How to cook corn on the cob, so it was soft

Aroma of boiled corn will not confuse with anything. The value of cereals with its range of beneficial minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins of different groups. People have learned to use it for the benefit even in ancient times. Even in our days, to enjoy her taste, still, the question remains: how to boil corn on the cob? In some cultures maize for a long time remained the most revered, popular and almost the only cultivated a culture that has been a staple in the diet.

How to choose corn for cooking

Before cooking, it is necessary to choose, and to do it right will succeed only on the condition that she is young. To distinguish the young from the old the beginning will not be particularly difficult, if you know one secret: separate the grain, crush it with your fingers and look. If the grain stood out viscous white liquid, then a grain crop suitable for cooking. It is therefore necessary to select the ears of milky white hue, while a bright yellow color, with dimples on the grains, without leaves for cooking is not good.

Corn white milky color

How much time preparing corn on the cob

For cooking corn on the cob, so it was soft, fit young or old. Only time, for obvious reasons, will have to spend on this different – from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Most likely preparing dessert (sweet) and if you got the feed grade, it is brought to readiness have long, checking all the time the kernels of corn. If the taste is before hard, you need to continue to boil the cobs. Regardless of the sort, never salt the water before or during cooking so that the grains came out solid.

  • Young corn, after it had been cleaned from husks and washed it, preparing no more than 20 minutes. Water bring to a boil, lowered her head so that the liquid completely covered. Check they are cooked, it will turn out if to nip off the seed and taste it. If caught young, or dessert variety, serve as their own dish or a garnish for carp maybe a quarter of an hour.
  • Old corn requires much more time to prepare. Before you drop the cobs in a pot of boiling water, they should be cleared of debris. Water do not add salt strictly, because it will make the grain even more rigid. Cooking will be long, especially if it is overripe or got feed grade, sometimes the process takes two to three hours.

How to cook corn, so it was soft

If you follow some guidelines to properly cook useful cereal culture, it’s bound to get a delicious, juicy, mouth-watering:

  • It is not recommended to salt the water, and the cabbages not be omitted before the liquid in the pot begins to boil.
  • To taste the bean was more tender, when cooked you can add a bit of butter or sugar is about one teaspoon.
  • Once the water starts to boil, the fire must be reduced, not to miss the moment when the heads begin to emerge.
  • Eat cooked corn you should immediately before it gets cold.

A classic recipe in a saucepan

The classic version of the recipe assumes that corn on the cob cooked on the stove. Before you begin the process of cooking cereals, it is necessary to sort, to separate the husk and leaves, the latter is acceptable to put the bottom of the pot where it will boil the corn. Before the start of cooking, the cob is recommended to soak for an hour in the water, if not much time, just skip this step.

  • 4-5 ears of corn.
  • 800-1000 ml of water.

How to boil corn

The classic step-by-step recipe for cooking corn on the stove the following:

  1. Pour in a pot of water just enough so that it then covered all prepared for cooking corn on the cob. Bring it to a boil over high heat.
  2. When the liquid boils, reduce gas, to omit the cobs.
  3. Cook the corn over low heat until tender. To the taste it became more tender, it is recommended to add a bit of butter or sugar (no more than 1 teaspoon). Duration from 10 to 180 minutes.

Corn boiled with sugar in a slow cooker

  • 8 cobs of corn (small size).
  • 600-800 ml of water.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar.

How to cook corn in a slow cooker

The advantage of cooking corn in a slow cooker is that at the same time she can be prepared in two ways: «cooking» when using the main bowl, and «a couple». Choose cobs of dairy ripeness, handle them, clean and rinse. It looks like a preparatory stage if you are going to cook boiled corn sugar using a slow cooker.


  1. In the main bowl folded corn on the cob, if they are too long, cut them in half. Pour them with hot water to a level, until the liquid will not cover them fully, add 1 tablespoon of sugar.
  2. Install the grille for cooking for a couple on top of the main bowl, put the corn on the cob, if desired, add the butter, cut into small pieces.
  3. Set the timer for half an hour, but often until fully cooked corn you have to cook for another ten minutes.

A simple way of cooking in the microwave

  • 4 medium corn cobs.
  • 2 liters of water (for the recipe with water).

Boiled corn in the microwave


  1. For cooking in the microwave either way: boil corn on the cob with water or without it, the second option is faster. To cook the cobs, using this kind of kitchen device you only need to select the young corn. The cooking process will begin with the fact that the heads (4-6 PCs) Packed in plastic bag, tightly tied, and then exposing mode 800 W, will have to wait 10 minutes before they’re ready.
  2. If you cook the corn with water, it is necessary to use a special capacity. It poured into the water, lower the head, close lid tightly and put in continuous mode at 700 watts. Cooking time about half an hour, while constantly need to monitor the water level, adding hot as required and not allowing it to boil dry.

How to quickly cook in a pressure cooker

The most convenient way to cook as a young and old corn with minimal effort. While cereal retains most of their nutrients, while remaining soft, delicious, sweet. For the preparation take the following ingredients:

  • 4-5 ears (small in size).
  • Water.

corn in a pressure cooker

Step-by-step recipe of corn cobs:

  1. First remove the leaves, husk, silk, wash corn. If the ears are long, cut them in half.
  2. Put them in a pressure cooker, pour water so that it completely covers the ears. Do not add salt!
  3. Cooking will take from 10 to 45 minutes.

Recipe in a double boiler

Easily cook corn on the cob to preserve their juicy taste, obtained in a double boiler. This home appliance is often used for preparation of dietary dishes, because steamed fish, meat, vegetables, fruits retain their nutritional properties without the addition of spices. The process of cooking in a double boiler requires less time than on the stove, even if it is a gas. To prepare you need the following components:

  • 6-8 ears of corn (preferably the milk stage).
  • Water (the volume of a double boiler).

The recipe of corn in the steamer


  1. Cleaned, washed, corn on the cob to put in a container.
  2. Pour water, turn on the timer for 15 minutes. If the corn is old, you will have to increase to 25-30 minutes.

Cooking with salt in the oven

To roast corn in the oven, you will have to use foil and parchment. A feature and advantage of this recipe is that preparing corn with spices, and they can be anything, it all depends on taste preferences. An important caveat, which helps to preserve juiciness and softness of the cereals suggests that salt is added to the already finished product. To prepare grilled corn take the following ingredients:

  • 2 corn cob;
  • 2 sprigs of dill, parsley;
  • a pinch of ground coriander, cumin, black pepper, Basil;
  • 30 g butter (creamy);
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • salt to taste.

Oven baked corn

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Chop greens, add it to the softened butter, pour the spices, thoroughly mix everything.
  2. In the resulting oil mixture to cover the ears, each wrapped with a sheet of parchment, then with foil. Leave on for a quarter of an hour.
  3. The oven heated to 200 degrees, bake the cobs for about 40 minutes. To check on availability, if the grains are soft, the dish with salt before serve hot.

How long to boil frozen corn

Cereal culture is allowed to freeze on winter cabbages or beans. This largely depends on the cooking time of frozen corn, even more than the young she or overripe. The semi-finished product before freezing is recommended to rinse the ferry, and when you want to cook it, the process is no different from the traditional. By the time it will take from 20 minutes to half an hour, and cook the frozen corn will work just like the stove, or using any household appliances (steam , multi — pressure cooker or microwave oven).

Video recipes cooking corn on the cob at home

Hardly anyone will encounter difficulties, if you want to cook fresh, ripe, milk corn on the cob at home. Familiar from childhood with the fragrance and flavor awakens the appetite, but does not always make the corn soft. Do you prepare it to eat with the whole family, or plan to go fishing and use of grain as bait – all to do well without the knowledge of certain secrets will not work. Presents recipes discover new ways how to cook corn in order to increase your level of culinary skill.

Grilled corn with butter and parsley

Scented corn for a few minutes

Prepare fresh cabbage – recipe

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