Thermal compound for graphics card

Any device requires careful handling if you want it worked for as long as possible. This is especially important for electronics, which can break due to simple dust or dirt that gets on them. For PC owners, it is also important to know how to replace the thermal compound on the video card to protect it from overheating, and breakage.

Why the need for replacing the thermal paste on the graphics card

Some elements of laptop computer need good cooling. We are talking about the processor and graphics card, which are subject to maximum load and can greatly bask. To maintain the desired temperature using the cooler, which is part of the cooling system. It disperses the heat accumulates on the radiator which comes into contact directly with the CPU chip or graphics card.

To properly transfer between them a layer of a special substance, which provides better heat transfer – this is thermal grease. If not, then the element will be heated for 20-30% stronger, that maybe under heavy load to cause failure or unstable operation of the PC. Doubt do I need to change the thermal paste on the graphics card, does not remain, especially if you notice extreme temperatures of the chip at the sensors.

White thermal grease

How to change the thermal paste on the graphics card on the computer

To replace thermal paste on the graphics card, you will need to promote the item and to separate the cooling system from the graphics core. It is relatively easy to do on a PC, and much more difficult on a laptop. Note that the default paste in the vast majority of cases is very high quality, able to perform its functions 2-3 years without replacement. If you loosen the item, then the warranty will automatically be removed from it and pass away to the service center, you can not. Replacement of thermal paste for graphics cards produced by this algorithm:

  1. Disconnect the item.
  2. Remove the bolts holding the cooler and the radiator.
  3. Using cotton swab, alcohol remove the old layer. This will help you degrease the surface to ensure correct application of new thermal paste.
  4. Spread the substance, attach the radiator and bolted back to the cooling system.

As a rule, the old paste has dried up, dense and slightly crumbly. If after opening you see that it’s still fresh, then the problem is in the temperature mode for the violation of thermal conductivity. Replace the layer need only in the case of the apparent increase in heat dissipation at the sensors. In all other situations this procedure is not justified. This algorithm is suitable to replace the paste on the CPU.

How to apply thermal paste on the graphics card on the computer

To achieve proper heat transfer, it is necessary to know how to apply a layer of thermal paste. Replacing the thermal paste on the GPU is complicated by the fact that the substance is sticky and do it with your fingers it is impossible, moreover it is necessary to calculate its exact number. Instructions on how to apply thermal paste on the graphics card:

  1. After you have removed the old coat, degrease the surface, prepare the syringe (or tube) with thermal paste.
  2. Squeeze a small drop to the center of the chip.
  3. It is convenient to smear the thermal grease with unnecessary SIM cards or plastic card.
  4. Area carefully spread a substance over the entire surface, there should not be bumps or indentations.
  5. Make sure that the paste was only on the chip, it should not fall on other elements of the graphics card, so as not to disrupt operations.
  6. Reinstall the cooling system.

This is the most common method of application, but manufacturers in their instructions indicate a slightly different method. They propose to simply drop the thermal paste right in the center of the chip and flatten it on top of the radiator of the cooling system. It is also the right way, because only in the center is a «spot» of elevated temperature. The edges of the chip generally practically are not heated and do not require additional conductor.

Video card and thermal paste

Which thermal compound to choose for the graphics card

If you want to know which thermal grease is better for the graphics card, you first need to understand what it can be. From the connection of substances in the product depend on the conductivity and some other features. There are the following types:

  1. Silicone. The most affordable option, but its effectiveness is also low. To replace these pastes often.
  2. Based on silver, ceramics. Have a better thermal conductivity value than the first option. You can order them relatively inexpensively on the Internet.
  3. With copper. Is able long to maintain their properties, reliable, do not leak current.
  4. The diamond paste. Today it is the most expensive option in all folders. Need people who are doing extreme overclocking, retains its properties at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius.

In the Internet you can find a lot of proposals of this production, it is not always clear what deserves attention and what doesn’t. Below is a list of a few inexpensive toothpastes that have proven their effectiveness in various tests:

  1. Arctic Cooling MX-4. Great budget option with a good rate of thermal conductivity of 8.5 W/MK. Sold in tubes of 4 g, replace the thermal paste on the graphics card can be performed 2-3 times. If the chip is heated above 160 degrees, the substance loses its properties.
  2. Its Chill Factor III is another example of a good pasta with low cost. The exact composition of the product is unknown, but the company managed to achieve good heat resistance with low thermal conductivity. In the paste there is silicone oil that protects it from drying too quickly. Sold at 4 g, the manufacturer recommends to change it every year.
  3. DEEPCOOL Z9. This is a known manufacturer of coolers and cooling systems. Often thermal grease comes in the kit, but sometimes you have to buy separately. Stuff is good can withstand even very high temperature (200 degrees). However, the thermal conductivity value of only 4 W/MK.
  4. ZALMAN ZM-STG2. Another product from famous company, which supplies computer cases with excellent ventilation system. This thermal grease for video cards is the price is a little higher than others, but the tests showed that after its application the temperature falls to 10-13 degrees. It’s quite a significant result. Loses the properties of a substance when the temperature reaches 150 degrees, so it is not the most suitable option for overclockers. Sold in syringes 3.5 g
  5. Coollaboratory Liquid PRO. This is an expensive option that you can buy on online store. Per gram will have to pay 1000 rubles. This thermal grease will be really relevant only for those users who do extreme overclocking their components. The main disadvantage of this option is a good conductivity, aggressiveness unprotected aluminum. It is dangerous for the system, if messy to apply a layer and get to the neighboring elements. This thermal grease does not dry over time, has a high conductivity.

Thermal grease ZALMAN ZM-STG2

The price of thermal paste for computer

Every owner of the above list can choose what he needs thermal paste for the graphics card. There’s just one final important question: what is the price for this product? Below are given indicative figures in the popular online stores:

  • Arctic Cooling MX-4 – 590.
  • Its Chill Factor III – 400 g;
  • DEEPCOOL Z9 – 460.
  • ZALMAN ZM-STG2 – 410;
  • GELID GC-Extreme – 770.
  • Glacialtech IceTherm II – 535.
  • Coollaboratory Liquid PRO – 100 — R.

Video: how to change the thermal paste on the graphics card

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