How to test computer

Need to check a particular component of the system can occur for different reasons. Some want just to check the stability of iron, others are looking for the cause of the malfunction of the device or achieve maximum performance. This requires a program for testing computer.

Test computer performance online

Test equipment must always begin with collecting information about it. If you don’t know exactly which components are installed, what software is used, it will be harder to test the performance of the computer. These settings can say that to fix the problem you need to change the mode of operation (which often happens in laptops) or to update the driver.

The man is testing your computer performance

For data collection optional download utility, the first stage test can be performed online. For this is good service that can hold and diagnostics of the remote computer. To operate the tester first, you must download and install the browser app. The functionality of this online service similar to the popular SiSoft Sandra. The report will provide you with full data:

  • about the manufacturer and model of the motherboard;
  • chipset type;
  • the amount of RAM, its operating frequency;
  • the model of the processor;
  • BIOS data;
  • about the USB bus connected peripherals.

Also useful to check the performance of the computer in the network, e.g., bandwidth. To do this, go to the website on the website you press the button Begin Test and the service will give you information about the speed of loading data to the network and download. This is one of the easiest ways to check the «integrity» of the provider doesn’t cut you speed. It should match the test results with the data of your package of Internet services.

How to check computer for performance

When the computer is experiencing errors with the hardware side, one is faced with failures in the form of a «blue screen of death», spontaneous reboots, freezes and braking system. Sometimes this condition is caused by a virus, and should conduct a full test search of threats, and in the worst case this is due to failures in the hardware. First you should find out what item is causing the problem, then determine what caused this behavior.

Check RAM

Breakage of this part of the computer is extremely rare, but «overclocking» the system does occur, they burn out. Test RAM can be carried out using Memtest+86. Scheme of test:

  1. Alternative solution-download.
  2. Create a bootable USB flash drive.
  3. Start with the flash program and check the RAM.
  4. The test will last indefinitely. If after several runs, no errors, so RAM is working properly.

How to test the video card using FurMark utility

How to test a video card

Often the desire to test the video card occurs when you need to find out its maximum power. It is necessary to increase it by more factory settings in case of insufficient resources for new games. Sometimes such «acceleration» leads to breakage, but it is remains on the conscience of the owner. If you buy an old piece, surely it is necessary to know how to check the graphics card. This is to avoid buying fakes, which is a lot. Besides, the test will help to identify hidden failures at the level of the chips during operation.

To test the video card in the load state, is well suited FurMark. It supports all modern operating systems, models of adapters, provides the most comprehensive data for all parameters. First you need to download and install the utility itself, after the launch window opens in which you can do the following:

  1. Clicking on CPU-Z, you can get the full info on the video: date of issue, frequency, memory, video, and operational model.
  2. In the Sensors tab displays the load and the temperature of the device at the moment – it’s performance in a simple.
  3. To test the adapter, click the Burn in Test, and then Go.
  4. The graph appears with the data temperature, and on the home screen will rotate the «hairy bagel».
  5. Low to evaluate the health card should wait 15 minutes. In the absence of lockups, restarts, you can consider that test passed.
  6. Note temperature, it should not be above 80 degrees Celsius. If the rate is higher, there is a likelihood that the item will behave unstable and at some point can burn out. The problem is either a bad cooling fan, or in the wrong job chipsets.

The program window CPU Tester Pro

Stress test CPU

To test the performance of the CPU you can use CPU Tester Pro. This program helps to test not only CB, but other parts of the system. Used to verify in the home and in commercial organizations. The program contains several modules, which tests the CPU, cache, memory, chipset.

Stress test computer creates a large load. This is done to check the marginal stability of the parts and identify defective pieces. The program can conduct the test within 6 hours if the system will withstand all tests, under normal use it just crashes excluded. Before you can test the computer this way, consider whether you need it. The stress load is not normal for any processor and can lead to breakage.

Victoria HDD utility to test the hard drive

How to check hard disk

Another important detail of the system, the hard disk drive or HDD. When it breaks, no utilities especially will not help, because can not be simply to run the machine. As a rule, the assistance programs used when you need to test the old part, or to identify possible reasons for failure of the operating system. The most popular at the moment is considered to be Victoria HDD utility. After starting the program you need to:

  1. If you have more than one hard disk, select in the right window that you want to test.
  2. For a start, checks the SMART status in the second tab the top menu. Click Get SMART. The results should be GOOD. The temperature of the hard drive should be no higher than 40 degrees.
  3. Next you need to select the Tests tab. On the right side of the screen select «read», under it to put a mark on ignore, and then click START.
  4. The program has rectangles of different colors. Red should not be at all, orange may be 5-10, but the fewer the better. Better if all sectors will turn to gray.

After managed to test your computer for bad sectors, you can run replacement, repair, or remove. This will ensure a more stable operation of the system. For this you need to choose the Ignore action required:

  • restore does not always work, it is not guaranteed success;
  • erase – erases the sector along with data, can lead to the malfunctioning of any components;
  • remap – change. Many HDD there are «spare» sectors that can be put in place is damaged with preservation data.

Program to check computer for errors

The owner doesn’t always know what causes a system crash. In such cases, you need to know how to scan the computer for errors on all counts. For this purpose, as a rule, use SiSoftwareSandra. Its «Lite» version is free, and the functionality is quite suitable for a preliminary assessment of possible breakage. For a test load when checking the stability you need to:

  1. Download and run the utility.
  2. Go to the «Tools» tab in the «stability Test».
  3. You will see a list with a choice of how to test the computer, which parameters to hold the run.
  4. The program allows you to test all important parts of a computer in various ways.
  5. Upon completion of the work the utility will save the file with the report, which will include all the errors of the system.

Video: Test of the power of the computer

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