Harvesting of beet summer soup without cabbage

Soup is one of the most popular first courses of every Russian home. The greater the variety of vegetables she uses for cooking this dish, the tastier it turns out. In the middle of the cold season such products are harder to find, so you will need a piece of beet summer soup without cabbage. You will appreciate the indispensability of such twists in the economy, when you once again to cook the first dish: saves a significant amount of time, the soup turns out very tasty and rich. How to cook a yummy beet, read on.

How to choose vegetables for the preparation of a dressing for borscht

That canned foods don’t ferment in storage, it is very important to carefully approach the choice of vegetables to prepare refills for borscht. You must consider a lot of things to prepared dish preserved in the long term. Read the basic rules:

  • Beets should have a rich deep red color, without white streaks in the cut, veining and deformation. Take small fruits – they are the most delicious, juicy.
  • Carrots choose firm, large.
  • The bow will need in large amounts, so take with large heads, without rot and other defects.
  • To refill turned out delicious, juicy, never feed grade beet. It is, as a rule, very large, dull pink in color, with numerous white veins inside.
  • Pepper, which is also useful in the cooking process filling, it is also important to carefully select: it must be the correct form.
  • Limp vegetables, perepechina in the sun, are not suitable: they will not give you the necessary delicate taste.
  • The maximum optimize your work: choose the correct form of vegetables, so they are faster to clean, cut.

What dishes will need

If you want to the process of preparation and preservation was effectively and without delay, prepare and handle all required for injection utensils. To twist, cooked in any way (with or without vinegar) for a long time kept in storage, must be properly and thoroughly sterilize jars together with lids. Study the following is a detailed list of the utensils you will need for preparations with beets for the winter.

  • A large cauldron or pan in order to cook vegetables. For convenience, use the one and the other to simultaneously process the maximum number of products.
  • Sealing machines for reliable sealing of cans with the contents. They come in several types: manual, semi-automatic or automatic. There are special vacuum pumps with lids. Choose what is most convenient for you and effective.
  • Liter or half-liter cans. Better to roll the filling into a half-liter banks, because this is the optimal procurement quantity, you will be able to use at one time for cooking borscht. All that will remain, may eventually deteriorate, and you simply throw it away.
  • Be sure to sterilize all jars and lids. For this you will need a small saucepan with a special lid: it has a carved circle in the center (to put on top of the Bank and using steam baths to sterilize). The alternative would be a microwave: place an inverted container inside, turn on the oven for 2 minutes. Cover you can simply boil the water.

Recipes blanks for borscht from beets without cabbage for the winter

To the surprise of many Housewives, preparation for borscht with beets it is possible to prepare in different ways. For this you will need a variety of tools and vegetables in specific proportions, etc. All depends on what you like in a particular family, what their taste preferences. Try to cook several recipes to understand which method is the most delicious. It will allow you to cook soup in the winter every once in a while. Check out interesting recipes of delicious preparations for the winter beetroot soup without.

Borschova dressing beets and carrots in a slow cooker

If you have a slow cooker, cut the time for fighting, and prepare an excellent dressing for borscht for the winter, applying this kitchen appliance. As experience shows, all the dishes in this wonderful ovens are incredibly tasty and have the highest vitamin content. You just have to quickly chop vegetables and throw them in a bowl, put on the desired mode, and the rest of the slow cooker will take care of itself. If you want to be confident that stocked up for the winter is the perfect dressing for borscht with beets in a twist, read the recipe below.

Necessary ingredients for one liter jars (each 0.3 kg):

  • Beet.
  • Carrots.
  • Bow.
  • The bell pepper.
  • Salt, pepper.
  • Drinking water – 0,5 l

Filling borschova from beets

How to cook borscheva dressing for the winter in a slow cooker:

  1. All vegetables, peel, slice onion, pepper cubes. Beets and carrots grate on a grater (can use large).
  2. In the bowl multivarki put all the ingredients, add enough water so everything is covered. Add salt, pepper at your discretion.
  3. Cover the pan, set the mode to «Cooking» and cook for half an hour.
  4. When the mixture is cooked (this will give you the signal of the slow cooker), put the hot filling into prepared and sterilized jars.
  5. Immediately preservative, okutyvaya and leave to cool.

A simple recipe for beets with tomatoes and peppers through a meat grinder

Some people like to use ground gas. So the vegetables are completely dissolved to the consistency of soup and is a liquid mixture like tomato juice. If you apply this recipe for the filling and will be cooking her soup in the winter, you’ll see what a beautiful rich color will become the entree. Will be very tasty – you will understand your family members who will eat a few servings amazing borsch for lunch. Below you will find step-by-step recipe canned beets with tomatoes and peppers, which twisted through a meat grinder.

The ingredients in equal proportions (0.3 kg):

  • Beet.
  • Onion.
  • The bell pepper.
  • Half a kilogram of tomatoes.

The beets and tomatoes in banks


  1. Clean the beets peeled, cut into four slices.
  2. Pasteurized tomatoes: place every a few minutes in boiling water, make a light incision (so the peel will be easy to move away from the fetus).
  3. Pepper, onion finely cut into cubes or strips.
  4. Beets, tomatoes will be twisted in a meat grinder. If you’re using a blender, the dressing will become more liquid consistency.
  5. Onions and peppers lightly fried in a cauldron with a small amount of vegetable oil. Cook for five minutes.
  6. Add twisted beets with tomatoes, salt, pepper. Leave to stew vegetables in a mild heat for up to half an hour.
  7. When dressing is ready, pour into pre-sterilized containers and roll.
  8. Wrap everything with a warm blanket, and leave overnight. On the morning of raskatayte gas station, let completely cool, then put them in the pantry.

Harvesting beets with the garlic and herbs without adding vinegar

Many Housewives like to preserve a variety of salads or just vegetables, then to in winter to cook delicious meals without spending time for additional heat treatment. Harvesting beets with garlic – one of these options. It can be used as a snack or side dish as an extra ingredient to the salad or use for cooking traditional Russian borscht. In this recipe, vinegar is not used, allowing the beets to retain their natural taste. Read more below how it is possible to prepare a billet for the winter.

What you’ll need:

  • Pounds of beets.
  • Three cloves of garlic.
  • 0.2 l of drinking water.
  • 50 grams of sugar.
  • 10 grams of citric acid.
  • 0.2 kg of greens.
  • Salt.

Beets with garlic and herbs

Algorithm of preparation:

  1. The beets thoroughly wash and boil. After cooling, shred it with a coarse grater.
  2. Garlic and greens grind in a blender or just finely chop with a knife.
  3. Put beets with garlic and herbs in a clean jar.
  4. Prepare the brine: in water, add sugar, salt, citric acid. Boil.
  5. Received the pour marinade jars, cover with lids.
  6. Put all the stock into a pot of boiling water and sterilize for 20 minutes.
  7. Immediately roll or close lids.

Beets with vegetables without sterilization of cans

To preserve beets with vegetables, glass container be sure to sterilize, because for this there are many ways to safely prepare food for the winter. The taste from such a method is not changing, even becoming more intense and it feels like you just made the dish. Use of such a workpiece in the winter and cook a delicious salad: all the vegetables are already cooked, there is only a quick slice and salad is ready. This can significantly reduce your time in the kitchen. Read the step by step recipe preparations for the winter without sterilization on.

The components of the workpiece are taken in equal proportions – one kilogram:

  • Beet.
  • Carrot.
  • Bow.
  • Tomatoes.
  • The bell pepper.
  • 0.2 kg of garlic.
  • 300 grams of sugar.
  • Salt.
  • 16 tablespoons of vinegar.
  • 0.4 l of sunflower oil.

Conservauon Buriak

How to prepare:

  1. Tomatoes peel, dipping them in boiling water. Grind in a blender or grinder.
  2. Refined beet and the carrots, grate with a large grater.
  3. The peppers and onions finely chop cubes. Garlic crush with a knife.
  4. All the vegetables, omit the tomato.
  5. Add to the mix salt, sugar, oil, vinegar and leave to infuse to one and a half hours.
  6. After this time the mixture mix well and spoon into thoroughly cleaned glass bottles.
  7. Each container with dressing, place in a large pot filled with enough boiling water to sterilize at least half an hour (don’t forget to put on the bottom of the pan a piece of gauze, so that banks do not burst on contact with the metal).
  8. Then immediately roll the resulting blank.

Beet vinaigrette-salad for soup with added tomato paste

Beet salads, which are very popular among the Russian people, is famous not only for excellent taste, it is also a source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals. This colorful dish can easily decorate any festive table in the middle of the summer and winter. Cook these salads stock, mix with different ingredients close for the winter and use not only as separate dishes, but for cooking delicious soup. How to cook a nutritious dressing on salad, you’ll find step-by-step recipe on.

Prepare in advance:

  • Two pounds of beets.
  • Pounds of onions.
  • A kilo of carrots.
  • 150 grams of sunflower oil.
  • 400 grams of tomato paste.
  • Table spoon with a hill of salt.
  • 50 grams of sugar.
  • 0.1 l of vinegar.
  • Two liters of drinking water.

Buryakov filling salad for the soup

How to do:

  1. Beets wash, peel, grate on a coarse terochke.
  2. Onions and carrots cut into cubes.
  3. All the ingredients are put in an enamel bowl, add to vegetables sugar, salt, oil, vinegar. Mix thoroughly, leave to infuse for 12 hours. From time to time stir to the juice of the beets are evenly distributed in all the vegetables.
  4. Then add the tomato paste, diluted with water, simmer on a mild heat for up to half an hour.
  5. The resulting dressing put in pre-sterilized containers, can.

Recipe for delicious pickled beets with vinegar in banks

Pickled beets – not news for experienced cooks. This type of prepared vegetable in ancient times was used by our ancestors, add it to the soup. It was believed that the classic version of the first dishes are prepared only with the use of pickled beets. It turns out very tasty, so it’s worth at least once to experiment, to please his family a native Russian borscht. In addition, this recipe will come in handy for cooking a variety of salads in winter. Get detailed description, how to cook beets in this way, you can continue.


  • 9 kg of beets late varieties.
  • 0,5 kg of sugar.
  • 0.5 kg of salt.
  • 10 l of drinking water.
  • 0.5 liters of vinegar.

Kvashena Buriak

Step-by-step cooking process:

  1. The beets thoroughly wash, peel, cut into small cubes.
  2. Tightly put in an enamel or plastic container.
  3. Prepare the marinade: in boiling water dissolve salt, sugar, vinegar, pour over beets. The brine should cover the rhizome into 5-6 cm
  4. On top put oppression. Use a press or replace it with a volume pot filled with water.
  5. Keep the beets in a warm place and kvaste for 13 days. If the room is hot, it is enough for 8 days.
  6. All the time follow the process of fermentation: periodically remove the foam that will form on top. Please note that the marinade will leak out, so the time to remove the excess fluid.
  7. Prepare glass containers for further blockage pickled beets: sterilize a container of not less than 40 minutes.
  8. Place prepared beets on banks and roll up for the winter.

Borschova harvesting beets with peppers and beans for the winter

Some connoisseurs prefer to cook soup with beans (replacing potatoes) – then the first dish is hearty, very tasty. Many Housewives will be surprised, but the beans also possible to prepare along with beets to dressing for borscht for the winter. So you will be saving a lot of time to cook the bean soup, and the taste quality does not change at the same time. Surprise your lover with unusual first course with the harvesting of beets and beans in the winter. You will certainly hear a lot of compliments to their culinary abilities. Read the recipe:


  • Two kg of beet.
  • 0.4 kg of beans (instead of these beans, you can use peas), onions, carrots, bell pepper (red or yellow).
  • 350 grams of tomato paste.
  • 0.3 l of sunflower oil.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.

Borschova blank

How to prepare:

  1. Beans pre-soak overnight and then boil until cooked (it should be soft).
  2. Beets a good rinse and also boil.
  3. Onions sweet peppers cut into small cubes, and carrots with boiled beets grate on a coarse grater.
  4. Make a sauté with carrots and onions: saute in a frying pan with sunflower oil. When the vegetables reach, add the tomato paste, diluted with a small amount of hot water, salt, pepper.
  5. Toss the beets with beans and leave to stew on low heat for 40 minutes.
  6. Finished dressing place in a pre-sterilized glass container, can.

Frozen beets in the freezer

In order to have year-round access to fresh vegetables, it is not always necessary to cook, seal in cans, etc. Beets, and berries may be frozen and stored in the fridge. So you will get 100% the content of vitamins in the roots, will be able to enjoy the natural taste of fresh beets in the winter. This is useful if you like to cook a variety of beet juices, syrups, kvass, caviar, and other exciting dishes. Discover how to freeze beets for the winter next.


  • Pounds of beets.
  • Three liters of water.

The algorithm is cooking.

  1. Beets boil.
  2. Peel, grate coarsely (use a standard grater).
  3. Divide into portions pieces the beets, pack in small packing bags.
  4. Put in the freezer.
  5. The product is ready for use at any time.

Videorate: homemade soup of beets without cabbage

Beets are a versatile vegetable that is perfect to complement the taste of any dish. There are still many recipes, as tasty to cook this root vegetable to successfully add to main dishes. See below for a variety of video recipes with detailed descriptions of the preparation of versatile dressings to soup, soup, cabbage soup, beetroot soup or any salad. These methods will help you not only to cook the beets, but also cleverly save it with different ingredients in my pantry. Be sure to add to your culinary collection described by the prescription refills for the winter.

Universal dressing for soup, soup or soup in the winter

Beet salad Ukrainian borscht

Pickled beets to make borscht, and salads

Blank for soup and beetroot for the future

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