How useful bananas

Bananas are tropical fruits with sweet taste and pleasant aroma. They can be eaten raw, dried, baked. Fruits contain sugar, digestible carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes. Fruit is recommended to eat the children during feeding, pregnant women, patients in the postoperative period.

The composition and use of bananas for the body

Ripe and green bananas

Useful banana varieties are divided into dessert (food) and feed. The first to go on sale, the second on their home to feed the cattle. In size the fruits are small (dwarf species) and large. The usefulness is determined by the nutrient content, energy value, taste. The benefit to the human body bring yellow bananas, green fruit have a minimum concentration of active substances. In the food consumed fresh, dried, dried fruits, various products based on the processed pulp.

How many calories in a banana

The nutritional value depends on the type, size, weight, method of preparation. If cleaning off the banana peel (this is 40-50 g), with the weight of unripe fruit, about 200 grams caloric content of approximately 115-120 calories. Have overripe fruit, it will oscillate at 170-180 calories. Small bananas have fewer calories in them all 80-85 calories, but 100 grams of banana chips contain not less than 450 kcal.

The ratio of PFC (protein, fat, carbs) in fruit of medium size is 6, 1 and 93%. A large percentage of carbohydrate in banana is due to its nutritional value, and most of the fat are saturated acids. The protein content of banana is low, but it is rich in vitamins, potassium, calcium. Healthy fruit contains no cholesterol, it contains large amounts of fructose, sucrose.

What vitamins in banana

Sweet and tasty fruits contain the nutrients necessary for the human body. Macronutrient and secrete potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and selenium. Is composed, and ash, fiber, starch, monosaccharides. A large portion of the vitamins: C, E, B1, B6, PP, provitamin A. All components perform specific functions, bringing many benefits.

  • vitamin E is responsible for the youthful elasticity of the skin;
  • ascorbic acid is an antioxidant, it enhances immunity;
  • b vitamins improve nervous system;
  • carotene strengthens blood vessels;
  • vitamin PP reduces inflammation, heals wounds.

During pregnancy

Useful bananas

Many women are interested in than helpful tasty bananas during pregnancy. Pros they have a lot of:

  1. Fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals, fiber.
  2. Banana is useful for the liver, stomach, nervous system of the mother and the unborn child.
  3. It increases hemoglobin, removes heartburn, swelling.
  4. In the first and third trimester fruit relieve from a pregnant manifestations of toxicity, reduce the pressure, but you should not overeat, not to gain to birth weight or not to swelling.

When losing weight

Many people think bananas are too high in calories for the diet, removing useful fruits from your diet, but in small numbers they bring only benefits. The flesh quickly saturates, a refuge from hunger, gives energy for several hours. The fruit consists of easily digestible carbohydrates, natural sugar, and fat content is minimal. Consumption of these vegetables in the diet allows you to control appetite, reduce stress levels.


Banana-honey mixture

Ripe fruits are used, the adherents of folk medicine for the treatment of cough in adults and children. The mixture with honey is successfully used in bronchitis, strengthen the waste sputum:

  • To prepare you need 1 peeled banana.
  • The fruit mash with a fork, mixed with a teaspoon of honey, a glass of hot boiling water.
  • Solution drink 2 tablespoons before meals for 5 days.
  • With a strong cough boiling water can not be added, you need to eat on a spoon banana and honey mixture 3 times before eating.

After a workout

Knowing what nutritional fruit during exercise, enhance muscle mass during and after workouts. Athletes for muscle protein synthesis to prepare delicious banana smoothies, I drink them for energy recovery. Contained in the fruits macronutrient magnesium breaks down fats and speeding up the process of lipolysis. Potassium fatigue, sucrose provides a burst of energy.

How useful banana

A man holding a banana

Doctors have long studied the benefits of bananas for women, men and children of the body: they improve digestion, regulate metabolism, hemoglobin levels, cholesterol. It is recommended to eat them in times of sleeplessness, stress, in order to prevent constipation and vitamin deficiency. With their help, you can quit Smoking, it is easier to get rid of the hangover. Infused alcohol skin treat joints, and eaten the flesh of the banana relieves diarrhea, pain, ulcer, diseases of the stomach. The product is used in dietary nutrition, cosmetology, used in the weight loss.

For women

Benefits of bananas for women it is difficult to overestimate – they improve the condition of skin, hair, nails, contribute to the improvement of the body. A slight laxative and diuretic effect helps relieve swelling, normalize weight while dieting. Regular consumption of ripe fruit improves cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure. Fruit stimulates the production of oxytocin, which has a positive effect on sexual life and enjoyment. To bring the look up after a hard day is able homemade mask with banana pulp, honey and cream.

For men

Only 2 eaten per day banana will help men avoid stroke of the brain, increased levels of cholesterol, loss of strength. They are an excellent prevention of depression, stress, relieve mental stress. Bananas are beneficial for heart and brain function: trace elements and vitamins contained in sweet fruit strengthen blood vessels. Also, nutritionists recommend eating the fruit men with diabetes, patients with high blood pressure. The main benefit of tropical fruit is to enhance potency, enhance erection and male fertility.

For children

Sliced banana

The children have resellergenie and nutritious bananas can be 9-10 months. Useful banana puree will enable the child to have healthy sleep, healthy development, in a fun mood. Diarrhea pediatricians recommend cooking the kids a banana-rice pudding, for upset stomach to give vitamin the pulp in small quantities. Pupils have fruit improve concentration, strengthen memory. Will help fruit loss of strength, fatigue, nervous stress, but more sugar of two bananas per day children is impossible not to gain weight because of their high caloric content.

Video about useful properties and contraindications of bananas

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