Casserole with macaroni and ground beef in the oven

Hot vermicelli, spaghetti and other pasta too boring, became commonplace. The variety can make the method of cooking such food: it is not necessary to cook them separately from the meat component. When I want to try something new from simple ingredients, does not remain anything, except how to cook pasta with minced meat in the oven.

How to cook macaroni casserole in the oven

Bake delicious pasta – good idea for everyday and festive table. The main ingredients are pasta with meat. With regard to others, to let your taste preferences: add vegetables, mushrooms and aromatic spices. The pasta soaked the sauce to bring the dish a special flavor. The meat ingredient can be chicken, beef or pork, at the discretion of the hostess and guests. Before baking the ingredients are prepared separately. Casserole with pasta in the oven is cooked with layers or masses of the components, mixed together.

Casserole of macaroni and cheese

Mushroom casserole macaroni & beef in the oven

More components will be added inside the dish, the more taste you can feel. The meat goes well with any mushrooms, so add them you can safely. Use your vegetables to make the dish more luscious and beautiful. Need to stock up on the following products:

  • horns – 300 g;
  • beef – 500 g;
  • any mushrooms – 250 g;
  • tomato – 2 pieces;
  • onion – 1 PC.;
  • garlic – 2 tooth;
  • cheese – 120 g;
  • salt;
  • sour cream;
  • greens.

Casserole with macaroni and ground beef in the oven prepared as follows:

  1. In a small saucepan boil water, put pasta salted before. Stir while cooking on a mild fire.
  2. While cooking pasta, wash the meat, cut it in small pieces using a grinder loop. Lightly salt it.
  3. Shred onion with the garlic pieces are of medium size, put in a pan with sunflower oil, fry until transparent.
  4. Put the mince to the vegetables and cook until tender.
  5. Brushed and divided the mushrooms, too, need to fry.
  6. Tomatoes cut into slices.
  7. Further, from the finished products need to assemble the dish. Lay successive layers of horns, sour cream, meat component, mushrooms, tomatoes, sour cream again.
  8. On top you sprinkle everything with grated cheese.
  9. In heated to 180-degree temperature oven need to put the dish on three quarters of an hour, after which sprinkle all the chopped herbs.

Mushroom casserole of macaroni with minced meat

Macaroni casserole with minced meat and cream sauce

To get a hearty and simple dish of everyday products, a bit of conjuring over them. To do the wop gentle help cream or sauces made on the basis of the milk components. There must be:

  • macaroni – 420 g;
  • chicken stuffing – 700 g;
  • garlic – 5 cloves;
  • butter – 125 g;
  • milk – 1 liter;
  • flour – 100 g;
  • cheese – 300 g;
  • salt;
  • spices.

Pasta with mince in the oven can be prepared in the following way:

  1. Send pasta to cook in boiling water, not forgetting to season with salt.
  2. A little salted meat put on fluff butter the pan, to push the garlic through a press, mix, add spices, bring to readiness.
  3. In a frying pan of medium depth, melt butter, stir in flour and intensively stir fry. Portions add milk, preventing lumps. Will doverite sauce until creamy state.
  4. Place in a baking dish pasta, sauce and meat. From the top you need to pour all the sauce.
  5. Grate cheese and sprinkle it on the dish to be sent to the oven. It should not be heated, the temperature of 180 degrees to put after you place the macaroni inside. Bake for 20 minutes.

Macaroni casserole with minced meat and cream sauce

Casserole of macaroni in the oven with vegetables and meat

Vegetable component should not necessarily be limited to only tomatoes, can be, for example, eggplant. This vegetable perfectly complement the taste of the meat. For vegetable spaghetti-o will need:

  • meat – 400 g;
  • pasta – 250 g;
  • eggplant – 1 PC.;
  • onion – 1 PC.;
  • egg – 3 PCs.;
  • cream – 150 ml;
  • cheese – 200 g;
  • salt.

Pasta with minced meat in oven prepare this recipe:

  1. While the pasta boil in salted water, skip the meat through a meat grinder.
  2. Slice the onion into small cubes. Put it into the pan and fry until transparent.
  3. Minced salt, to transfer it to the onions and stir, cook.
  4. Eggplant wash and cut into slices. Lightly fry it on another pan.
  5. Raw eggs, whisk until smooth, mix with cream.
  6. Put all the ingredients layers, impregnating every egg-cream sauce.
  7. On top sprinkle grated cheese.
  8. In order for this to bake it is necessary to raise the temperature in the oven to 180 degrees and place the cookware with a dish, covered with foil in there for half an hour.

Ready casserole of macaroni

Casserole recipe of pasta with tomato sauce

Impregnation for a simple, but very tasty ingredients can be prepared not only from cream. Tomato paste, converted into a piquant sauce can compliment the meat component, making the dish flavorful and juicy. The list of components is:

  • pasta tubes – 0,5 kg;
  • mince – 0.5 kg;
  • onion – 1 PC.;
  • tomato sauce – 500 g;
  • sour cream – 220 g;
  • cheese;
  • salt.

Casserole with macaroni and ground beef in the oven prepared as follows:

  1. Boil the pasta, pre-salted water.
  2. Finely chop the onion, fry in vegetable oil.
  3. Mix the meat component with onion and cook until it loses red color.
  4. Pour tomato sauce, a little stew.
  5. At the bottom of a large container put the pasta, top with meat ingredient.
  6. Sour cream mix with grated cheese and place on top of meat.
  7. Bake at 180 degrees for half an hour.

Casserole of pasta with sauce of tomato

Video: how to make macaroni casserole

Cooking any meal much easier the video tutorials. Casserole with macaroni and ground beef in the oven is prepared simply, but to watch a chef or an Amateur video very interesting: that might give you to invention your own recipe or add raisins in the dish. In addition, it is convenient that you can always compare the result.

Budget macaroni casserole in the oven

Diet casserole of meat and macaroni in the oven

Pasta baked with minced meat in Greek

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