How to update video card driver for Windows 7

Companies manufacturing graphics cards, monthly produce a new, because a laptop and computer require regular updates. The performance of the graphics accelerator affect various changes in the software, so its creators are always recommended to upgrade to the latest version.

How to update video card driver for Windows 7

Driver Windows 7 are small programs that allow a computer with this operating system to interact with all software. Regular update maximizes system performance and prevents crashes. The use of damaged or obsolete software causes system errors, failure of the laptop or computer. How to upgrade video card on Windows 7? First you need to know the model of your graphics adapter.

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How to determine the name of the video card and driver version

To determine the name of the video card does not have to install additional software or to disassemble the system unit. Use the built-in utility, follow these steps:

  1. Open the folder «My computer». Click the right mouse button on «Properties».
  2. Next, choose a folder «device Manager». Expand the tab «display Adapters».
  3. Most laptops have 2 graphics card. As a rule, combined from Intel and a separate Nvidia GeForce or AMD. This update for all adapters.

After name is defined, it is necessary to find the version of the installed program. To do this, right-click click on the name of the display adapter, then select «Properties» — «Driver» — «Version» — «date of creation». You can create automatic updates by clicking the corresponding folder. But it is better to download the program yourself and install it manually.

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How to find and download video driver

Search of programs is performed through the official website of the developer. Carry out the download for graphics cards Nvidia online through the web service company. Find the tab «Drivers» — «Download». The page will need to specify the parameters of the graphics adapter: OS version, series and product type. Then click the «Search» button, and you’ll get the latest version of the updates that should be downloaded to the computer. Download the installation file for Intel can be at the same standard scheme.

How to update video card driver for Windows 7 from AMD? Visit the official developer’s website, find the button «Support», select «download Center». In the opened window specify the settings of your graphics accelerator AMD, after click on «Display Results» — «Download». All the updates will be automatically downloaded.

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How to update video driver on Windows 7

After all the above operations will remain to upgrade video card on Windows 7. To do this:

  • to open the downloaded file in Windows 7;
  • unpack it in the desired folder;
  • to wait for its auto decompression;
  • after setup begins, it will be checking compatibility of the updated program and the processor;
  • when finished, press «Accept» «Continue» «Express install» — «Next»;
  • the process can take about half an hour, during which time the screen may go blank;
  • after the required reboot of your PC;
  • after the computer, open «Dispatcher devices», then check the new version.

Video: how to update video driver on Windows 7

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