Import contacts from iPhone to Android

Between IPhone fans and Android there are often heated debates about the benefits of your beloved device. This is not surprising as these mobile platforms are the titans among the competitors. Disputes disputes, but when the need arises to use the data transfer function, here no rivals. How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android quickly, efficiently, and without difficulty? With all the intricacies you will see in the following information.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device

When you change your phone, the first thing that should be made by the owner not to lose important data, files. Personal materials in huge volumes is impossible to keep in memory, friends have a chance to find the notebook easy to lose, and a sound transfer will simplify the task. In different settings of application users suits different import contacts on Android. How to transfer contacts from one phone to another?

You can transfer all manually one by one. To do this, open the contact, scroll it on the bottom, then choose «Share Contact». Message or email you can perform this simple operation. It is worth considering that if a lot of contacts, the time will increase significantly, as more than one contact, you can not use it. So effective are the ways in which relocating from a large list of numbers.

Contacts sync through Gmail

If your machine is connected to Google mail, including attached synchronization function data, this simple method will appeal to those who don’t like to bother much. How to sync contacts? Turn off iCloud for contact syncing without removing the phone book. Then in the account settings main default choose Google Gmail.

From this moment on your telephone base becomes synchronized with the mail. If you already did the sync with the mail the other device, the useful method can not be, because the user is faced with redundancy. Many of the rooms can be repeated to create additional memory extra load. Consider all details before using this or any other way of copying.

Contacts sync with Gmail

Through Yandex

A handy app offered its users Yandex. The Offer Of «Yandex.Move» is not only for older mobile platforms, but also more modern that it is appropriate in our case. Elementary as contacts to transfer from iPhone to Android with the help of «move»? First you need to install the app on the iPhone, after downloading. Next run, complete the registration process, contacts to keep in «Yandex.Disk», and the pin is sure to remember. PIN we need further action.

Install on Android device «Yandex.CD». Input that was recorded earlier. Go to account settings, select «Move to phone». PIN input receive telephone our contacts. Very often programs fail, emboss error. To fix the incorrect behavior of the program, run it, verify the version and your device.

Transferring contacts via Yandex Drive

Via iTunes

It is very convenient to carry more extensive contact details. Image, home, email, notes, and other information in a short time will be at your Android. How to throw? For this you need: iTunes downloaded to a computer with an Internet connection, a Google account, cable for Apple devices. Did not register a Google account? Create an account and select a master and be able to do easily all the other operations.

Your actions:

  • Launch iTunes with the help of a personal computer.
  • Connect your iphone to the computer.
  • In the iTunes appear on the device. Click on it and get a page of device data.
  • Select the tab «Information».
  • In the box sync contacts, check the box, a menu will appear. Select Google Contacts.
  • Enter the information to log in to Google, click «Apply».
  • Allow Google to sync your contacts in Android.

Sync via iTunes

Via Icloud

When connected to the service Icloud, in the device for the units phone book has probably created a duplicate copy of rooms. Subsequently, you can export data to a file, send it in Android, directly or indirectly, through the contact database Google. The complex further actions like this:

  • Log in your Icloud by clicking on the link in the browser.
  • Click «Contacts» to view.
  • Select the desired number, tap the gear on the screen at the top left. Select «Export vcard».
  • Download file FILE copied to a memory card manufactured imports.

Transferring contacts via Icloud

Using Outlook

Import contacts for Android provides the use of PC and office programs. This is a simple action, if you understand. Step by step instructions on how to transfer contacts from your iPhone to Android:

  1. Select the file menu of Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Install the program «Export/Import».
  3. Click: «Export – Next – Values – Next».
  4. Select action: «Contacts – On.»
  5. After completing the previous items, go to the folder, then the saved data (CSV).
  6. Typed the name of the transfer file, click «OK – Next – Finish».
  7. Enter the Google account, click the «Contacts» section, tab «Advanced», then «Import contacts».
  8. Select the file that is sent to the correct folder, click «Import».
  9. Synchronize via your Google account.
  10. If the account is not yet registered, enter your login and via settings selectable as a key for data synchronization.

Import via Outlook

With this program, Bump

Contacts from Android to iPhone forwards and interesting app Bump. Connected to the Internet on both devices? Great! It’s a way for you, because it is very simple and appropriate. Run the program on the device, allowing the request. Next, apply some simple manipulation on the device to transfer files.

On the sending (IPhone) swipe right until you see the section «Contacts». Mark the contacts you want to export, click «Apply», a little remote phones. Confirm Connect in the pop-up window and the data is copied. Easy and fast! Business cards copy of such a student, all details taken into account.

Programa Bump

Using the app My Contacts Backup

The newfangled apps are gaining momentum in the vast modern industry of mobile devices. Processing and transmission of data using the programs legitimately takes its high place in the ranking of the user. One of the applications which can most simply, in high-speed mode, to present to the user how to copy and how to transfer is My Contacts Backup. PC connection is not required, the application creates backups, successfully hold the exchange between phones.

With the App Store, download and install My Contacts Backup. Run, the action you select to backup contacts on iPhone. Completes the process by creating a file of VCF format (vCard). Go to mail, attached file contacts and sent to your account. On an android device open the file and import all contact information after downloading to the memory card.

Window app My Contacts Backup

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Here everything is simpler than can seem. As the optimal transfer contacts from iPhone to Android we have reviewed through the prism of different ways, now let’s try the opposite. The whole process is conditionally divide into two stages:

Step 1. Enrich cloud service Google records. Follow such simple steps as «Settings – Google Account – choose the account». Start sync, wait until the entire list of records will be copied completely. Now the Google server refilled your personal data from the contact book.

Step 2. Synchronize contact information with Google and the iPhone. At this stage actions are performed on the smartphone from Apple. Follow The «Menu Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars». Add a CardDAV Account for contacts, are leading in the fields «Server», «User», «Password» turns the following data:, ваш_адрес_в and your password. As soon as you click «Forward» will start the file upload.

Android and IPhone

Close settings, go to the contact list. The duration of the process depends on the number of subscribers who migrated records. These simple manipulations are possible on any version of the Apple smartphone. Download fails? Follow : «Menu», «Mail, contacts…». Install data transfer on SSL port 443. This method is very convenient, because when you change the file it is saved in the server, will not require constant restarting of the synchronization process is very flexible, comfortable. The contact will be updated and not lost in the endless updates.

Video: how to transfer contacts from iOS to Android

You decided to change iPhone to Android and have encountered difficulties in copying phone contacts? We can help you to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, not sitting out for hours on the Internet! Thanks to a video which is below, the data transfer process will not be the most difficult, and will help users to beginners. What are the ways to export/import contacts? Which is easier to apply to the device? Take a look and learn all the details step by step. Do not waste precious time looking, if you already have a way to do this easily, simply and efficiently.

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