Beets with garlic and mayonnaise

Beets respect for Housewives, for whom it is a great basis for salads and soups, but still love her chef restaurants, including even those names who are considered to be breathy. It and is clear: a seemingly simple vegetable has in its composition a lot of useful substances, it is the people considered a source of vitamins. With this product you can prepare meals for Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Surprised? But in vain! For example, here is a wonderful, well-known since childhood simple salad – beets with garlic and mayonnaise.

Use of salad with beets

Beet is useful for many reasons, because it will help to cope with various diseases. So, raw or cooked vegetable helps:

  • to overcome unpleasant constipation
  • to reduce the pressure in hypertensive patients,
  • to get rid of accumulated in the body and tissues fluid;
  • to clean the blood.

You need to fix the delay in the gall? Nothing could be simpler: turn to your list for the day a couple of dishes from beets – and your condition will improve. A useful root for anemia (it is recommended and a children’s menu), is misused when it is necessary to lift immunity. Think beets, boiled or baked in the oven, a priori useless because all its valuable properties are lost in the process of heat treatment? No, the vegetable retains all that it was laid by the nature. This allows you to cook a beet with garlic and mayonnaise. not thinking about the losses and enjoying the taste.

Beet salad with mayonnaise tucked

Nutritional value and caloric content of meals

Beets, which is the main of numerous salads, please:

  • vitamins E, C, A, to the same group, others;
  • the presence in the tissues of the vegetable folate, which is important for good health;
  • a great company of the phosphorus with iodine, boron, and silicon, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium (more!);
  • substances, which are called antioxidants, which contribute to the extension of youth;
  • the presence of fiber.

Beet is among low-calorie products, and if you speak the language of numbers, 40 kcal per 100 g is its parameters. The person who understands these numbers, it will become clear that the root is suitable even for the diet. The only «but» is the high glycemic index of the root, making it prohibited for those wishing to lose weight. It is not necessary to abuse the amount of salad for diabetics.

Beautiful serving buryakove salad

Recipes for beetroot salad (photo)

Recipes for snacks involving beets, a lot, so choose a few pieces for the daily menu is not difficult. Despite the simplicity of the vegetable he’ll play a role salad basics even in a festive day, because combined with other vegetables, herring, nuts, cheese, herbs. For salads, the beets are boiled, roasted, bring to readiness on pair.

With cheese, garlic and mayonnaise

In order to treat your household to delicious lunch or dinner, prepare the following products:

  • One hundred grams of any mild cheese firmer.
  • Two long beetroot of medium size.
  • A few small garlic cloves (like witty — 5 pieces).
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Mayonnaise (homemade, with eggs or without them).

Beet salad with cheese

Begin to cast over the salad:

  • Beets wash, folded into an envelope of foil to put on the grill of the oven. Cooking time ranges from half an hour to 45 minutes, provided that you set the temperature 180 degrees.
  • Remove from the oven root vegetables and give them time for cooling.
  • The cooled beets carefully cleaned, RUB on a large plate of your grater.
  • Cheese must be grated, and the size of the chip should match the beet.
  • Garlic to push through the press.
  • In a large bowl combine ingredients, mix well, spread mayonnaise. Salt and pepper is recommended in the last minute so that the salad has not released a lot of juice.

With eggs and mayonnaise

Simple but nutritious due to the use of eggs, this salad will certainly fall in the category of favorite at your household. So, the products:

  • Cheese (hard, normal, mild varieties) – 100-150 grams.
  • Two large beets, preferably round.
  • Eggs – a couple of pieces of chicken or quail twice.
  • Pinch another salt, fresh mayonnaise, a bunch of aromatic herbs.
  • Garlic – a couple of medium-sized denticles.

Beet salad with eggs

Preparation is simple:

  • Boil the beets until tender, which define a thin knife (it needs to gently enter into the beets).
  • Vegetables are still warm peel off the skin, only gently, not to damage.
  • Take an ordinary coarse grater and grate quickly into a large container of prepared vegetables.
  • Hard-boiled eggs we will peel and cut into cubes.
  • Grate the cheese grater choose the beet.
  • Garlic clear from the husk, pressed through a press (if it is not allowed small cutting).
  • Put in a bowl of grated vegetables and perform the last step — add salt and pepper, season with sauce.
  • The finished dish is beautifully put in a salad bowl, sprinkle with greens.

With the addition of raisins and prunes

The dried fruit will give the desired shade our lettuce, and besides. they are useful for both children and adults. Products for dishes which can be both a snack and garnish for meat:

  • Two to three beets.
  • A piece of cheese, weight 150 g
  • Three medium-sized carrots.
  • Two to four cloves of garlic.
  • Walnuts, prunes and raisins – all of you should get 250-300 grams of weight.
  • Mayonnaise.

Beets, raisins, prunes and nuts

Cooking it is better to start in advance so by the time of filing on the table a dish soaked with sauce:

  • First, boil the beets, clean it and at the same time carrots.
  • Alternately rubbed on the same grater vegetables and cheese, but put while in the different plates.
  • Garlic must be crushed (chesnokodavilku or knife).
  • The nuts are best fried, they will taste better.
  • Dried necessarily scald, wash under running water. Large fruit to cut.

Start processing, because the salad we puff:

  • First, the raisins and carrots. top promazhem thinly with mayonnaise.
  • The second stage involves the mixture of cheese with garlic, mayonnaise again.
  • The final layer – beets, prunes, nuts.
  • The top layer of mayonnaise spread nicely. Our salad is ready!


The traditional combination of root vegetable with walnuts makes the salad to the rank of festive. Experienced Housewives know the quantitative combination products, but for beginners need a hint:

  • A dozen kernels.
  • Two medium beets.
  • One or two cloves of garlic (remove the core, so it’s not burning).
  • Salt.
  • About one hundred grams of mayonnaise.

Beets with walnuts

To prepare this dish is easy, with the task to handle even the young mistress:

  • Boil the roots, cleanse and RUB them.
  • Nuts slightly fry in a pan without oil, most of the cut, and a couple of pieces leave for decoration of the dish.
  • Garlic passed through the press.
  • All put in a salad bowl, a little salt and mayonnaise. Above nice have our whole nuts.

Video recipe of salad of beets and carrots

Recipes for beetroot salads, located above, you will easily be able to cook this dish at home and please the household. The beet salad is not inferior in its taste of other vegetable dishes. It will perfectly fit in the daily family meal, and also can decorate a festive table. Beets, mayonnaise, diet meals not included. This can be corrected by replacing the mayonnaise with sour cream: a delicious and healthy dish. Watch the video that shows how to prepare beet salad with carrots:

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