Dryers for fruits and vegetables how to choose

Summer and autumn is the perfect time to prepare fruits and vegetables for the winter and every day to obtain these essential vitamins but help in this question may become dryer. It’s easy to get to quickly dry fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, even in rainy and Sunny days. Analyze what are the different types of dryers for fruits and vegetables, according to what criteria they should choose the elements that should be present in such vehicles.

Types of dryers for vegetables and fruits

There are vertical and horizontal machines for drying fruit. Format the first assumes the presence of trays or letters that are put into the device through the hole at the top. Horizontal drying are performed according to the type of ovens, where nets are installed on one side. Each hostess determines what type it will be convenient, more importantly, that it is worth considering – the ability to pull out one of the letters, without interfering with the dried vegetables on the other. According to the principle of fruit dehydrators parts:

The types of dryer for fruits

  • Types of infrared dryers for fruit and vegetables maintain the temperature inside the equipment, from 40 to 60 degrees, which preserves the vitamins in the fruit to the maximum extent. Fruits and vegetables, dried using infrared drying, are thicker and easily soften in water. If the apricot processing in this fixture, he will make dried apricots.
  • Convection dryers work by using hot air, which is supplied from above or below. They dry the fruits so that the result is solid and small drying. The advantage of this type of technology is the low cost of the device and the ability to keep vitamins in vegetables and fruits. The degree of drying is determined by the residence time in the dryer.

Selection criteria the dryer for vegetables and fruits

There are many parameters that must be considered when choosing a drying for fruits and vegetables. Before you make an order in the online store, or buy a device on the market, is to analyze existing models, manufacturers, and the latest novelties. After that every housewife can easily understand what device is perfect for her kitchen. Consider the important parameters of dryer for fruits and vegetables.


Roomy dryer for fruits and vegetables

The amount of vegetables and fruits, which can be placed in the drying device must be maximized. Thinks every woman wants to prepare for the winter more useful products. But here it is also worth considering that the extra sheets (blank) should be removed. The drying capacity depends on the number of pallets that exist and their sizes. It is important that each sheet is allowed to put any vegetables and fruit at the same time, but most importantly, they did not have a sharp odor that can be mixed.

In terms of capacity are distinguished for drying vegetables and fruits from 0.5 kg tray 2 kg. This weight manufacturers offer to put on one sheet, so that all the fruits had access to rays of light and easily dried. Every woman should be aware that if fruits, vegetables for drying in it a little, you should not choose a very powerful and large appliances, because it will consume extra electricity. Gas stove is also suitable for drying, but she spends more electricity.


All drying fruit, vegetables use for the mains. There are models with capacity from 100 watts to 1000 watts. The higher the figure, the faster it will dry out fruits. This indicates the maximum power usage, because if the temperature is 40 degrees, that will consume less electricity, and if 60 more. Optimal capacity dryers for household use from 300 to 500 W (brands like Saturn, Supra, BOSH). If this figure is lower, the unit will fail to dry large fruits.

Case material

Male dry fruits

There are metal and plastic dryers for vegetables, fruit, berries. Case material affects the heat transfer and to maintain a high temperature inside the unit. Metal dryers or models from the steel faster perform the process of drying than plastic, but they cost more. Very original different dehydrators in clear plastic. Such equipment represents the process of drying fruit, so the owner does not have to repeatedly remove the letters and see the availability of the products.

The location of the heating element

The heating element in the dryer can be as above, so below. The lateral location of the producers is rarely used, since with this arrangement will increase the size of the device, and nobody wants that. It is believed that more durable dryers with the location of the heating element at the top, because it is not ingested water, moisture and possible juice from the fruits. In this case, the hot air will be at the upper layers, and then it diverges from other trays.

Temperature controller

The most advanced models of dryers equipped with a temperature controller that allows you to set what value should be dried fruits and vegetables. Whole cherries should be dried at a temperature of 40-45 and apricot pitted at 50-60 degrees. Cheaper model dryers do not have such a controller, but the optimal value is 45-50 degrees, which allows you to dry all of the fruits, leaving them a maximum of vitamins. Such models have brands Moulinex, Atlanta, Termix.


It is very important to prepare dried vegetables, fruits, berries, consider the time of cooking, so many manufacturers assemble their equipment timers. Using this element she can put all the fruits to turn on the machine, set it work 1 (3, 5, 7) hours and be away on your questions. After the appointed time, the dryer will turn off automatically and will wait for the next appointments. Cheap versions of such devices have counters, so owners will need to disconnect the dryer at the end of cooking.


Safe dryer for vegetables and fruits

As for drying vegetables, fruits is an electric device that can operate for a long time, it is important that he had a protection from overheating. This security measure not only the fruits will save from drying, but also extend the life of faithful service equipment. The manufacturer rarely specifies the security information on the device, but in the detailed instructions, the data should be. When selecting a dryer it is necessary to carefully analyze the description of the security settings in order to understand what risks exist. Dryers operate in the range of 220-230 volts.

Useful tips and recommendations

The use of driers will be pleasant and useful for the family, if the owner immediately to see with our helpful tips. Their little, but they help you work with your device, tell you how to best position the products inside the dryer:

  • When the vertical position of the trays in the dryer analyze, maybe a few trays be removed if they do not have enough fruit. Good models are those in which this modification is available.
  • There are trays with holes (grid) without them. The first fixture more convenient, since the air to the fruit in the dryer comes from both the top and bottom. So will provide quick drying of vegetables and fruits.
  • Round or rectangle dehydrator of particular importance when drying has not. But most manufacturers produce models with rounded edges, because in such conditions the fruits are dried simultaneously.
  • In the most recent models of dryers can be a function of making yogurt. This is done by removing a few trays and installed in the special container with a lid. In this arrangement poured the milk with the starter and due to the low temperature the yogurt is cooked in a matter of hours.

Dryer for vegetables, fruits and mushrooms

  • If you have selected the model dryer with a fan at the bottom of the machine, then lay the fruits, berries and vegetables should be separate on the table, and then install the appropriate tray. So get to protect the mechanism from contact with the moisture and water.
  • Dryer in working condition and makes a little noise like when the fan. This sound is constantly accompanied by the mechanism, but it is unobtrusive.
  • When buying look for pallets for preparing pastes and other dishes. In addition to the dryer can go book with many recipes.
  • Do not dry the fish and other foods with a strong smell together with fruits and vegetables because the latter will acquire a specific smell.
  • The mushroom is allowed to dry with fruit and berries. The optimum temperature for them is about 40 degrees.

An overview of the most popular brands of dryers

List of manufacturers and models dryers large, it pleases the buyer. When choosing, you should pay attention to the characteristics and the design, and available technical services (warranty and post-warranty repairs) in your city. Here are the main representatives:

  • «Rotor». The most popular model of the brand «Diva» is made of plastic. In the apparatus of the removable trays, and a heating element with a fan at the top.
  • Dachnik. Professional dryer for use in the kitchen, equipped with ceramic infrared lamps in most cases are made of metal. The heating element is located in the center of the apparatus that allows you to quickly and evenly dry all the fruits.
  • «Breeze». Classical devices for drying for industrial use. A model manufacturer located in the class budget. The amount of products on 1 pallet up to 3 kg.

The dryer exhaust gases, the Rotor and the Breeze

  • The «sukhovey». Household dryer for vegetables, fruits, berries. Russian brand produces models with lower heating element protected by a special pallet. Included is additional capacity for the test and yoghurt.
  • «BelOMO». Electromusic for products from the Belarusian manufacturer with built-in thermostats. In most models, there are 3 heat modes that allow you to dry mushrooms, berries, any fruit.
  • «Chudesnitsa». At such low-cost devices easily fit up to 20 kg of fruit. Dryers are available in a classic white color with the function of protection from overheating.

Dryer dry hot wind, BelOMO and kudesnitsa

  • «Zelmer». Models from the Polish manufacturer has earned popularity due to the high quality. Although most of the letters are produced of plastic, but they do not break even under significant loads.
  • «Izidri». Drying luxury for home use. In the models of this brand included all the necessary elements: thermostats, limiters, meters, delay start.
  • «Tefal». Models of dryers «FruitAir» from this manufacturer have a mechanical type of control and several modes of operation. Transparent lid allows you to see how the centrifuge inside of the drying unit.

Suszarki, Zelmer, Izidri the Tefal

  • «Polaris». A great advantage of models of this manufacturer is the presence of extra glassware for the preparation of yogurt. Many dryers have 8-10 temperature conditions.
  • «Excalibur». Dehydrators luxury is produced of black hardened plastic. The lateral placement of the heating element allows air to circulate between the layers. The model is equipped with devices for saving energy.
  • «Sedona». Dehydrators American manufacturer «Tribest» have a high cost, as equipped with a digital display and are available in the highest quality. The models are very comfortable in the care, cleaning.

Suszarki, Polaris, Excalibur , Sedona

Where to buy and how much it cost

Buy dryer for various fruits easy as in a conventional supermarket with household appliances and online stores. If the owner wishes to buy branded original goods, you should visit the official website and see the offices in the city you want. When ordering, retail, always analyze product rating, which reflect the opinion of most users. Here is a list of outlets where you can buy the dryer:

Stores dryers, address Approximate price range of dryers, RUB.

ul Izmaylovskiy Val, 3, str. 1, Moscow, Russia

from 1500 to 7000
«Technology for life», vul. Lyublinskaya, 169, Moscow from 800 to 5400
«Samrem», available to purchase wholesale, Gorokhovaya str., 49, Russia, Saint-Petersburg from 990 to 8460
«Eldorado», vul. Efimova, 3, Russia, Saint-Petersburg from 1200 to 18500
«Sea of options», vul. Lelyushenko, 13, Rostov-on-don, Russia, Rostov region. from 2300 to 21890
«Terminal», Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 262/122, Rostov-on-don, Russia, Rostov region. from 5600 to 65700
«Techno», vul. Chernyshevskogo, 88, Ufa, Republic Of Bashkortostan from 900 to 7900
«Tekhtorg», vul. Popova, 206B, 15, Barnaul, Altai Krai from 1450 to 13200
«Energy», vul. Kosmonavtov, 8, Lipetsk, Lipetsk region. from 1280 to 14190

Buy dryer conveniently in the online stores because there are always shipping to any region, full product catalogue, customer reviews, and recommendations for use. A positive feature of such outlets and believe that they post videos and photos with a description of the dryers. Here is a list of online stores that easy to order the models of equipment:

Model dryer specifications Price, RUB Online store
Dryer «Rotor Diva SSH-007-06,» white with 5 removable trays manufacturer – Russia 1860 wikimart.EN
Convective drying «ALVIN SU-1» on 6 pallets steel, luxury 3380 servistorg.EN
The universal model of the dryer Supra DFS 311 of transparent plastic material, a heating element on top 2590 discount ulmart.EN (Hardware)
Dryer «Berry-2» on 5 kg of fruit, dark transparent plastic, round, bottom heating element 2000 tdbt.EN
Dryer CO3-520 Lyubava white red mesh pallets 1947 top-shop.ru
Convective dryer «Mahato Zdravushka 4», transparent with 4 sections 2540 servistorg.EN
Electric dryer Rosinka with 7 pallets of beige color, power 450 W 2120 avito.EN
Infrared electric oven professional type «Cottager-4» 6350 servistorg.EN
The universal model of the dryer ZELMER 36Z011, 4 transparent grey tray, there is a temperature limiter 1699 eldorado.EN (El Dorado)
The Sedona dehydrator model SD-P9000, 9 trays, 5 years guarantee 45375 madeindream.com
Dryer Obsttrockner OVP, made in Germany, on 6 pallets 2400 shopotam.EN

Video: homemade drying Cabinet with their hands

The dryer is a very useful thing in every household, but since its cost for many families high, the question on self-manufacturing of this unit. The scheme of the device is not very complicated, but if the farm has employees with engineering knowledge and skilled hands, the job will not take much time. Given video from a master class on how to make the dryer with your hands, which is suitable for both beginners and experienced home handymen:

Customer reviews

Ivan Plotnikov, 52 years old, Moscow:was bought dryer Moulinex in 2013. Wife was thrilled with the purchase, so managed to dry almost everything that was house of fruit. This is one of the best investments of money. Included with the dryer was a utensil for making kefir, yogurt. Dryer in winter, performs the function of making milk products is a big plus.

Irina Oleksenko, 21 years old, Kostroma:purchase in online store dryer ZELMER 36Z011, just thought it was a hoax because the price was low. But after receiving the item, realized that all is well. Children can eat a vitamin products every day. Dryer sheets are made with small slits that allow air to concentrate across the surface of the fruit and they quickly dry.

Anna V. Skolek, 38 years old, Ivanovo:the purchase of the dryer burner on 450 W conducted independently test in the store, it seems everything worked. After began to include the house, had no result. Carried in repair, there is fixed connecting cable, now enjoy a well-running machine. The man managed to do it in the dryer, dried fish, wash it at least had a long time, but the result pleased everyone.

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