Caprese salad recipe with photos step by step

Italian foods are often used in other countries because on the one hand they contain the classic ingredients, and with another – have an unusual taste. Caprese salad a classic or advanced options is considered healthy food as it contains fresh and natural ingredients. It can be served as a main or an additional dish for Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Consider Caprese salad recipe with photos step by step. How to cook a dish that is better to put and what is the caloric content of such food?

How to prepare Caprese salad: recipes with photos

Novice and professional chefs can easily prepare this dish in a few minutes. The basic rule to follow: buy only fresh food. Now there are many types of Caprese salads, they are different varieties of ingredients, methods of feeding and dressing sauce. The dish is served extremely fresh, it is not necessary to insist or wait for it to pass.

In the original version of Caprese in Italy use the tomatoes «Bullish heart». These vegetables are very large, have a sweet flavor and a sand pulp. But each chef can choose different types of tomatoes (watery varieties to take is not recommended, they are the flesh may fall out of the core). Mozzarella cheese is to take a classic, without impurities, nuts, herbs or spices, as these components will go separately in the salad. Look at the most popular recipes for cooking at home.

Classic with Mozzarella and tomatoes

The Italians enjoy a light Caprese salad before the pasta. In this way, the body immediately receives a large amount of vitamins and is more heavy meals. This dish is considered Italian because contains the basic flag colors are red and white. It would not have changed the salad, and these shades should be mandatory. Consider the classic version of the dish for cooking at home.

Ingredients for classic dishes:

  • Fresh ripe tomatoes are red varieties is better to take medium size – 5 PCs
  • Mozzarella cheese white, fresh – 300 g
  • Classic balsamic vinegar – 1 tbsp.
  • Organic olive oil – 3 tbsp
  • Green leaves fresh Basil – about 50 g.
  • Salt, black and sweet pepper – according to taste preferences.

How to make a classic Caprese salad

Cooking Caprese salad recipe with photos step by step:

  1. Wash under running water the tomatoes, Basil. Put in a colander or dry paper towels to remove excess moisture.
  2. Cut the tomato slices across the bottom. To do this, take a sharp knife, to the processing of vegetables, they were not crushed. The width of the slices of tomato should be about 5-7 mm. If in the process of cutting vegetables had the core of this piece is to replace and increase the width of the ring.
  3. Similar sizes and shapes cut mozzarella cheese. If the store purchased a large piece, it should be split and cut to make a cylinder. It’s more convenient to cut cheese circles.
  4. For a large, but shallow dish put alternately the cheese and tomatoes. Between the layers you need to put a single leaf of Basil, separating it from the branches.
  5. Get the dish salt, pepper – to taste.
  6. Season with olive oil and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar. Performed the last operation so that the spices got on each slice of cheese and tomatoes. Bon appetit!

On skewers with Pesto sauce

For ease in cooking Caprese experienced chefs use skewers. These accessories allow you to make a small amount of food for each guest, which is convenient for receptions. The pesto sauce gives the salad an unusual flavor because the dressing includes Basil, cheese, garlic, oil, pine nuts or other unusual components. Consider this dish step by step.

Ingredients for a dish with pesto sauce:

  • Young cheese, mozzarella – 300 g
  • Cherry tomatoes or other small varieties of ripe vegetables – 300 g
  • Pesto sauce purchase Il home-cooked – 100 g
  • Green Basil – optional.

How to cook Caprese with pesto on skewers

Cooking easy Italian salad on skewers with Pesto sauce:

  1. Under cold water my raw tomatoes and Basil. No need to pre-clean the vegetables from the roots, this will be done in the process of cutting lettuce.
  2. Cook skewers, pesto sauce and a large shallow plate.
  3. Cut ripe tomatoes in half. If the vegetables very small, it is permissible to string them all.
  4. Cut the mozzarella the same pieces, better than round or square.
  5. Strung on skewers alternately with tomatoes and mozzarella, inserting between the ingredients leaf green Basil.
  6. Put all skewers on a plate and liberally pour the sauce pesto.
  7. After that, the dish is ready for serving. Bon appetit!

The calorie content of prepared meals

On average, for every 100 g of lettuce in the classic version has about 160 Calories, which is a small value suitable for the diet. Such an easy but very tasty dish is recommended for those people who are dieting, wanting to lose weight. If changing some components, then the energy value will be different, but this value changes slightly. Here is a table of calorie Caprese.

The product Weight, gr Carbohydrates, C Fats, C Proteins, C Calories, Kcal
Tomatoes of the variety «Bull’s heart» or «cherry» 100 4.2 0.2 0.6 20
Young mozzarella cheese 120 0 28.8 21.6 288
Fresh Basil leaves 15 1.14 0.06 0.56 7.05
Olive oil 10 0 9.98 0 89.8
Balsamic vinegar classic 5 0.85 0 0.03 4.4
Salt 2 0 0 0 0
Black pepper or allspice 1 0.39 0.03 0.1 2.51
The amount 253 6.6 39.1 22.9 411.8
Amount per 1 serving 127 3.3 19.5 11.4 205.9
Amount per 100 grams 100 2.6 15.4 9 162.8

Video cooking Caprese at home

On many cooking shows people are being trained to cook Caprese. This is one of the first tasks that are allowed for execution, as it is very simple. But in order to learn how to make salad at home, do not have to finish culinary school or course is to watch the video lesson or a master class in cooking Italian dishes such. We offer a few spots where the chefs talk about their secrets.

Caprese salad with mozzarella

Caprese from Gennaro

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