How to withdraw funds from Kiwi purse cash

Paying utility bills, pay for goods in store, transfers, purchases online – a partial list of services available to title users payments to Visa QIWI Wallet. The service is a personal account combines cash and non-cash funds in a single complex. Having received financial resources in the account, users often do not know how to withdraw funds from Kiwi purse cash? Consider the available solutions of this simple problem.

You can withdraw money from the purse of Kiwi

Having a certain amount of financial resources in QIWI Wallet, each user spends at its discretion. Functional and convenient service, this payment platform is available as a mobile app, the online version of the official website, applications that use social networks. If you wish to receive cash, resorting to the services of the office, select one of the available options:

  • Order your payment card.

Payment card Kiwi

Kiwi card, issued by the company, provides opportunities for shopping online, receive their bills, pay for goods in any region of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries.

  • Take advantage of the transfer of financial resources via Western Union, Unistream, Anelik, Contact.

How to transfer money from Kiwi using these systems? Very simple:

  1. Clicking the submenu «Transfer» to your personal account, click «transfer funds». Fill out the form that appears when you click the mouse. Decide in advance where to withdraw money you will be more comfortable and provide a Bank branch with a working service cash transfers. On receipt of the nominal currency in the specified branch/Department will require no more than a quarter of an hour.
  2. In a similar way, using the Bank transfer system, you will be able to send the RUB QIWI on the post office by clicking menu «Mail of Russia». The time of receipt of cash at the nearest post office 3-5 days.

Simple operations will allow you to do the following:

  • Use the method of crediting virtual money title on the accounts opened by the Bank. You need to know the company name and individual number. How to transfer money from Kiwi using a personal Bank account:
    • Select the menu item my account «Translate». Click on «Bank account».
    • From the list of suggested banks choose the one whose customer you are.
    • Specify the amount to be given, Commission and interest for the implementation of the operation.
  • Place the finances on a credit card institution that has a contract with the operator of the virtual payment calculations QIWI Wallet. The list of banks you will see in the right section of your page account.
  • Send the money to the other platforms of virtual settlements, from where you have the opportunity to quickly withdraw cash. For this operation to be performed instantaneously, only need to specify the mobile phone number (to receive SMS) and the amount.

Conclusion with kiwi on the map

Conclusion with Kiwi Bank card

How convenient to withdraw funds from Kiwi purse, cash, leveraging the services of transfer of funds to a credit card of any Bank? Taking advantage of the record (the account), click «Translate» button, click On your Bank card». In the dialog box, you must enter the 16-digit card number issued by the Kiwi platform. After entering the numbers indicate the size of the transfer. Be careful: limit the monthly transfer to the territory of the Russian Federation is 600 thousand rubles and 150 thousand for the 7 days abroad. The Commission for transformation of funds into real: 2% plus 50 RUB.

How to cash WebMoney purse without a fee

Plastic card of Visa QIWI wallet allows you to withdraw financial resources through a self-service terminal. Cash, without interest cannot the users of this platform payments. However, you will be able to reduce Commission costs, bringing the large size of the accumulated money title. How to withdraw money from the card Kiwi while on vacation or business trip? Will help the terminals which have a contract with the operator. Insert the plastic of the Issuer, identify yourself, and then, following menu you will get required to transfer in cash bills.

Video: how to withdraw money from Kiwi purse

Users of electronic payments Visa QIWI Wallet, we have to think how to withdraw money from Kiwi purse cash? A plastic card will help to accelerate calculations, reduce Commission expenses. To get points, you need only to find that serving the terminal. Conveniently the output of electronic funds using your Bank credit card accounts. After watching the video, you will learn the intricacies of the translation process and get reliable information, how to withdraw money from Kiwi purse on the card of Sberbank of Russia.

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