dishes to use it: boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes or casseroles! It can be cooked not only using the pot and the steamer, a pressure cooker. But novice cooks sometimes do not know how to cook potatoes. Describe a fast, simple way to cook boiled potatoes.

How to select and prepare potatoes for cooking

Vegetables in the skin

To choose the right products, you need to understand what dish you prepare. Puree suitable varieties with high percentage of starch. They are best boiled, some skin cracks during preparation, do not use them for cooking potatoes in their skins. For cooking or smoothie is perfect following classes: sineglazka, blue or Lorch. They should cook for 20-25 minutes.

If lunch or dinner is soup or salad, for example, Olivier, the vegetables should be soft after boiling, this percentage starch content should be 15% or less. Such varieties include «Leader», «Red Scarlet» or «Nevsky» potatoes. To avoid what food to cook unevenly, choose tubers of equal size. If small potatoes are boiled together, the latter should be cut into pieces.

In order to make the puree peel the vegetables, and potatoes – just RUB the brush from dirt or scrape with a knife from the debris. After such a simple preparation, you can lower them into the water, to simmer. Advice for those who are not able to peel vegetables with a knife: there is a special slicer, thanks to her help, the process of preparing products accelerated, simplified many times over.

How to cook potatoes delicious

To understand how to boil potatoes, you have to remember when salting the potatoes when cooking, how much salt to put. It is always salted before you put on the fire. Half a kilo of ready-made meals the essential teaspoon of salt. It is necessary to fill products with water completely, cover the pot with a lid, so as to boil the potatoes without liquid impossible – she’s just not ready to end.

In a saucepan

The peeled root vegetables in the pan

By placing the potatoes (number 4-5), they must cover with cold water. For faster cooking, they can be cut into slices or pieces. Then sprinkle with salt, cover, bring to a boil. After you need to lower the flame, cook for 15-20 minutes until tender. To test to cook the dish for longer, you can pierce with a fork or knife vegetables: soft and easily pierced to the middle – the dish is ready. Here’s how to cook potatoes.

In the microwave

Generally, a microwave oven and the trust only to heat food without thinking how to cook potatoes in the microwave while you cook it it is easier and faster, and a large variety of dishes will delight any owner. Tell about an interesting way to cook the usual vegetable – potatoes in the package. A big plus that during cooking do not need to use any additional dishes. Recipe:

  1. Wash, peel, cut vegetables into equal pieces.
  2. Take the package (it should not be drawings or patterns), put in the vegetables. Add salt, sprinkle spices, add the sunflower oil. You can add bacon bits – it will give the aroma and taste.
  3. Tie the package, mix thoroughly.
  4. Make 2-3 holes to allow air to escape, to put to prepare for 5-8 minutes. To enable maximum power.
  5. After cooking, carefully cut the package, it’s really hot hot air! Put the dish on a plate. It can be decorated with greenery.

In a slow cooker

The root vegetables cooked in a slow cooker

Way of cooking potatoes in a slow cooker is not much different from cooking on the stove. Clean, cut, season with salt and cover with water. To enable the mode «Soup» and cook 40 minutes. If the tubers proved to be too much, the bowl filled to the brim, you can add to a standard mode for 10-15 minutes. To improve the taste you can add spices to taste. If you cook the potatoes using an iron container, then you can blender to whip it and make puree.

How long to cook the potatoes after boiling

Preparation of potatoes is divided into two periods: before and after boiling. Once the water begins to boil, you should at this point reduce the heat and continue to cook the dish. Cooking time depends on what the dish is. Cooking time – the biggest secret how to cook potatoes. Cooking tip: follow the recipes, but don’t forget to check the readiness with a fork.

Jacket potatoes

The most useful way of cooking is the potatoes, because the peel does not give nutrients to vyvalilsya of the meals. The big advantage is that it is cooked only 15-20 minutes. If you add a little butter, then cooking time will be reduced. And the result is a success. So after boiling to clean potatoes easier, it is necessary to put and cover with cold water and then cleaned her knife.

Vegetables with herbs

In the soup

When we add the vegetables, preparing the soup, we chop them in small cubes so they cook faster: the potatoes are ready in 10-15 minutes. But if we plan to cook soup, the cooking time increases because we need to give the vegetables should be soft after boiling to absorb as much moisture as possible. During the preparation of the soup potatoes is better to add one of the first, on the readiness of this vegetable can be judged on the taste and outcome of the entire dish.


To cook soft, delicate mashed potatoes, it is necessary to take not young, but Mature potatoes. Cooking it will take longer – about half an hour, but the result will not disappoint anyone. During this period, the maximum vegetables are going soft, eat them will be much easier. Add milk, butter, carefully to mix and you can please yourself and loved ones a delicious sauce.

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