How to videos from YouTube to save to your computer

YouTube is an excellent web resource for storing and distributing video content. The website lay out a lot of movies with interesting information, video clips, personal notes, lessons in different professions, music, cartoons and movies. Some users may be wondering how videos from YouTube to save to your computer, because it will allow again to view any videos, when there is no possibility to go online. You will see some quick and simple ways that tell you how to download a video.

Quick ways to copy videos from YouTube to your computer

The user saves YouTube videos on your computer

for download live people tend to use sites with torrents. You can find a lot of interesting movies, music, videos, but not always there is all the user is interested in the content. For example, many workshops (cooking, needlework, etc.), ordinary people recorded and uploaded to your YouTube page, and then not copied and does not apply to torrent sites. The same situation not too popular videobloger. How to videos from YouTube to save to a personal computer that may be of interest to people who want to download personal records.

A kind of repository of clips, music and other videos by popularity ranks third in the world, but it has one drawback: the service for storing videos there is no way to download any video. Many users are concerned about this flaw, coming up with ways that help for free without registration, download favorite content. How to save videos from online service will be described in detail below in step-by-step instructions with photos. With this you can easily download files in high resolution to then view them.

Using the service

Taking advantage of the capabilities of this service, millions of people download a variety of videos without problems and efforts. The website gives the user tools for the storage of any files uploaded to the site. Its advantages have already evaluated many people, successfully download any videos from YouTube. What advantages has this resource in comparison with many others:

  • download speed;
  • the ability to use the service in any browser;
  • free to use;
  • no need to install any special extensions or plug-ins;
  • no ads.

The service interface to download a video from YouTube

How to videos from YouTube to save to your personal computer using this program:

  1. Go to the page that contains the video. In the address bar, which is located at the top of the browser screen, enter special characters – two letters s. They should be placed right before the word youtube in the link. Do not put any distinction in the form of dots or spaces. Here it is: link).
  2. Hit «Enter». After clicking you will be redirected to the web resource service. On the line in the middle of the screen, links to the video you want to save, and under it two buttons. Click the down arrow to the right of «Download».
  3. You will see several options for downloading the video, you can download it in high or low resolution. Select the format that will be most convenient. Please note that some variants video can be without sound (indicated by red volume icon with a cross).
  4. Will pop up a window where you will see the button «Save», click on it. Then select the location on your computer where you want to upload any video. Ready!

Using program Download

The website Download offers many programs through which you can burn to disc YouTube videos. This method is good because of a program downloaded from a web resource, protected from viruses and checked. This method is safer than just install the same program spreading over different torrent sites. Several services that help you to download videos:

  • Download YouTube Videos as MP4.
  • Free YouTube Download.
  • Download Master.

The program's interface is Download to download videos from YouTube to computer

Other programs you can watch on the page;sort&rpp=30&sort=downloadCount+asc. Most apps are free but there are packages with the option to buy the extended version that gives more features and has advantages. Below are the instructions on how to download videos using Download Master is a convenient and secure download Manager.

  1. Open the program. In the upper left corner you will see a blue plus sign icon and the text «Add». Click on it.
  2. A window will open, where the line to which you want to insert the address of the video (link YouTube). Copy it, then right-click on the empty field, hit «Paste».
  3. On the right is the icon with an inverted triangle, where you can select the extension clip. Under the line, where there is a link, specify a location on the computer where you want to save your video.
  4. Press the bottom left button «Start download». Download Manager will save the desired file.
  5. Ready!

Downloading videos using SaveDeo

If you do not wish to download special software to store various videos, can take the help of convenient website SaveDeo. Unlike the service helps to download files not only from YouTube but also many other hosts such as vimeo, Instagram, facebook, flickr, vevo, adobetv. The website prompts the user to save content in different formats so people could choose the most suitable for their needs and devices: a small solution for phone and tablet, high laptop or computer. Other advantages of a web service:

  • high speed download of videos;
  • the ability to save files without signing up for those resources where it is needed (for example, adobetv);
  • the lack of advertising;
  • no need to download additional software or extension;
  • free;
  • the ability to download files in dozens of different formats and extensions.
  • the ease of use.

Service SaveDeo to save video from YouTube to computer

Detailed instructions for saving videos:

  1. Go to savedeo. On the main page you will see a blank line where you are encouraged to post links to videos. Paste the address of the file page, youtube, vimeo, flickr, or facebook.
  2. The right of the line there is a yellow button «Download», click on it.
  3. A new window will appear where will be a link to a video preview of the video, and many more formats for download. To the right of each option there is a button «Download» highlighted in red. They also indicated the size of the file.
  4. Select the most appropriate format, click to save the file. Specify the location on disk where you want to save the content.
  5. Ready!

How-to videos: how to download video from YouTube to your computer

Many people may be unclear in only one instructions, how to videos from YouTube to save to your personal computer. To help newcomers, few are aware of this issue, experienced users create special illustrative video tutorials with detailed explanation of each step. With their help, you will understand how to copy to your computer any file, which also will have a good format. This will allow you to store on your hard disk for clips, cartoons, workshops, video from blogs. Three easy way to copy youtube videos see below.

Video download

How to save videos from YouTube

Plugin for downloading video from YouTube using any browser

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