Parental controls on the computer

In the vast and tangled web of Internet you can find everything that is useful and harmful, especially for a child’s consciousness. If you want to protect your child from any information, think about the installation of special software to achieve its goal. Let’s see how to block websites with adult content, how to put parental control on the Internet.

How to limit Internet access to a child

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To do parental control on your computer, you can install special programs or use the Windows settings. First you need to create a new account for a child. Then on the control Panel to set «parental controls». You can choose three degrees of protection for the selected user: limit time in front of the computer, blocking access to sites that ban run the specified games. So you can lock certain applications on your computer.

The average level of protection prohibits access to sites, which have information about drugs, weapons, pornography, obscene language. In manual settings you can specify additional criteria to filter sites, for example, the availability of information about alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, or specify sites that you can go to the baby. For convenience, you can limit the time on the computer. Mesh, resembling a school schedule helps to set the time when the child can sit in front of a computer. On each day of the week can be designated the clock.

Best free parental control program

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The limitations of the standard settings may not be fully effective. Can download software, whose functions are much broader than those provided in Windows. Through such programmes access to some of the web pages is closed, using any browser, the child does not go online (Google Chrome, Opera or Yandex browser). This program has a wide range of possibilities. Optionally set parental controls on the computer help configuring the anti-virus software such as Kaspersky Internet Security or Avast.

«Cybermama» does not monitor the content of Internet resources: for software there is no difference sites about the Opera or cigarettes. However, with this program you can set the time on the Internet. «Cybermama» there are two modes: «child» and «father.» To enter first you must enter the password. Also configures the limit for the second mode. When you work on the PC end, the father can enter the password to continue to stay online. A time limit will help to control the learning process: the child will not be distracted, doing homework.

KinderGate Parental Control is a handy program which is used by parents at home, set the chairmen of the public places. For example, a children’s library and put it on your PC. The program not only restricts access to certain Internet resources, but blocks contextual advertising, which is many times better, easier to use sites. The disadvantage is that it is not possible to set up multiple accounts and switch between them. To restore full access to the Internet, it is necessary to exit the program, or remove it completely.

ChildWebGuardian Pro not only blocks malware, but also informs the parents by mail when something fishy is going on. With this program you can remotely monitor what is happening on the screen Chad, and even control. The app allows you to set the PC resolution on the inclusion of certain programs. The advantage of program is that it automatically blocks not only pages but also social media posts that contain profanity or adult content.

Mipko Personal Monitor does not set limits, and just give all the control over the kid, his activity for the device. This program is absolutely invisible to anti-viruses, so not to arouse suspicion from the user, but it will collect all the necessary information from which sites he’s sitting, finishing what he was wearing while sitting in front of the screen. The program stores all your search history, intercepts messages from all social networks, keeps track of all keystrokes. It makes screenshots and pictures on the web camera.

For parental control on the computer is perfect «Internet Censor». In its settings you can create «white» and «black» lists of sites. Second, obviously, will be blocked by the program. To bypass the filtering just does not work, disable the program is impossible, but to remove it you need to enter a password. With this application you can restrict access to Internet resources, protect it from unwanted information.

How to set parental control on Internet

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The implementation of such a solution is simple. To control your child’s computer, you first need to choose a program that came to mind, to install it. Then look at the settings and tick what you think is harmful to the baby. But do not forget that the forbidden fruit is sweet. It is better to explain to the child what drugs are, what the consequences might be of promiscuity and why you should not drink or smoke, than just to hide from him information about it.

How to disable parental control

In addition to windows will help you to get around parental controls on the Internet and other operating systems, such as Linex or Ubuntu. Hack program sometimes even through Windows settings. To fool the filters will help a proxy server. However, to remove such programs from the computers only by using special tools. An ordinary schoolboy, not interested in such attributes won’t set the account to remove the restrictions. Read more about how to disable parental controls on your computer, view the video:

Video: how to configure the antivirus Kaspersky Parental control

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