How to choose food processor

Today almost every house has different appliances, which helps save time and effort. Such useful devices applies a food processor that allows you to cook delicious meals faster and easier. To make a successful purchase, you must know some interesting nuances.

The choice of food processors

The cooking process

The unit for work in the kitchen, which consists of a motor unit, controlled by buttons, several cups and a set of nozzles is a food processor. This device is able to perform many functions. For example, a processor with a juicer and a blender or a machine which slices the vegetables, knead the dough and processed meat. A wide range of helpers leads to a fair question about how to choose food processor? The main conditions of a successful purchase are: power, convenience and safety, the number of functions a kitchen unit.


Before to choose the best kitchen appliance, get better acquainted with the types of this technique. Let’s start with multi-function machines that include a wide variety of options: small mill, processing different meat, juicer, blender. Often, the universal units have a speed regulator, a large jar (3 litres), different capacity of more than 700 Watts. You can buy food processor no meat grinder, as pictured, or other not needed functions, should choose, so to speak, according to his needs.

Most models of universal units are provided with the following nozzles:

  • grater disc;
  • kneading;
  • disk emulsifier.

The availability of a large variety of these devices gives the chance quickly, it is convenient to cook new dishes for the whole family. There are still additional attachments for the food processor:

  • knife with double blade;
  • a Cup-blender;
  • citrus press;
  • juicer-a centrifuge.

With meat grinder and blender

Food processor Philips

Food processor, equipped with meat grinder and blender, ideal for large families or couples with children. Thanks to this handy machine, you can quickly and easily prepare a delicious lunch or dinner. Electric meat grinder can help make meatballs, burgers, stuffed cabbage and other hearty dishes from different types of meat. With the built-in processor of blender create healthy fruit, vegetable purees, smoothies, cereal for children. You should not take some types of home appliances, if you can save money by purchasing one kitchen appliance with many functions.

How to choose a processor with meat grinder and blender? It depends on what type of product «the shredder» is needed. Grinder classified by crusher and impact. The first option consists of a screw shaft, guide meat, spiral shaft, knives, grills. Drum grinder in a food processor handles meat special knives, by removing from it the maximum amount of liquid. Blender in this unit can be submerged or stationary. Submersible mechanism that blades have completely lowered into the bowl, and the stationary – mixes, and whips ingredients «on the surface».

Mini harvesters

Mini food processor different from the classic appliance dimensions, low power and more features. But, with the duties such a technique copes with a Bang. Mini machine for processing products perfectly fit into the interior of a small kitchen, will cook delicious daily meals for a small number of people. A small Cup food processor has a volume of 2.5 liters, its capacity is not more than 650 W (but saves electricity). Additionally, such a useful unit is much less multifunction combines.

You can purchase the appliance only with the most necessary features apart from the standard (chopper fruit/vegetables). If you select the best option, household kitchen mini-appliances will last a long time. As additional options are offered:

  • grinder;
  • kneading;
  • juicer.

Cutting cubes

Vegetables, diced

Kitchen metal food processor with the slicing & dicing refers to a generic device which is very easy to operate. This appliances features interesting specifications: modern appearance and tips for many useful things. Combine with the function of dicing knows the following:

  • to cut food into strips;
  • to do vegetables, fruit, meat, nice, neat squares;
  • grind the food until puréed;
  • some models of food processors include attachments for the implementation of the curl;
  • sometimes units, chopping blocks, complemented by a juicer, a blender or a meat grinder.


Kitchen hand-harvesters is another type of domestic portable equipment to help Housewives. Unit without automation it is very easy to use, has its positive qualities. The user is able to fully control the process of processing of products, can not be said about the operation of the classical type of processor. In addition, manual machine is completely independent from the mains, it is convenient to take along on nature.

With the mixer

Especially for those who love to bake cakes, biscuits, pies and other delicious pastries were created by food processor with dough mixer. He not only is able to create raw materials for baking, and has many other useful options: blender, notched nozzle. How to choose the right food processor with the function of kneading the dough? It is necessary to pay attention to the power, functionality of the unit, the material from which it is made. Kitchen appliance of this type is used for any test:

  • fresh;
  • yeast;
  • sour cream;
  • on the yogurt.

Rating food processors

Processor Bosch

Home combine modern type often is characterized by compact size, convenient to use, with a wide range of devices for the preparation of many dishes. Today, this Assembly can afford almost everyone, given the availability of various brands, models, features, prices. Professional equipment is not very different from fixtures for home, only it cost much more. This is due to greater capacity, a full set of options. Below is a rating and review of the most popular devices for comparison.

Kitchen machines for home

Brand Cuisinart Model Function
Kenwood (Kenwood) 287 KM The unit capacity of 900 Watts, bowl 4 litres and a very comfortable speed controller. Function: blender, grinder, juicer. Attachments: a dough mixer, small chopper, an eggbeater, a disk knife for slicing/shredding attachment for mixing.
Bosch (Bosch) MUM 54251 The capacity of the device – 900Вт. It has 7 speeds and a Cup volume of 3.9 L. is Equipped with a grinder, a blender is the juicer. Additional attachments: for whipping, for kneading dough, chopping, cutting squares, grater for chocolate and cheese.
Philips (Philips) HR 7766 Has 3 speeds, which gradually becomes power – 800 watts. Cup Assembly – 2.5 liters. Included is a centrifugal juicer, mixer, grinder, grater/shredder attachment for making dough, slicing vegetables.
Moulinex (Moulinex) FP 7371 The model is equipped with meat grinder and juicer for citrus fruits and a blender to 1.5 liters. There are five speeds, a large Cup. Accessories: multifunctional knife for whipping, dough kneading machine, circular knife for fries, drive to cut slices.
Zelmer (Selmer) FP1000 Small and compact unit capacity of 450 W, 2 speeds (+pulse mode). Bowl – 1 litre. In the presence of nozzles: the emulsion disc for slicing, shredding.


Brand Model Function
Bosch MCM 68885 Professional kitchen appliances with a Cup of 4 liters, motor power 1250 watts. There is a torque and impulse modes, hints, are illuminated by LEDs. Additional attachments: universal blade, discs for slicing and grater, citrus press, dough hook, whisk-egg beater somewhere.
Kenwood KVC 5030 T (Chef Sense) The device power 1100 Watt, six-speed, 2.5 liter bowl. Has a blender, a meat grinder. Attachments: kneader, beater making homemade sausage.
Ariete Pastamatic Gourmet 1597 Professional household machine with mixer, with attachments for whisking, mixing, create a test. Power – 1000 W Cup volume to 4 liters.
Berlinger 14 1 Unit with soft regulation of speed, power 1200 W, two-liter bowl. Includes: blender, 4 floats (6 functions), juicer. A blender, coffee grinder, knives, attachments for chopping and grating, kneading dough.

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Elena, 25 years: I love to cook, so the parents gave me a gift that I long dreamed – processor Kenwood КМС010. This useful unit with a great Cup equipped with a large number of features, very easy to use. In addition, the machine for cutting, whisking, mixing takes up very little space. Nothing to compare with yet, but now I’m happy with.

Michael, 44 years: have Recently purchased a «helper» in the kitchen combine Bosch Propimex 46. The whole family loves meat dishes, and this device also does its job grinder, brand recycles all varieties of meat. It is easy to manage. The only disadvantage is the large size.

Jeanne, 31 years: Decided to buy a compact unit in the kitchen. The choice fell on Reverso. It is equipped with a double knife that cuts, chops, minces, grinds all kinds of products. The unit quickly cope with their responsibilities, has good power, no problems cleaned of contaminants.

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